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Dead Reckoning

The Dead Reckoning Yearbook

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Some of these people helped us plan the routes. Some of them guided the expeditions. Some of them saved some other of them. Some of them are simply friends we took because why do this kinda thing if it’s not to spend quality time with people with whom you love to conversate, co-transform, and generally experience new places, cultures, customs.

Bryan "Headwind Bullet" Banducci
Barry "Enlightened Spirit Yogi" Boullon
Dylan "Muscle, Brains, Talent" Buffington
Mike "Full Wizard" Cherney
James "Maple Leaf Marvel" Crowe
Kevin "Too Easy" Franks
Andy "High Altitude Hog" Grabarek
Ty "The Human Gyroscope" Hathaway
Alex "Whistle Tracker" Howes
Melisa "The Local's Local" Jessee
Greg "Mystic Laplander" Johnson
Jessica "Earthbound Astronaut" Knorr
Brian "SHUT UP NERD!" Larson
Mary "Eyes Wide Open" Lytle
Cole "Bigote de Azul" Maness
David "Mystery Guide" Marchi
Moi "Class IV" Medina
Lachlan "I'll Win it for You, Dad!" Morton
Patrick "Coach" Newell
Erik "The Nihilist" Nohlin
Daniel "Mongo" "Blue Bear" Wakefield Pasley
Jenn "Raw" Pereau
Hahn "Mr. Picture" Rossman
Reese "Runner Runner" Ruland
Kelli "LA Sweat" Samuelson
Paul "Possible Robot" Smith
Sarah "The Gentle Hammer" Swallow
Tom "Curiouser and Curiouser" Swallow
Chris "Buck Wild" Tank
Bo "Blue Eyed Exuberance" Thunnell
Tamaz "Tazer" Tikanadze
Kyle "Camp Mom" Von Hoetzendorff
Benedict "Poppi" "Ultra Romance" "Master of Instagram" "Be'né" Wheeler
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