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2017 Tour de California

Tour de California: Stage 04

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Distance 159.5km Number of Steps My phone says 18,216 steps or 9.9 miles but that can’t be right. I mean, did walk around at the start. And Kyle and I did go shopping at the Westfield Valencia Town Center Mall in Santa Clarita, but still, we didn’t walk that much, so yeah, it has to be wrong. But it’s never wrong. Not sure what to tell you. Bottomline, today was a lite-to-average walking day. Time of Filing 1:44 AM


The Howard Johnson on Colorado Avenue in Pasadena, the one shaped like Sir Lancelot’s castle (kinda): Adjacent to the parking lot there is a smoking and non-smoking veranda side by each. It’s tall like a wall. The carpet in the rooms looks like art deco stained glass. Kyle has a workstation. I have a mirror on the back of the closet door facing my bed which is cool for checking out how well my new Nike Monarchs go with our Speed Center issue tracksuits. We’re on the fourth floor in room 411, which reminds me, the bathroom code for the Starbucks a block and half down to the east is 31472.

Today’s Objectives

Wake up at six, get a coffee, get kitted, ride up Gibraltar and back with my friend CJ who I met at the start of this race two years ago. We hung out with Lachlan who talked about trying to find coffee near the start and why he modified the sleeves on his jacket. That shared conversation and skateboarding is why became friends. And now two years later we rode up Gibraltar on THE MOST BEAUTIFUL and perfect morning ever. EVER. THANK YOU SO MUCH, CJ!!!!!!!!!

Shoot the race from the back of a motorcycle. And the side of the road.

Purchase two pairs of white Nike Monarchs.

Go to sleep early, LOL LOL LOL.

Watch at least one of the “Matrix” films on the TV. Thank you, AMC. Thank you, Neo. Thank you for hope.

WIFI Details It’s pretty cool. If it wasn’t already 12:30 with no end in sight (these things don’t write themselves) I would stream the sixth episode ofThe Handmaid’s Tale on my computer, and I bet, if I had the time to do that, it would work fine with no stalls or interruptions.

Weather Sunny and warm-almost-hot. Let met tell you something about a five-hour motorcycle ride through the Santa Ynez mountains when it’s sunny and warm-almost-hot: if you don’t apply sunscreen you will get sunburned BIG TIME. Especially on your face. Buuuuut also on your arms and ears and nose and through your clothes.


"God damn Illuminati, 1000 against 1."

Just a dude massaging a piece of fried chicken, waiting for a bus that will never come, bathed in the hale light along Colorado Blvd.



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