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Start – Stop: Haines – Twin Lakes

Distance: 19.9 mi

Elevation Gain: 5001 ft

Riding Time: 6:00

Time Awake Spent in Pursuit of The Trip, Roughly: 7:00

Day 01 Objectives & Points of Interest

  1. We set out with the goal of making it to Twin Lakes where we would sleep in the kingdom of mountain goats.
  2. There are many roads that split off that you’ll have to contend with on your climb. The rule of thumb is to follow the path of most resistance, i.e. just keep going up.
  3. When you get to the point where the trail meets the road, don’t rush. Based on our experience there is a good chance you’ll run into some pretty interesting characters at the this cross roads. We did.
  4. The water in Twin Lakes is really silty, meaning your water filter is going to take a beating. Be prepared.
  5. Also, if you know it is going to freeze overnight be sure to take extra good care of your water filter and properly dry it out. [It’s probably easier to put it inside your sleeping bag. It won’t freeze that way.] We didn’t and our filter cracked and split. Boo-hoo. Fortunately, Tom and Sarah took care of theirs and we were all able to stay hydrated.
  6. Mountain goats. They’re cute.
  7. Dog shit. If you take a dog with you up to Twin Lakes, it would be rad if you didn’t let your dog shit in one of the best camping zones where someone can step in it while trying to set up their tent and get it all over their shoes and other various camp gear and then have to spend some time with water bottles and dense bush trying to clean it up.
  8. Dog shit. If you take a dog with you up to Twin Lakes, it would be rad if you didn’t let your dog shit in one of the best camping zones where someone can step in it while trying to set up their tent and get it all over their shoes and other various camp gear and then have to spend some time with water bottles and dense bush trying to clean it up.

Haines, Oregon

Prepping for departure.
Jenn with that, "Are we really doing this?" face.
After a couple of days in Idaho Jess was feeling confident, but this would be her biggest test to date. Shit... who are we fooling? She crushed it. I mean just look at Alex, he's not concerned at all. No concern. Nada.
In the biz we call this The Alpha Stance, in this case combined with the Manual for Speed Naps Naps Naps shirt. Alex is saying, "Hey, it's cool, don't you worry, I'm not worried, I got this. You, you I am not so sure about, you look worried, but you shouldn't be."
When the casual footwear trophy is the casual footwear itself.
Alex knows about lash tech. He went to lash college, and from what I understand is applying to study for his advanced degree.
Thesis defense.
The final pack-up and load out process was without haste.
Full spectrum.

Bye-Bye Haines, Hello Elkhorns

The wheels are turning!
Professor Lash Tech in all his glory!
Dream Zone.
First we had pavement. Then came the gravel.
You know she did it on purpose. Kelli with the always on-point color coordination!
David. Perfectly swerving his way up the hill.
Hey Prof. Lash, bud, you need your bike? You're gonna want it. Trust me on this one.
Around mile eight the climbing kicked up. If our GPS is to be believed we'd be on a 10% average slope for the next nine miles. So yay.
Take notice. I've gone full eagle.
Crushers crushing.
Jenn, those gloves are simply wonderful. Also, guys, did we tell you that Jenn broke a bone in her foot during our pull-up contest back on the Holin' trip? Well, it healed up just in time for her to be able to join us on this little adventure. Some people never learn.
"And then he was like..." Pro Peloton gossip with Alex Howes.
"It's not nice to spread rumors, Alex."
It is truly an honor to be riding in the shadow of the man known as Tomahawk Tom.
The storm clouds that confronted us on our drive from Idaho were gone. Bye-bye! The same golden autumnal bliss that was offered to us in Sun Valley was once again the only thing on the menu. Mid-60s and no wind, perfect for a long slow climb up to elevation. Did the temperature drop at night? My water bladder froze inside my tent, so yeah it dropped, but that’s okay, you can always just put on all your clothes and sleep with your hands buried non-sensually between your thighs like I did.
Jess was never not smiling. Which was pretty cool.
Sometimes you just have to walk. It's ok.
David Marchi, chasing the portal.
Just beautiful.
This is Mike Flora. He's from Alaska. He parked his truck halfway up the road and then mostly walked up to Marble Pass. Strangely, he was going about the same speed as we were. I mean he wasn't loaded down but still, walking? I think you have to give credit where credit is due here. I don't know Mike Flora that well, but I know enough to know that Mike Flora is a bad ass.
Specialized? Of course.
When the climb doesn't exactly stop.
Would you just look at that smile! David doesn't care that this climb won't end.
"Guys, here's the thing. After you make the steeple you can look inside. That's when you're going to find all the people." David Marchi on making a hand church.
"Wait, so you have to make the steeple first?"—Kyle. "Yeah, otherwise its just a house or cabin or office building."—David

Marble Pass

Goodbye road. Hello trail.
The shadows were really long by the time we made the pass and Kelli was not feeling so good. Turns out asthma plus a head cold is a diabolical combination. Did she turn around? No, though later she admitted to thinking about it. Here's to being stubborn.
Sarah, not even breaking a sweat.
It's worth noting that Alex Howes doesn't get tired. It's also important to understand that he recently learned the art of the dog whistle, a technique that a Portuguese teammate of his said couldn't be learned by an adult. Shows you what that dude knows.
This trail is SO SO SO good.
Twin Lakes, our campsite, are in the shadow of the mountain David is pointing at. However it was getting pretty cold already and from what we could tell, fire fuel was pretty sparse unless we figured out a way to burn rocks. In which case there was a ton of fuel for a fire.
Tom is so full of joy. What an inspiration.
Sarah basically gets better and faster the longer you move. At this point she was probably holding her front brake a little bit in order to give herself an extra challenge.
At this point I think Kelli just wanted to be done moving. Kelli, we get you. Shit is hard.
The hand-on-hip position most likely means that Jenn is calling bullshit on those things being goats.
In the distance we could see little fluffy clouds stuck to the side of the mountain. We speculated that these must be mountain goats. But there is also a chance that they were just clouds stuck to the ground.

The Short, Happy Descent to Twin Lakes

Where we set up camp, ate, filtered water, and kinda slept.
All aboard the schralp train
Here she comes!
Nice form, Sarah!
She knows it, too.

Twin Lakes

Our campsite was beautiful and cold. SO COLD.
When there is a fire around, you stare into it. We all do it, you can't help it, and why would you want to?
Alex Howes, ever vigilant.
Now who's the Predator?
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