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"When I Quit, I Quit All the Way."

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Start – Stop: Bald Eagle State Park, Pa – State College, Pa

Distance: 37.4 mi

Elevation Gain: 3266 ft

Riding Time: 5:00

Time Awake Spent in Pursuit of The Trip, Roughly: 7:00

Weather: Humid, sunny, hot, yellow—same as it ever was.

Day 03 Objectives & Points of Interest

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"When I quit, I quit all the way."

Benedict "Poppi" Wheeler

Sometimes when you kick a rock down the side of a mountain it trundles for a bit and before stopping and settling down in its new home. On other occasions, the rock may collide with another rock and this new rock may also start rolling, then you have two rocks rolling and they collide with two more rocks, and then, well, the whole hillside wants in on this collision party. And THAT is how get yourself a landslide. Come day three what we had on our hands was the latter rather than the former, we had a landslide, we were done with the long ride, we were done with exploring the Pennsylvania countryside. We were ready to get back to State College. And it is without a doubt the fault of this hope and drive that it wound up taking us the better part of a day to get back.

Things started out easy enough. Our platoon enjoyed a very VERY casual morning—we’re talking the kind of morning where you have three (four?) very enjoyable cups of coffee. Nicely spaced cups of coffee, this is the kind of morning where you can decide on that third cup of coffee late in the game and nobody stresses you about it. So that was on us, getting on our bikes at around 11:00am was on us.

“But in all fairness, we had less than 40 miles of casual riding in front of us. How long could it take?”

Three hours later we were once again embroiled in a minor trespassing incident. The road was public, still public, stiiillllll public, only to turn on us, what we did to the road I will never know. We weren’t skidding, stamping, spitting or in any other way debasing it. But it turned on us anyway. Was it me? Was it Poppi? If I am going to be honest with myself and with you, it was probably Mary. Yep, no doubt about it. It was Mary.

So the GPS said that there was a connector bit just ½ mile ahead and, based on the width of that connector bit on the GPS, there was no way it wasn’t a public road. So we took the chance.11Again, Yonder Journal in no supports or encourages reckless trespassing or privacy infringement of any sort, all rights reserved. As it turned out that chance had us bikepushing, bikedragging, and bikewhacking our way around what definitely could have been the set Deliverance for more than an hour. I have to say that I am very proud of our troop, because despite very vocal resignations by more than a few members of our crew regarding our collective decision to enter this property, once committed we stayed together. This is paramount. As everyone knows, once your group splits up the axe murderer can start picking you off one by one. It was a struggle, we got thistled, we investigated hunting blinds, and eventually we stumbled out of the woods only to face some surprised, gawking dudes admiring a rideon lawn mower. We didn’t stick around to chat.

So we’re back on the road, and we’re thinking, “Okay the day’s trial is over, should be easy breezy into State College from here.” Right? Wrong. Because if you have Sarah and Buck Wild running the show they are going to do their best to guide you back into town on the most scenic, low traffic, bike-friendly route possible. None of us were expecting to ride up a road shaped like a wall, but we did. I think maybe Benedict walked? At any rate this little challenge forced the rest of us to ask the question, “What exactly are we trying to do here?” To which Poppi rejoined, “Listen, when I quit, I quit 100%.” Talk about living every moment to its fullest potential.

Yes, we eventually made it back, and in the end everything was fine. But maybe there’s a lesson here. Like… don’t count your chickens before they hatch or don’t look a gift horse in the mouth or when you’re going to quit make sure you can quit one-hundred-percent.

Waking Up Where Eagles Soar

Good morning Bald Eagle State Park!
Dem Hot Rando Boiyz are into goat cheese pizza. As evidenced by the the little goat man featured in this goat cheese pizza mural.
"We're not playing any more games."—This Town.
I may be getting a compliment about my legs in this photo. And that's a big deal, because I've been on rides with Benedict all over God's green earth and never before have I received a leg compliment from him. Instead, I've had to ride along silently while he praises the legs of just about every other rider we've had the chance to ride with. To call this a watershed moment would be an understatement.
"Listen guys, what are we doing here? When I quit, I quit all the way."

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

We may have dabbled in private property. Maybe.
Benedict: "You know where we're going?" Kyle: "Of course not."
Kyle: "You know where we're going?" Benedict: "Haha young Kyle, do I look like I know where I'm going?"
Where are you going?

Slurping Cold Creams at the Yarnell Mall

Thanks for the hospitality!
It should go without saying that this gentleman was wonderful. When we showed up at his shop the door was open but no one was around. After hollering inside and then outside the store, he popped out of the house next door accompanied by his hound dog. Dude's program was pretty dialed. Short commute, killer staff, and all the ice cream he can eat.
Benedict's great and all, but really this image is all about that little penguin peeking out from behind the "ICE." What a cutie.
We were waiting here for a while. We didn't know why, we figured Benedict or Sarah had a mechanical. We talked shop and laughed a bit. It was humid and the shade was lacking. 15 minutes later, our two missing members showed up. Turns out Benedict had put this porcupine we had passed down the road out of its misery. It looked like it had been hit by a car and was obviously suffering, and rather than be awful humans Bene and Sarah choose to do the right thing and ease its suffering. I am proud of my friends. They are good people. They try to do right by the world.
Just to be clear, this is NOT the porcupine in question. This animal was, sadly, 100% perished when we came across it.

Milesburg, PA

It’s all downhill from here. Right? Right?
Once we hit this bridge we assumed we were for sure on easy street. That assumption was based on simply following the river back into State College. And since rivers flow downhill, we foolishly expected that our route would feel like it was downhill. I am proud of my friends for we allowing ourselves to be easily fooled.
We thought we were just going to follow the river back to State College. We expected a gradual downhill glide into town. Not that we didn't anticipate a few little grades, but this, well this was something else all together. It turns out Sarah and Chris thought it'd be a good idea to throw a few climbs our way before we finished.
To this day I have no idea why they did it. It doesn't make any sense, I mean we were basically chanting I quit all the way! I quit all the way! I quit all the way! at this point, so throwing a strenuous tic-tac climb into the mix just didn't add up. All I can think is that Chris and Sarah have something wrong with their brains, like they're deranged or damaged in the head some way. Outwardly they don't show it, and most of the time this derangement doesn't surface. But on this day, I guess maybe we were just unlucky?

The Pot of Gold

We had finished our Pennsylvania perusal.
This place was wonderful. If you go to State College, eat here. It was the best meal we had during our time in Pennsylvania. Unless you're Benedict, because if you're Benedict you go to the Trader Joes up the street, buy a huge bucket of yogurt and sit on the sidewalk, slurping in the hot sun.
If you go to State College, don't eat here. At least, we didn't, so we can't vouch.
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