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At The Races

Manual for Speed is about SPEED SPEED SPEED, Professional Road Racing (PRR), the Humanity of PRR and the Spectacle of PRR. And by Spectacle, we mean the whole Spectacle. All of it. The team hotels, the team presentations, the cobbled start plazas, the announcers, the pumping-up of the jams, all the sporty new outfits and colors, the caravan, the gadgeta, the honking and the traffic, the scenery!, the mountains!, the descents!, the seemingly impenetrable crowd partyin Red Sea-style on an alpine switchback (at the very last minute!), the helicopters, the feed zones, the shouting and cheering and jeering, the Jumbotron TV’s, the beer gardens, and, of course all of the towns, villages and cities around the world through which the races race. Manual for Speed is about all of that, the whole context, the whole thing, the whole Road Racing World & Spectacle. And there are two kinds of people in that PRR World & Spectacle: 1.) Racers, they’re the ones in kit, racing, and 2.) Chillers, that’s everybody else, and we do mean e’erbody else; the fans, the crowds, the soigneurs, the moto police, the volunteers, the coordinators, the (traffic-related) passersby-cum-fan-in-captivity, the villagers, the TV cameraperson, the dog walkers, the runners, the jumpers, the streakers and the freakers—they’re all C H I L L E R S, unless they’re French, in which case they’re chilleurs. #chillers

AT THE RACES: A Field Guide to Chillers Volume One (Building Blocks) is a study of the more ubiquitous or “prevalent” types of chillers found spectating PRRs on any given day, at any given race. To help us properly identify and catalog chillers, Manual for Speed commissioned world renowned  interpretive illustrator and dog walker Thomas Slater. Thomas holds a Ph.D. in Contemporary Human Taxonomy from Oxford and has been supporting his family as a commercial illustrator since the age of 7. His recent work titled Gran Fondo’ler (Confessions Of A Cycling Enthusiast) is currently being exhibited at MOMA.

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