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As many of you know, Fan Clubs are, at their core, interviews with people we like and respect and are for whatever reason(s) are drawn to. They are, in effect, a celebration of that person, our relationship with that person and oh yeah, a way for all of us to better understand that person and their relationship with professional cycling. However, because we’re mostly talking to people we already know, it can be a bit of closed loop. In an effort to balance that out, we’re now doing Fan Clubs with people we’ve only met in passing, or come highly recommended, or have heard about, etc. We’ve heard about Jasmin Glaesser because she’s Jasmin Glaesser for Christ’s sake, born in Germany, Canadian citizen, bronze medalist at the 2012 Olympics. But who is she really? No clue, let’s find out together.

Twenty Questions™ with Jasmin Glaesser

What’s the most annoying joke or reference you can make to a Canadian?

“Did you ride here from Canada?”

What’s the most annoying joke or reference you can make to a German?

Asking anything about my lederhosen.

What’s the most annoying thing you can ask a vegan?

“Where do you get your protein?”pair of socks.

Settle this once and for all. Best vegan brunch in Vancouver: Wallflower or Graze? (Hopefully this is not the most annoying thing one can ask a vegan from Vancouver.)

My favorite brunch is homemade and delivered to me in bed. 🙂

Confirm or deny: the Lululemon Lab on W. Broadway and Cambie is overhyped.

If you’re comfortable wearing yoga clothes that look like they came straight off the runway then this is the place for you.

Where do you fall on the debate between the BMW F800 and the R1200GS?

My dad has let me take out his F800 but I think I would personally opt for the sleeker-looking R1200GS, though the extra weight might be a challenge for me!

Favorite field of study within mathematics?

Theoretical mathematics.

Who’s your favorite Fields Medal winner?

Maryam Mirzakhani (the first female recipient).

Oatmeal should always be eaten with:

A healthy dose of almond butter and maple syrup.

Cascadia is a hypothetical/proposed country made up mostly of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia (with parts of Idaho and Northern California), motivated in great part by a shared regional identity. Do you feel a shared regional identity when traveling within this region?

The Pacific Northwest is beautiful but I only identify with everything North of the border 🙂

How does a German father who is a college professor react to having a daughter who wants to race bicycles instead of further pursuing her studies in computer science? Does said German dad keep dropping hints about his hope that you will one day give up this silly dream and continue your studies?

Academics are very important to both my parents but they have seen the dedication and commitment that it takes to be a professional cyclist and have come to support my athletic goals.

When you see hip urban youths riding track bikes in the city, and doing pseudo track stands at stop-lights do you think to yourself, “Aww, how cute”?

I’m a big advocate of practicing personal safety and good etiquette while riding in traffic. As long as everyone is stopping at stop-lights I’m not too bothered if they’re showboating their bike skills.

Funniest/weirdest thing you’ve ever heard riders talk about during a race (feel free to omit names).

No one used to know that I speak German so I would occasionally overhear German riders loudly discussing race tactics, not knowing someone could understand them.


I have a few lucky sports bras that I like to wear for important races but I’m not really that superstitious.

What’s the best move you’ve ever done in a bike race? Like, what is your proudest moment racing professionally?

I was really proud of winning the Pan Am Games road race on home soil in 2015 because it was a tremendous team effort.

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done in a race?

I missed the start of one of my first European UCI races once, fortunately it was a slow neutral and I was able to chase after the peloton and get back on.

Who’s your favorite lady(ies) to talk to in the peleton? What do you talk about in there?

I’m not a big fan of fluffing around during races but sometimes its nice to check in with fellow Canadians on different teams, or ex-teammates.

Choose your favorite among the following people who you share a birthday with, and explain why: Jaden Smith, Kevin Bacon, Toby Keith, Beck.

I’m a big Beck fan but I didn’t know we shared birthdays!

These were the top 3 songs in the US on the day you were born: Kris Kross – “Jump”, Sir Mix a Lot – “Baby Got Back”, Mariah Carey – “I’ll Be There”. Please listen to as much or as little of them as you can, and tell us your thoughts about each one.

“Baby Got Back” is a standout classic and I remember having to dance to “Jump” in middle school PE class.

Rate-The-Glaesser: Glaeser’s continuity theorem, Edward Glaeser, Glazer’s Camera, Richard Glaesser, Glaser Enterprises, Perito Moreno glacier.

1) Glaeser’s continuity theorem ★★★☆☆, sadly this reminds me how long it's been since I took a math class. 2) Edward Glaeser Economist and Harvard professor.: ★★☆☆☆, not interested in economics. 3) Glazer’s Camera Photo supply store in Seattle, WA.: ★★★☆☆, lived in Seattle for a year. 4) Richard Glaesser Maker of nutcrackers, incense burners and cuckoo clocks.: ★★★☆☆, German quality! 5)Glaser Enterprises Supplier and installer of quality doors and windows in Fresno, CA.: ★★★★☆, I love California! 6)Perito Moreno 19-mile glacier in Argentina.: ★★★★★, that's a big glacier.

Fun Facts™ With Jasmin Glaesser

Favorite Food

My fiancé’s guacamole, with chips of course.

Favorite Color


Favorite Band

Adele, Florence & the Machine.

Favorite Movie/Video Game

The Great Gatsby, Love Actually, Bridesmaids.

Pre-Race Superstition

Chocolate cherry caffeine gel.

If you weren't a cyclist, what would you be?

Yoga instructor.

What do you do when you're bored?

Bake, cook, rock climb.


Two brothers.

Guilty Pleasure(s)

Lazy mornings and extra coffee.

Favorite Power Ranger


Prized Possession


What's most surprising about you?

I’ve been vegetarian/vegan since I was 14.

If you were a superhero, what would your power be?

Flying, of course!

Celebrity Crush

Pro rock climbers, they’re badass!

Celebrity Role Models

Vegan chefs/bloggsers and yoga teachers, they’re inspiring!

Worst Fear(s)

Awkward silences.

Bad Habits



Oh yes.

What's your favorite smoothie!!!???

Açaí bowls!

Hidden Talents

Making pie crusts and being a kombucha sommelier.

Fanmail Address

Cycling Canada, 203-2197 Riverside Dr, Ottawa, ON K1H7X3, Canada

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