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Fort Bridger Rendezvous

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Tent City


Only PCs are allowed to stay in the Fort’s walls at night. Non-PC (both participants & attendees) stay in the “tin tepee” zone otherwise known as the RV/Camper campground.

Mercantile and Bartering

Native American Dancing



Rifles crack and smoke. Muzzle loaders crack and smoke. They go off in hour-long sessions every other hour all day long. A lot of shit is going off, bells, chants, rifles, the twang of bows, hatchets swishing, the sound of just-tossed frying pans landing in the dirt, etc. Shit is getting shot, thrown, tossed, targeted, tamped, skinned, melted, hewn, drawn, filtered and tied-up all day long.



When Daniel Boone ventured into the unmapped wilderness of what we now call Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, etc. He may have had to scrutinize the brackish offerings of a meadow pond. Reasoning from his past experience while judging the waters scent, color, and orientation in consideration against the lay of the land and the possibilities of a better and safer source. Everything would have been more difficult then for the most savvy of woodsmen times were not easy and dysentery, pink eye, and countless other afflictions were the lampreys of the hunters sojourn.

—Kyle Von Hoetzendorff, author of The Modern Mountain Man


Frying Pan Toss


Think javelin or shot put or caber toss but with a Griswold #12 Cast Iron Skillet.

Candy Cannon


So basically each day at a designated time three or four miniature cannons (sometimes they’re like old school mortars) are loaded up with thousands of pieces of salt water taffy candies, or similar, and pointed into a field, in which field EVERY kid at the Rendezvous is lined up and anxiously awaiting the order to be given, e.g., the clock strikes 10:00am, the fuzes are simultaneously lit, a few seconds later the canons go boom and erupt, showering the kids with candy and smoke and possibly little bits of waded paper.

Friendly Gatherings


Rendezvous were known to be lively, joyous places, where all were allowed- free trappers, Indians, native trapper wives and children, travelers and later on, even tourists who would venture from even as far as Europe to observe the festivities. But state regulations strictly prohibit the consumption of alcohol at the Rendezvous, so yeah.

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