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Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning is Dead

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Dear Earth,


Thanks for everything but especially the topography. We couldn’t have done it without you and your features, in fact, without you and your features there wouldn’t have been a reason to do it in the first place. Speaking of which, you know what, Dead Reckoning is about lines. It’s about choosing lines and doing tricks. Which reminds me, Dead Reckoning is basically like skateboarding only it’s not as cool as skateboarding because the tricks—of which there are many, thanks for asking—aren’t as immediate and dynamic. I mean, a 360-flip over a hand railing off a handicap ramp has some pop to it, it’s like BAM that’s a sweet trick, and boom, you’re releasing dopamine all over the place. While say, hanging-out with a Georgian Hobbit in the middle of a barnyard gymnastics exhibition, sharing thimbles of Hennessy and an engaging conversation about proper scythe technique as a nearly Soviet sun goes down over Tsvirmi Pass looks at first glance like more of a memory or an experience than say a cool move. But listen, it’s still a trick. It’s still the result of choosing a line. It’s still the application of intention and style on a place in a moment. It’s still something you can either land, or not. And when you do land it it’s still maybe the best thing in the world. It’s maybe the only thing in the world. All this makes sense of course, and but so now you’re maybe asking yourself why bikes, why not skateboarding, or karate, or squirrel suits? Listen, while bikes aren’t a non-denominational religious experience in and of themselves they’re certainly an incredibly efficient means to that end because of, you know, the Transformation Thing. You got the literal or physical basically one-dimensional kind of transformation; I was there and now I’m here. And the metaphysical kind; I rode so fast and so hard and for so long, and experienced so much pain, and went so directly and decidedly to my edge, to my absolute limit, that right now, and maybe forever, I’m different. Emotional transformation; I thought I was going to die that time in a blinding snow storm at 16,787 feet above sea level and then I didn’t, I just rode off the mountain and checked into a “motel” and ate some chicken out of a plastic bucket and everything was pretty cool, so much so that we laughed and joked through the night even though our gear couldn’t-wouldn’t dry because the village was swallowed, as it has been since the dawn of time, by a cumulonimbus cloud for the night, and now, now that I’m not going to freeze to death on an Apolobamba, I’m feeling a touch euphoric. Spiritual transformation. Conceptual transformation. Intellectual transformation. All the transformations. And okay sure, fine, tomato potato. Fans of Earth, you do you. If your thing is hunting or jet skiing or Burning Man, that’s cool, whatever, just find your line and land it. We rode, pushed, dragged, humped and cajoled bicycles through Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Romancing the Stone, The Blair Witch Project and Game of Thrones, as well as many other countries, but that’s us, lolz. Point is, whatever it takes, change your particulars. In the meantime please enjoy this Sponsor Me tape—I mean this homage to Earth and its many options. You built it, we came.



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