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We asked some rando French Enfants to review the MFS TDF Street Team shoes.
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Drunk Drunk Drunk
📣Alpe d'Huez Dutch Corner 📣
Even more drunk
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Patriotic Fans Field Recording 01
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📣Goodbye, Tour de France 📣

More drunk fans. And regular non-drunk fans too. All of them blocking this vehicle with singing, chanting, standing and jumping from continuing up Côte de la Croix Neuve and eventually the finish. I think it was a mostly consensual experience. The dudes in the pink truck probs definitely wanted to get up the road, but also everyone was there, like when you drill right down to the essence of it, to celebrate competitive cycling and a super old, super insane month-long bike race that’s been around for over a hundred years.

I think the about the “fan issue” a lot. In many respects this sport can be sterile and staid, and frankly, kinda boring. But one thing that’s not boring is the proximity thing. What other sport allows fans to basically interact with the professionals as they compete? After the Smoke X Camera Strap X Nibali deal earlier this week on Alpe d’Huez, I’m worried about how that will change. In the short time that we’ve been covering cycling, six or seven years now, barricade growth has exploded. What used to be the last 500 meters of barricades is now the last 5k. I’m not saying smoke is good but I think it’s pretty, and dramatic, and maybe even I think it’s a little bit cool. And obvs the rough/malicious stuff more than sucks. Clearly shoving, pushing and or impeding in anyway no matter what, is unacceptable. I personally don’t drink and if I’m being honest I think drunks are kinda boring and tedious at best. Also, I’m not really into Type 1 fun. And I don’t sing. And I hate Dare Wear. Buuuuuuuuuut it makes me sad to see Dutch Corner Barricaded. And even though I can’t tell you why a mosh pit on Corner 5 makes sense or how it relates to cycling or the Tour de France, I can’t help myself from really appreciating it. In many ways it’s a HUGE PART of why I love this sport so much. The spectacle. It’s kinda what we’re all about.

Listen, I get it, in a perfect world fans would essentially police themselves. They’d know where the line is and they wouldn’t cross it. But obvs that’s not happening and probs never will because people are stupid. Especially groups of people. It’s not an elitist thing, we’re all capable of it. You’re on the hill, you’re getting sunburned and drinking, you’re having a good time and you lose the plot for a second or two. It happens. People are people. Where am I going with this? I’m simply positing that the proximity thing is special. Like, so so so so special.

“I don’t know what this Viking Maiden and his street gang is singing about but I’m glad for it. I’m glad they blocked this vehicle for juuuuuuuuust the right amount of time. I’m glad the cops let them do it. And I’m glad that at the very last minute, as if on cue, the gang gave way and the truck was allowed to carry on.”

Stage 14 High Points & Low Points

by The Eagle
    High Points
  • Woooohoooo!!! That’s how a bike race should start. With the wind whipping in the Massif Central, the race was ON from the gun. It took about 10k for the splits to start and while there was a slow down once the break was established, it def caused some stress for a few favorites who were caught napping and some exciting coffee-time viewing.
  • Julian Alaphilippe jamming from the gun, gobbling up polka dot points and generally animating all damn day. Impressive as always, just a shame he came up short in the finale.
  • The main break of the day had something like 32 riders in it, and included basically all the best classics guys in the race along with… Peter Sagan. He’d go on to finish fourth on the day ahead of several dudes much more suited to the terrain.
  • Jasper Stuyven attacking the main break, bridging to Gorka Izagirre and Tom-Jelte Slagter, and then gapping them off while they bickered with 56k left to pedal in the stage. Raw, angry, diesel power, which we should look forward to more of in the coming years from this former winner of KBK.
  • The older, grizzled Philippe Gilbert turning himself inside-out on the front of the chase group, sacrificing himself for Alaphilippe while the latest incarnation of Belgian cycling prowess was up the road, was reminiscent of the Terminator vs T-1000 showdown.
    Low Points
  • OOOOOFFFFFFF oooooffff oooff. What a finish!! Stuyven falling apart on Belgium national day when he was sooo close to sticking it. This sport is cruel. I was on my feet praying to the cycling G-O-Ds for him to hang on over the last of the climb, but it wasn’t to be. Fajking soul patch, man. Beaten by a dude with a soul patch. Devastated.
  • Omar Fraile’s soul patch. (JK Omar, if you’re reading, you're totes still handsome.)
  • The GC battle. I mean, sure there were some interesting little developments, and cracks are starting to show, but ultimately the fight in the breakaway was much more engrossing. Local fav Romain Bardet getting dropped was surprising and Primoz Roglic attacking was cute, but I wanted carnage. I wanted 3km of carnage… as silly as that sounds with the real mountains still to come.
  • At one point Direct Energie had five of their seven riders in the main break, and with all that firepower managed a measly second place in an intermediate sprint and eighth on the day. Cofidis, in the midst of a decade long TdF stage win drought put four men up the road and took home seventh. I love an underdog, but c’mon fellas. Bush league to say the least.
  • The combativity award going to Stuyven is absolutely NO consolation today.

Selected Stage 14 Broadcast Quotes

by The Eagle

“He is shaking this race up! He’s got the too-ah by the scruff of the neck.”

—Aussie commentator Matt Keenan on Stuyven’s solo effort.

“Two dogs fighting over a bone and the third one runs in and takes the spoils.”

—Robbie McEwan on Izagirre and Slagter watching Stuyven ride away.

“As the peloton continues to cruise, Jasper Stuyven is like a cruise missile and Gorka Izagirre will be kicking himself. He potentially had a free ride… but let the wheel go.”

—McEwan on Gorka’s race losing blunder.




Ardèche River


Côte de la Croix Neuve

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