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2017 TDF: Clément, Trackstand World Champion

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Nationality: French.
Costuming: Red, White and Blue (French style) skinsuits, aero EVERYTHING, casual footwear.
Special Powers: POSITIVE VIBES, preternaturally good at balancing on a bike, infectious smiles, the good clown energy with NONE of the bad clown energy, hand gestures.
Natural Habitat: France, the streets of France, classrooms, birthday parties.

This ATR:TDFFE is unique because we’re featuring an actual individual person, Clément Leroy, who is ALSO a Fan archetype. But in this case the archetype “part” is far less interesting than the wonderful human being that is Clément, who we met and spoke with in the town of Vannes, France during the Team Time Trial at Stage Nine of the 2015 Tour de France. Anyway, it’s our opinion that for now, all you need to know about Clément and why Clément is such an exemplary cycling Fan can be addressed in two points.


Point One: The Facts


This dude is a fan of the Tour de France. We found him track-standing on the side of the road, with everyone else, watching the race come past. Clément might go to other races, but he DEFINITELY goes to the Tour de France. Look at this photograph!, he is nothing if not a character. Characters make it interesting. Ergo, Clément directly and, in our opinion, substantially, contributed to an increased “interest” factor. Bike racing needs that. Nobody else can track-stand as long as he can. He has a title to support that claim. Clément is a Track Stand World Champion.


Point Two: This Video


First of all, right away, you learn that Clément is the 2013 Trackstand World Champion. We don’t “want” to say we told you so, but we told you so. Also, maybe you’re no Jamie Foxx but right away you should, we hope, recognize “Creator (Vs. Switch and Ferq Nasty)” by Santigold, which means no matter what happens over the course of the next 2:35 minutes, no matter how boring it might be, it’s going to sound good. Also, leather helmet. And then just like that, we see Clément not only trackstanding in a variety of environments, he’s also juggling. Can you trackstand? Can you juggle? Can you juggle-stand? We didn’t think so. Then he throws a foot over the bars, and the other foot too. Next he’s on a ping pong table in front of hundreds of kids. We see him in living rooms, class rooms, hospital rooms, all the rooms. In front of a charcuterie, in an old folks home, in a chippie, in front of the entrance to a cave. There is NOWHERE and NOBODY for whom Clément can’t and/or won’t perform a juggle-stand demonstration.

“I wanted to go to Norway to see their fjords and their Northern Lights. And I wanted to do that meeting a maximum of people on my way. So I’ll propose a private show to every people who will accept to open their door to host me! I’ve tried it in France and it was really nice, so I’ll try it for four months, from the February 21st to the June 20th.”


Apparently, the first half the of the video is Clément performing his act in the homes and businesses of France, while the second half the of the video is Clement talking about an upcoming European tour in which he intends to take his act to fifteen different countries including but not limited to; Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Austria and Switzerland.

All of which leads you to this:

In summary:

  1. Clément is a Fan of the Tour de France.
  2. Manual for Speed is a Fan of the Tour de France
  3. Soigneur is a Fan of the Tour de France.
  4. Soigneur is (also) a Fan of Manual for Speed.
  5. Manual for Speed is, it turns out, (also) a Fan of Soigneur.
  6. You are a Fan of Soigneur.
  7. Now you are a Fan of Manual for Speed.
  8. Now we are all Fans of Clément.
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