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2017 Tour de California

Tour de California: Stage 06

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Distance 24km ITT Number of Steps Dunno. I’d guess like 6-8 miles worth of steps. Somewhere in there. Time of Filing 3:19 AM


Pasadena Howard Johnson: Yep, we’re back. This time our room is split in the middle, so in reality we have our own rooms. Only one has a desk though, so I took that one cuz I like working on a desk. The tradeoff is that the room with the desk overlooks Colorado Blvd which is, at 2:22am, flush with active traffic. Mostly it’s just car sounds though, the wailing cries of the late-night destitute are few. I really hope the bed is comfortable. It’s worth noting that the shower has a large, handmade sign that outlines the correct use of a shower curtain. It is my intuition that they’ve had some problems in the past. Still, the tile in the bathroom seems to be stable enough.

Today’s Objectives

Exercise:Guys, Daniel and I went running. We did about 25 minutes. It was hard. Because of the allergies and the altitude and the multiple days of driving–working–driving–working-eating–working–sleeping 5ish hours, we struggled a bit. But we did it. Of course some jagoff had to make a “You forgot your bike!” joke because we were running along the course, but even that dude’s shit joke couldn’t sink our running ship.

Watch, experience, photograph the TT:Daniel had set out to cover a lot of ground. Early on he was aiming to visit multiple points along the race course. But a lack of motorized transport, access, and overall will put a stop to those dreams. And while capturing the TT riders on the distant shores of Big Bear Lake may not have happened, he was still able to capture some really spicy racing action (you can see it below). For my part I milled around, watching the riders come in while checking out the VIP tent. So yeah, you could say we accomplished this goal.

Talk to Ian about NASCAR: Here’s the thing. Ian doesn’t watch NASCAR, he’s never even watched an entire race. So in the end we didn’t talk about NASCAR.

Get some quality rest:I feel asleep for 20 minutes on 210 around Arcadia, does that count?

WIFI Details I am uploading videos and they’re going SUPER DUPER SLOW. That’s part of the reason why I am still up. The other part is that tomorrow is the final stage and the riders are downhill racing right here, to Pasadena. This bit of information is only tangentially related to the WiFi details, but I think it will prove itself to be important in the future.

Weather It was sunny again. But that wasn’t the notable thing. That’s ceased to be notable. What’s important about Big Bear at this time of year is that it is SO dry. Like, inside one of those desiccation packets dry. I think my face has shrunk and tightened over the framework of my skull, it just feels very tight. In addition, my sinuses are currently under assault by some form of hateful pollen. So yes, it was nice and sunny, but because I can’t smell and my eyes are more raisin than grape, I couldn’t fully enjoy it




"ARCO sucks."



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