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Bagby Hot Springs

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Bagby Hot Springs a lot like a high school locker room in the woods. It’s the largest, most improved and closest Hot Spring to Portland proper. Like any other type of easily accessible public recreation it reflects a lower common denominator, and it can, at times, get a little Western; i.e. the parking lot is infamous for petty crimes including various forms of theft, frequent vandalism, and Energy Drink-fueled localism. There are stories (aural histories, folklore and legends, and forum threads) about car batteries being stolen, windows being smashed and tires being slashed. In reality, it’s safe and typical and non-threatening. The hike in through the woods and up a notable hill is long, colorfully dark and earthy smelling. The tubs and facilities are functional and rustic and in well-used but perfect working order. Everything just smells a little funky and the crowd (and its activities) are invariably remarkable, as well entertaining.

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