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Discipline, A Fundamental Pillar

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Esteban Chaves’ brother Brayan is immensely proud of him. After all, Brayan is a member of a cycling academy that bears his brother’s [pictured below] name, a brother who’s often seen in the national news, and was given a hero’s welcome in Bogota after winning the Tour de l’Avenir in 2011. But when asked what friends in school say about the fact that he’s Esteban’s brother, Brayan doesn’t hesitate to answer: “I never talk to them about Esteban. But they say ‘cool that he is your brother’, this and that.” In Brayan Chaves’ eyes, he’d rather have his classmates and friends admire him for his discipline and drive, one that’s made him into a competitive cyclist from a young age.

“They see me like an example, being disciplined, sensible, being regimented every day. But they see me as a very disciplined and very centered in what I do. And they all support me.”

His father Jairo, who trains regularly with both of his sons, is thoroughly proud of them. They represent a competitive work ethic that has long been the norm in Colombian cycling, one that begins with kids whose age is still counted in single digits. “You can never stop; you have to keep working every day of your life, every day in a constant way. That’s the only thing that will get you to success. There is no other way. You have to get out and train. That’s the only thing that will get you success.” As Jairo shows off his son Esteban’s yellow and polka dot jerseys, he smiles, knowing that he’s taught his sons well.

“If you want to stay in and sleep, and be the champion of the Tour de France, you will never achieve it. You have to be there every day. Every day of your life. And that’s the fundamental pillar of everything. If that’s not in place, you will never achieve a single thing.”

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