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BRAAAP – Prospectus

We’re taking a survey course of American Motorsports and we’re bringing you along.



he modern age is the machine age. From mechanical pencils to air conditioners to beat-down 2001 Volkswagen Passats, machines are wholly integrated into our lives. Add to this the human impetus to create and compete and you end up with motorsports. Take a wheel, tack an engine to it, and sure as the sun will rise tomorrow there’ll be someone else out there trying to do it better. This drive to progress, the need to always be pushing, developing, and advancing has lead motorsport to some highly-specialized and unique places.


Swamp Buggies, Snowmobile Hill Climbs, Flat Track, Ultra 4, Sand Drags, Motocross, sports that are as much a product of their environment as you and I.”- YJ


As a result each sport is the result of a hodgepodge of fascinating characters, technical advancements, geographical limitations, and pragmatic problem solving. Then you have speed, the whole derring-do, risk it all, death drive thing. Motorsports do speed if they do nothing else. Take a step back and look at the whole picture; it turns out motorsports are INSANE! They have all the stuff we love: speed, history, culture, location, and spectators. In 2016 we’ve set out to explore the world of throttle-twisting, gas-pedal-mashing, tire-spinning, dirt-throwing, nitro-boosting, roll-cage-having, full-face-helmet-wearing events and races. We’re taking a survey course of American Motorsports and we’re bringing you along with us. Strap into your four-point harness, check the tach, and get ready to BRAAAP!



  • 02–05 February: King of the Hammers (Johnson Valley, CA)
  • 14 February: The One Flat Track Race (Salem, OR)
  • 24–27 March: Snowmobile Hill Climb World Championship (Jackson, WY)
  • 23 July: Washougal National Motocross (Washougal, WA)
  • 22–23 October: Formula1 United States Grand Prix (Austin, TX)
  • 24–25 September: NHRA Pacific Division Drag Racing (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • 28–30 October: Halloween at the Glamis Sand Dunes (Brawley, CA)
  • 5–6 November: Swamp Buggy Fall Classic (Naples, FL)
  • 19–20 November: ChumpCar West Region Chumpionship (Laguna Seca, CA)
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