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Between Here & There

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Eyes closed. Feel the road. Be the road.

The drive from Sun Valley to La Grande.

Yes, there is something golden about a Clif Bar Crunch in the fading light of the high desert.
Eyes closed. Feel the road. Be the road.

Shacking Up At the Weber’s

Thanks for putting up with us Carol and Rico!
Some of us took showers.
Some of us wrote protest songs.
Some of us enjoyed the warm company of our familiars.
Or wet company.
Which is not to say that our familiars enjoyed the company.
Thank you WEBERS!
This seems contrived. But who can know what is actually going on inside the mind of a dog?
David taps into some teenage angst.
And lays down a nasty wet Stevie Ray Vaughn lick.

The Countdown Begins

The morning begins with a breakfast adventure in La Grande.
The joke isn't that it says "Buffa-Low" the joke is that there is a microphone by the Buff's mouth. Now that's funny.
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