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He is twenty-six years old. He was born in Moscow, Russia but he lives in Brooklyn, New York where he will continue to live until he has a reason to leave. He rides for Foundation. His Spirit Animal is a rabbit. He is a Gemini. He prefers cats to dogs as well as mountains to beaches. His full name is Danila Olegovich Chabanov but some people call him Jersey Dan. What follows is a narrated (by Dan) & chronological look at his CRCA Club Championships race in July 2012. ‘Founded in 1898, CRCA is a bicycle racing club in New York City that provides coaching and friendly competition for all ages. CRCA was named the USA Cycling Division 1 Club of the Year for 2009. “We hold club races for men, women, and juniors in graded races based on ability on most weekends from March through September in Central Park, and promote a number of open races each year. We are the largest racing club in the United States. The emphasis of the club is development — preparing riders to succeed in open races. Expert coaching is free to members. The club looks to hold forums for tips on training, nutrition and other topics of interest to cyclists.’

  • Sanctioned Palmares: Tour of the Catskills, Stage 3, 4th; Tour of Mt. Nebo, 4th; TOAD-Shorewood Criterium, 5th;  Pawling Mtn. Road Race, 6th; Tour of the Hilltowns, 6th; Capital Region Road Race, 7th; Tour of the Catskills GC, 10th
  • Unsanctioned Palmares: Red Hook Criterium, 1st (2010-2012); Cycle Messenger World Championships, 8th (2008); North American Cycle Courier Championships, 10th (2007); 13th Annual Halloween Alleycat, 1st
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