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2017 USAC Men's Road National Championships

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Distance 101km (Women); 176km (Men) Number of Steps Less than yesterday.
Time of Filing 4:45 pm Friday Accommodations The Four Points Sheridan Today’s Objectives Eat breakfast with Kiel, Jordan, Kiel & Jordan’s baby, Alex and Jesse. ✓ Experience a change in weather from yesterday. Mostly ✓… ✓- Stay hydrated, manage blood sugar, walk to “The Hill” and back. ✓- (Turns out you can do a lot on peanuts and Gatorade, but not everything.) Celebrate the 1-2 finish I’ve been wanting to celebrate for the last four years. X (THERE IS ALWAYS NEXT YEAR.) WIFI Details Worst wi-fi experience in America in a long time. Weather a lot.


    High Points
  • Mike Creed talking about how the scariest guy out there is the guy who just won't quit. He can't do it. He doesn't know how to do it. He won't do it. That guy. He’s scary. He’s not to be fucked with.
  • Warbasse rolling past me on the way to his first place podium spot saying, “I love you Manual for Speed.” (We love you too, Larry.)
  • While walking down “The Hill”, Stefan Rothe of Elbowz came past on the front of a group and shouted “KNIFE FIGHT” at me.
  • Kyle Murphy asking me to double tap is rear shifter for good luck.
  • Kyle Murphy talking about how Nationals is just a race. Like every other race. But everyone freaks out and turns it into something else. But A) it’s just race and B) if you prepare and train your whole life for racing, and you use visualization for winning races, but you see Nationals as something other than a race, then you’re throwing all that training and practice and visualization work away for no good reason at the wrongest possible time
  • Kyle Murphy wondering out loud if he could legitimately order the Patriot Cup from the snow cone car, or if because he didn't win today’s race that would make him a poseur.
  • Dave Towle talking about revisiting the creation of a pilot for Strap A Shark To It (Click here if you have no idea what that is.). And describing in detail how confused he was about the guy with the broadsword and the wolfskin (head included) cape in the lobby of the Holiday Inn. Did he work there? Was that a gig? Did he make minimum wage? Is this a thematic Holiday Inn? Et cetera et cetera. Until he learned that the Fanboy trade show was in town. Which he assumes is what that sword guy is all about. And not, it turns out, a valuable member of the Holiday Inn staff.
  • Making plans to LARP with Samurai Swords in Mt Tabor park sometime this summer with Kyle Murphy.
  • Learning about the coolest composite Rafting and Cycling Team for the Cascade Cycling Classic currently being organized by two of Manual for Speed’s favorite Kasual Klub members and World Tour racers.
    Low Points


"I love you Manual for Speed."

Larry Warbasse

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