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We asked some rando French Enfants to review the MFS TDF Street Team shoes.
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Deep Thoughts


Steve and I hanged-out with Taylor Phinney in the paddock today. Just a couple of horses horsing around. Phinney handled (literally) both of our TDF badges. I’m not sure if he forgot our names or if he forgot who we worked for or if he was just bored and being playful. Maybe all of the above? Side note, according to the TDF we’re “new media.” Anyway, our visit with Taylor was great. At one point he posited that I looked a bit feminine in the photo on my badge. I said that’s cool because I feel a bit feminine. He said “Yeah, I feel that way sometimes too.”

“Caravan Edging” is a note from today, but as of 2:37am both Steve and I have forgotten what it means and/or alludes to. If you have any information about what Caravan Edging is or how to Caravan Edge, please DM us or send an email. A reward will be given—no questions asked.

A lot of French motorcyclists look like they’re seconds away from doing a wheelie down a set of spiral stairs into a nose wheelie across a bridge over a canal and from which nose wheelie position they will shoot an automatic machine gun with nearly deadly accuracy in the direction of Jason Bourne.

It occurred to me today that Rapha is basically J. Crew, maybe the Gap, no probably J. Crew, for cyclists. You know, preppy.

Vanity overshorts (worn over bib shorts) for women are pretty common over here. They’re cute, I’m into them. But FYI, even though they’re less revealing than standard bib shorts, they’re even more risqué, as counterintuitive as that may sound.

MFS TDF Street Team Stage 11 To Do List

  1. Hype Stickers on Instagram
  2. Photograph our stickers in the French Wild—Sticker Sesh!!!!!!!!
  3. Hype the Speical Edition Peter Sagan 100% Sunglasses we have to give away.
  4. Continue shooting our Chpt3 “T-shirts on French Norms” photo essay.
  5. Steve wants to make a shirt flag real bad.
When I get old and fat, I want to be French and live in the Alps.

I’m going to wear white cotton ankle socks and ride shirtless, like this guy.

Stage 11 High Points & Low Points

by The Eagle
    High Points
  • Finally, some fireworks. On paper this looked to be a doozy of a 100km stage sprinkled with juicy HC climbs throughout, but after yesterday’s relative snoozefest it was a welcome surprise that it didn’t disappoint.
  • Fajkk, just watching the domestiques ride themselves into oblivion today got me jazzed up—the carnage in the finale was icing on the cake. So impressive seeing those diesels empty their tanks for their leaders and then yank the parking brake. Ouch...
  • To my untrained eye, Geraint Thomas has never looked leaner, and consequently he must be hungrier than ever. GC will get interesting as this race goes into the Pyrenees with only Froome and Dumoulin looking his equals.
  • Irish Rope-A-Dope: Dan Martin bobbing and weaving before finally getting dropped outta the group of favorites at 4.5km to go before steadily fighting back onto Vincenzo Nibali’s wheel and attacking to ride clear of the remaining chasers less than a kilometer later.
  • Peter Sagan’s different handshakes for each of his soigneurs then high-fives for all the fans on the roll up to the start line. Dude exudes FUN.
    Low Points
  • Mikel “Frosty” Nieve getting snowed by his former teammate Geraint Thomas in the last 400 meters after being the last surviving breakaway rider. Shhheeeeeesh that was rough to watch. Then to add insult to injury, he gets proper fajjked by the jury voting on the most aggressive prize of the day when they awarded it to Alejandro Valverde. I guess riding in the break all day wasn’t aggressive enough???
  • Sprinters sent packing. Oooooffff. I mean, it’s tradition to lose one or two over the course of three weeks, but Mark Cavendish AND Marcel Kittel in the same day? Kinda gonna be sad seeing Sagan sprint by himself on the Champs in a few weeks, but at least Dylan Groenewegen managed to make the timecut—I was sure that spark-plug was all burnt up!!
  • Chris Froome. Riding. Seated. Ugh, it hurts to watch.

Selected Stage 11 Broadcast Quotes

by The Eagle

“He’s really good at reincarnation- he’s back from the dead!”

—Robbie McEwan on Gorka Izagirre clawing his way back up to the breakaway group at the start of the final climb after being dropped sooo many times.

“Desperate to limit their losses, but they’re already on their hands and knees.”

—Matt Keenan summing up the day while looking at the disheveled, tatty remains of the group of favorites halfway up the final climb.

“The head goes on sideways.”

—McEwan describing Nieve’s pain face in the final switchbacks of La Rosiere as he fought to hang on to the lead.

“They’re fighting in a phone booth and that’s the way he wants it!”

—Larry Merchant, HBO Boxing commentator, describing the tight flurry of punches thrown by Micky Ward in his 2002 bout with Arturo Gatti. (Check the link above for a visual.) Could this be an apt descriptor for what will take place on Alpe d’Huez tomorrow?!!




La Rosière



Mont Blanc X TDF X Chilleurs


La Rosière


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