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2017 Vuelta a España

2017 Vuelta: Stage 10

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  1. Yesterday was a rest day but we didn’t rest that much. We slept-in until nine, which to some of you probably sounds like we really slept-in. But like, that was a joke. Sleeping-in means you sleep until at least eleven, but even better would be like one. Thirty. We ate breakfast, did the internet for hours and hours, organized shit, and did a photoshoot with Team Postobón in the cafeteria of a truck stop.
  2. It turns out the Indian food in Europe is remarkable. Either that or I’m having the best Indian run of my life. I mean, Klaus and I are killing it in Iberia, that’s one thing, but what you don’t know is that right before this Vuelta trip I was in Finland and Austria with Keiran. Funny thing is, we started our trip off—after four flights and about 27 hours of traveling, getting to the North Pole is NO JOKE— with an Indian meal in Rovenami, Finland which unrelated-related, that’s where Santa Klaus lives. There is a village there and the whole deal. Also, that place is teeming with reindeer. Anyway, we land, we rent a car, we drive to Indian and commence to have the worst Indian of my life. I’ve got ONLY two things to say on the matter: A) people in the North like in Alaska and Yellowknife, Canada, and (apparently) Scandavania eat an ungodly amount of sugar in ALL their food, it’s a thing. And B) when your mango lassi is served with a massive head of whipped cream on top of it, your meal is fucked, there is no coming back from that. Anyway, that was our first, and my worst, Indian meal ever. But a week later in Innsbruk, Austria we got back on that horse and one of the best Indian meals of our life. Then, four days after that we had Indian again by the Munich airport: also a life affirming experience. And now this Iberian tour with Klaus which has been home run Indian after home run Indian. Well, it’s got me thinking that Europe is better at more than just hummus and roundabouts, it’s also better at Indian.
  3. Speaking of Santa Klaus. Klaus, my Klaus, your Klaus, Manual for Speed’s Klaus, claims that everyone at his high school pronounced his name Claws, like the presents and sleigh driving guy.
  4. Yesterday during my rest day I ran in 87% humidity. My phone stopped working. Bluetooth failed. My Airpods failed. I sweat maybe more than I’ve ever sweat in my life. Other than I just thought a lot about what animales I might see and whether Spain has snakes, and whether I could “sell” the whole I didn’t know what privado means thing just in case it came up.
  5. I just learned that the hot spot on my iPhone is better than the wifi in our hotel for the night. And if I had to guess, better than the wifi in most hotels in Spain.
  6. The primary police force managing and handling the Vuelta is the Guardia Civil, military police like Italy’s Carabinieri. Anyway, here’s a few things you should know about these civil servants: A) almost without exception they are friendly and helpful and patient and understanding even in VERY stressful driving and course negotiation situation; B) they have great style including, but limited to, the smaller-than-average berets they wear at an extreme++++ rakish angle on their heads, awesome tactical boots, cargo capris, and big-ass machine guns made out of machined super-future metals like titanium and unobtanium worn across their chests; C) everyone here loves them; D) they drive cool trucks, and when they’re not driving cool trucks they’re riding in the back of one; E) they have fashionable hair, most of the men also have sculpted beards reminiscent of pre-peak-beard Portland, Oregon; F) they are all really really really good at CrossFit, it’s that obvious; G) a large portion of them are women with the same great everything excepting, obviously, the beards.

3 Things Discussed on the Drive to the Start


  1. Daniel was unaware that Bjork and Tricky dated during the ’90s. Klaus knew, but was surprised by how short their relationship was once he did an online search to find out more. In the course of this conversation, Daniel insisted that trip-hop is currently making, or will soon make, a comeback and that he was excited about it. Wikipedia’s entry for trip-hop includes a “Trip-Hop in the 2010s” section, so Daniel may be on to something. Because we all know that Wikipedia is always right, and is the authority that settles all discussions/arguments.
  2. The Amen Break, a short musical sample that served as an integral building block of hip-hop, drum and bass and ragga jungle was also discussed during a particularly scenic part of the drive. It should be noted that last night, Klaus watched several videos related to the Purdie Shuffle. There was no connection between these two events.
  3. Last year Juan Antonio Flecha traveled alone in an old, somewhat beat up van during parts of the Vuelta a España. He convinced Eurosport (who he works for) to make that his work vehicle during the race, rather than a standard rental car. He did this so he could surf during down time, mostly in northern Spain. Daniel decided that he wants to meet Juan Antonio, to ask him about surfing in/around Barcelona, if that’s even an option.

Caravaca de la Cruz

This is Peter Stetina. He’s not the proprietor of That URL belongs to Troy Stetina, author of Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar, who was featured in Dimension X’s "Implications of a Genetic Defense" (Unicorn Records)
According to WikiHow, the correct way to mount a bicycle is: Stand on the left side of your bicycle. Position the left pedal at the 10:00 position (as on a clock). Put your left foot on the left pedal. Push off twice on the ground with your right foot,as this will give you enough momentum to swing your right leg over the seat without falling off.

Highway Pit Stop

Collado Bermejo

Many SUVs and crossover vehicles can easily roll over, even when standing still. US and European regulations state that all vehicles should pass a 28% degree tilt test.
Aristotelis "Telly" Savalas was an American singer and actor whose career spanned four decades of television. His singing, in particular, was awe-inspiring.
Connecticut counties that use the 203 area code: Fairfield (except the Town of Sherman), New Haven, and Litchfield (the towns of Woodbury, Bethlehem, and a small part of Roxbury).
Tobias Ludvigsson, who rides for FDJ, lives in Huskvarna (with a K), Sweden. It’s there that Husqvarna (with a Q), the motorcycle and lawnmower company is headquartered.
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