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2018 UCI Worlds: Elite Men's Road Race

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  1. Polish crowds win. Poland represented the hardest. Plus their red/white kit and accessories and shit looked hella tight.
  2. Today’s highlights were; Talking to Ben King at the finish. He had a rough day. Was a bit shattered. But he was/is still just such a solid dude. Plus I finally got to holler at him in person about his Vuelta run. Also, seeing and taking with Toms before and after the race. I love that guy too. Side note, Latvia’s kit was kinda low key tight.
  3. I offered Taylor Phinney 200 bucks and lunch to live broadcast with Manual for Speed today. He said yes for about thirty seconds before he understandably changed his mind, opting to chill with his person instead.
  4. I ❤️Innsbruck SO HARD. Please can I live here? I love it here so much. I could ride all the bikes and eat at Madhuban every night for the rest of my life. Dear Coffee Kult, you need a blogger? Fingers crossed!
  5. This course proved to be legit. King of a grower not a shower, but in the end this Worlds more or less impressed me the way Richmond’s Worlds did.
  6. Steve Hockett is one of my fave humans on earth and he is so so so so talented. And funny. He does this Essex farmer accent. It’s insane. It’s so good. He makes me laugh and cry. Steve you’re the best dude ever.
  7. Peter, I never saw you. I never got to hook you up with the cups!!! Sorry!!!!!!!!

Dear Instagram, when we asked you answered. Thank you.

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