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2015 Tour de San Luis

Typology: Argentine Two-Wheeled Vehicles

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Everyone in Argentina gets around on two wheels: moms, dads, kids, grandmas, grandpas, cops, robbers, everybody. And that makes sense, we all know how great motorcycles and mopeds and scooters are: they get great mileage, they’re affordable, they’re easy to park, you can zip in between Ice Cream Dealers and Bottle Kids with ease and agility, plus you look cool, I mean everyone wants to look cool, right? (Side Note: MFS tried to research the difference between mopeds and scooters so that we could correctly identify one from the other in the below typology, it’s something to do with pedals or engine displacement or whatever, but honestly it just got confusing and we gave up a few minutes in, so please excuse the technical ineptitude and ignore our inaccuracies.) Maybe people want to look too cool in Argentina though, nobody wears a helmet or like, pants. [Of course, we shouldn’t pass judgement. MFS digs Argentina’s general approach to personal responsibility. See ‘Today’s Observations’, Día Cinco.]

Anyway, MFS was in Argentina for about 10 days and took approximately 312 photographs of two-wheeled motor vehicles. Here are thirty-four of those photographs, paired with interesting stats and facts and observations about said vehicles.

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