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2017 USAC TT National Championships

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Distance 23km (Women); 30.7km (Men) Number of Steps Many thousands. Time of Filing 10:37am Friday Accommodations The Four Points Sheridan is mostly a non-event of a hotel. It’s nice and boring and basic. Which, that’s a win really, when you think about it. The underground parking is mildly inconvenient but otherwise very reliable. The ceiling of the first room they put me in leaked all over my luggage and my laptop. According to Tim, the Sheraton’s chief engineer, the leaking was due to recent heavy rains. Thanks for that, Tim. Anyway, he was very apologetic and moved me directly to a non-leaking suite equipped with a refrigerator and multiple TVs. Sure, my running shoes were soaked with ceiling water and my laptop has some weird stains on it now, but like Tim said, the ceiling was only leaking because it rained—obvs nothing to be done about that.

Today’s Objectives
Pick-up Media Credentials from USAC official media office without hassle or a scene, in spite of my life. ✓
Receive positivity about MFS, or at the very least NO NEGATIVITY. ✓+
Remember what it is about Nationals that is so special. ✓

WIFI Details Worst wi-fi experience in America in a long time. In the end I was able to watch Episodes 12 and 13 of this year’s House of Cards. I don’t believe that that PR lady who’s on the outs with the Underwoods would sleep with Doug. I don’t believe that Claire would tell her writer concubine dude that Frank murdered a bunch of people. I guess it’s cool that Claire is addressing the camera now? This show is stupid.

Weather Based not only on my own personal experience but on the number of soaking wet cooling vests and ice packs being deployed by soigneurs: awful.



"Naughty naughty, you are so naughty."

Anonymous MFS supporter and USAC employee.


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