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2018 Tulsa Tough

2018 Blue Dome Criterium - Women

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Okay okay what’s relevant here, what do you need to know about our first unit of Tulsa Tough coverage? It’s Friday, the first race is the women’s Pro 1/2 race. There really is a Blue Dome, like, they go around it, the course goes around it (the Blue Dome). I don’t think it shows up in any of these photographs though. Also, it’s not that cool. I mean, it’s cool, I suppose, that there really is a Blue Dome but it’s not an architectural marvel or any shit like that. Also it’s smaller than you might think. It’s kinda squat. Okay, what else, because this Blue Dome conversation is boring for everybody. Um… as you can see from the photographs, even though it was dusk-y it was still hot and humid, which, when combined, equal sticky. All night I had those rows of sweat-dirt that you get on the inside of your elbows which, that sucked. Oh and right before I photographed this race I ate at the Rib Crib. 😔 Also my #CAT34LYFE race sucked pretty hard. Well I sucked pretty hard, the race was maybe okay, but also there were crashes everywhere; for a minute I thought someone was throwing hand grenades at us and that’s why piles of dudes just kept falling down here and there and everywhere. Oh yeah, earlier in the day I photographed Team LA Sweat for this year’s Human Visual Athlete Showcase called Tulsa Rough. That was fun.

“I’ve said it before and I will say it again: downtown Tulsa is NEXT LEVEL amazing. It’s like a mid-’90s skateboard paradise in the key of Apocalypse.”

That’s it, that’s all the backstory you need. I mean bottomline this race was SIQ and the crowds were SIQ because it’s Tulsa Tough.

I leave you with one last thought: somewhere in the middle of shooting this race my brand new $6,000.00 camera from Canon failed. So ahhhh, fuck you Canon, your 1DX Mark II can eat it.
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