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2017 Tour de California

Tour de California: Stage 07

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Distance 125km Number of Steps N/A Time of Filing 10:23 am Accommodations We’re at Moi’s house. Thanks Moi!

Today’s Objectives

Setup the official MFS Step and Repeat banner/photo op at the finish by the Rose Bowl and shoot photos of various members of the crowd in front of it.Ooops. The race didn’t end at the Rose Bowl and we didn’t set up the MFS step and repeat. We will carry the shame of failure with us always.

Shoot a bunch of photos of the racers as they complete multiple laps of the finishing circuit that has been set up at the Rose Bowl.Again our reliance on tradition and expectation has failed us. As you know by now, the race did not finish at the Rose Bowl. So this made it physically impossible to put images of the riders on the finishing circuit of the Rose Bowl in the official MFS camera because the riders were never physically doing laps on a circuit at the Rose Bowl. While you might be thinking, “Guys, duh, get the net, get the info.” And we’d own that, but you have to know that there we talked to multiple people on the morning of the stage who were also discombobulated by the fact that the race was not ending at the Rose Bowl. Did we have wool over our eyes? Yes. Did we put it there ourselves? Maybe. Did others have wooly eyes? Also yes.

WIFI Details Right off the bat the wifi gets high marks, we wouldn’t even care if all Moi had was a cadre of mice trained to shuttle 0s and 1s to and from the nearest AT&T store. Ok it would matter a little, but we could deal, we’d figure it out. As it turns out, Moi is a full-fledged up-to-date 21st century first world human (which, if you know him is not as DUH as those of you who don’t might think). The point of all this is that his WIFI here, in this place, stands on its own

Weather CALIFORNIA. Guys, I’m really really really thinking about re-locating back down to California. My S.A.D. is totally gone, and I’d like to attribute that to my relationship with the sun in the sky (with a 100% lack of cloud intermediaries). I’d rather not attribute it to the five-hour nightly sleep average I’ve been maintaining over the past week, although it would be hard to completely discount sleep-deprived disoriented euphoria as a possibly contributing factor to my current and unexpected bliss, because I am big fan of sleeping. Love sleeping. LOVE IT. Whatever the case I am feeling good!


MFS’ final plea to the public.
Guys, see? They're TOTALLY different people.


"That’s why they call it none shall-Pasadena."

Dude in a Spiderman-themed muscle tee explaining that Pasadena is totally screwed this weekend due to the Race, the JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Open House, and a U2 concert at the Rose Bowl.

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