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Corps of Discovery: Prospectus



Yonder enthusiastically accepts this commission and we will strive to meet and exceed the expectations of NASA, our Nation, the World, and future generations who will one day look back at this as the first step towards realizing a new perspective on the universe, one full of heretofore unseen possibilities and experiences.


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As mandated by NASA’s commission, Yonder is prepared to lead the re-deployment of the Corps of Discovery (COD), and if we achieve even a modicum of the success our predecessors had in their endeavors, then we will count our mission successful. Echoing the core spirit of the original Corps, Yonder has updated the essential values of our project, and boiled them down to three key ideas:


  1. Explore. We take it upon ourselves to sally forth into unknown and uncharted lands, worlds, cultures, and spheres with the express goals of observing and recording our experience therein.
  2. Engage. Interaction, comprehension, and compassion will be our guiding principles when engaging newly discovered cultures and societies—all while we maintain a vision and voice that activates the interest of our terrestrial peers.
  3. Entertain. In order to effect a comprehensive shift towards the mission and ideals of the COD, Yonder understands that entertainment is essential to activating and compelling the interest of our peers. There is no doubt that a focus on generating entertainment-focused media will best serve the dissemination and comprehension of our mission focus.

Introductory Briefs for the Three Missions Initiated After the Re-Establishment of the Corps of Discovery

  • M1 – Lewis and Clark, an Audit [2016–2017]: To wholly assimilate the zeitgeist of the Lewis and Clark spirit, Yonder sets out to retrace the path of the original COD in reverse, from Astoria to St. Louis. We will rely on word-of-mouth information, depend on the nuanced specifics of local knowledge, and use our own curiosity to guide and influence our progress. Fundamental to our locomotion is the understanding that in the original mission transportation via waterways was of vital importance. Consequently Yonder’s path will float or follow these liquid highways throughout our adventure, and our equipment selection will echo this choice.
  • M2 –Alpha Proxima [2018]: While still in the initial planning stages, the COD has been tapped to spearhead the creation and development of the systems, devices, and personnel strategies that will take the COD to the Earth’s closest neighboring star with a viable Earth-like exoplanet: Alpha Proxima. Once there we intend interact with the planet’s inhabitants, using the 3E’s of the COD—explore, engage, and entertain—as the foundation of our communication.
  • M3 – IALCVP [2020]: Our first extraterrestrial mission will be to the Moon. As stated above, NASA has a great interest in increasing interest in the moon and its recreational possibilities. The details of this mission are outlined below

About Our Patch

The physical and the metaphysical, the lines between fact and fiction, what is known and unknown—that is where you will find the COD. The COD patch represents out commitment to the three E’s: Explore, Engage, Entertain. We promise to see new things, make connections, and tell our story. This is the heart of the COD.

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