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Any mission worth its salt has a mission patch. And the IACLVP is definitely worth its salt. This patch functions as a symbol and road map to the ideals ingrained in the IACLVP. 

  1. The golden ring re-enforces our promise to adhere to the values of the COD.
  2. The shield indicates that we will protect the lunar environment as well as the recreational rights of each lunar visitor.
  3. The stars represent the dreams and musings of humankind. Without them we would be lost.
  4. The Sun and Earth are the binary supporters of life.
  5. The Moonjammer is both our primary lunar vehicle and a representation of our commitment to human powered transport.
  6. The Lunar Surface; this is actually a accurate representation of the lunar surface in the Alphonsus crater where the ground will be broken for the IACLPV Welcome Center.

Yonder has long been fascinated with the Moon; its rough and barren terrain, minimal gravity, and celestial solitude manifest an unquenchable desire to explore. It is reassuring to see that a synergy of thought has begun to coalesce around lunar exploration and investigation. What for many had long been viewed as a pipe dream is becoming an actuality. In eager anticipation of the 2020 launch, Yonder has reached out to our most esteemed contractors and contributors in order to immediately begin preparations for this expedition.


The gravity of this expedition is not to be taken lightly and we have activated our best resources and contractors to develop the itinerary, equipment, and resources essential to successfully completing our mission. While most of these are still in the early stages of development, they nonetheless show that development is well underway for our most audacious project yet.


  • A – IALCVP Welcome Center and Day Hike Areas: This will be the main lodge component of the IALCVP as well as the transit center for visitors arriving and leaving the moon. Will include curated accommodations and a wide selection of dining options at various levels of affordability and comfort. Just a quick rocket shuttle from the Welcome Center, the day hiking area is perfect for families, friends, and hikers interested in seeing what the IALCVP has to offer without getting too far away from the creature comforts of the Welcome Center. Take in stunning views of Earth and the majestic walls of the carter with the ones you love.
  • B – Solitude Exploration Zone: For visitors in need of some solo time on the Moon we’ve created the Solitude Exploration Zone. A strict visitor quota will be in effect in this region to ensure that you can enjoy the stark and haunting beauty of being alone on the Moon!
  • C – Obsidian Lake and Lunar Plains: In this region the IALCVP will maintain strict surveillance on the usage of non-celestial light so that visitors can revel in the full experience of the lunar night while gliding across the depthless and majestic Obsidian Lake.
  • D – Rugged Terrain and Adventure Park: Located on the steep and treacherous NW walls of the carter, the RTAP speaks to those looking to take advantage of the Moon’s limited gravity. Ski, snowboard, and mountain bike runs, crater parkour and team-building courses, bungee jumping, and Moon bounding zones are set up within this area for those who think taking it too the limit means more than just setting foot on the Moon.


The solitude of the lunar landscape will no doubt be one of the Moon’s most enticing features, and the creation of the IALCVP will establish a robust network of outlying trails that will allow visitors to find themselves “alone on the Moon” while maintaining a strict border to insure that vast swaths of the Moon will remain in pristine condition for eons to come.

Lunar night and day is binary. As one of our preeminent advisors noted, “Have you ever dreamed of spending your days wandering through a Caravaggio painting while the Earth rotates in the celestial distance, its blues, greens, browns and whites pregnant with possibilities you could never have recognized while standing on its surface? That’s what the IALCVP is all about. And that’s just the tip of the crater.”

Of course, motorized travel isn’t the only way to get around the IALCVP. Hikes of different lengths have been mapped throughout the park and rocket trams will be in place to quickly and efficiently shuttle visitors around the park.

The Moon’s minimal gravity will allow thrill seekers the chance to completely redefine the limits of their terrestrial-based sports. The IALCVP will offer visitors bungee jumping, skiing and snowboarding runs, mountain bike trails, impact crater parkour, and much more. At this point we’re accounting and creating resources for sports that already exist on Earth, but the IALCVP has statutes in place to assimilate activities of strictly lunar origin.

There is no doubt that skating on the Alphonsus Crater obsidian lake will be a popular pursuit. Imagine that the sun has set and the Milky Way is reflected in the liquid black depths of the huge obsidian expanse. Your suit is equipped with glass skates that allow you to skim across the obsidian surface without effort. As you push across the faultless expanses it feel as if you are skating on a window that separates two universes; as if you’re gracefully skimming the thin roof of infinity


  • 1. Next-generation photovoltaic cells will provide the bulk of Moonjammer’s onboard life support, communication, and navigation.
  • 2. Energy will also fill fuels cell stored in the side Burra Burra compartments to provide back up power if issues occur.
  • 1. Radio will remain the best way to communicate on the lunar surface, and it will be part of the COD’s mission to scout and install repeaters to ensure seamless communication throughout the park.
180° LEICA
  • 1. Integral to the three E’s of the COD’s mission will be the capture of imagery from the Moon’s surface and the COD’s interaction with the environment throughout the course of their expedition.
  • 2. Pairs with matching camera on rear of vehicle.
  • 1. On the surface of the moon water will be in short supply, as in non-existent.
  • 2. Hydration is critical to the success of this expedition and the Moonjammer is equipped with prototype water filtration units that capture 98% of the water from urine collected by capture units in the crew’s suits.



Cinematography – Greg Schmitt

Editing– Zach Jones

Original Music Composition & Performance– Christian Blunda & Ryan Oxford

Original Song– Dan Pasley

Lunar Concept Drawings– Ron Miller

Moonjammer 3D Art– Erik Nohlin

COD Lunar Suit Concept – Erika Howrey Giarrizzo

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