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By Klaus
  • Smallest margin of victory: Eddy Planckaert versus Steve Bauer in 1990. Planckaert won by less than half an inch (.39”).
  • Largest margin of victory: Eddy Merckx versus Roger De Vlaeminck, 5:21
  • Only Paris–Roubaix winner (that we know of) who went on to become the spokesperson for a hair-plug clinic in Belgium: Roger De Vlaeminck
  • Annual cost of maintaining the route’s cobbles by “Les Amis de Paris Roubaix”: $16,000 (US Dollars)
  • Highest ranked car for $16,000 or under in the United States: Honda Fit (with 1.5 liter engine and 130 hp)
  • First year that the cobble trophy was awarded: 1977
  • Price of a replica cobble trophy at the cafe in the velodrome, last time that Manual for Speed checked:$15.00
  • Replicas of the cobble trophy contain a sharp wood screw which keep the cobble in place. How did a Manual for Speed contributor explain said screw in the trophy to TSA agents upon arriving to the United States in order to not have it confiscated?: He explained that it was the trophy for a bike race that he had won, and that it meant a lot to him
  • Who was mere inches away from said MFS contributor as this explanation was given to TSA agents?: A sideburn-era Jonathan Vaughters
  • Number of showers at the Roubaix velodrome: 14 (which also happens to be the name of the first single from Paula Cole’s 2007 album “Courage”)
  • Why are showers in Roubaix’s velodrome so seldom used these days after the race?: Because team buses have showers.
  • Number of editions cancelled due to World Wars: 7
  • Why did the Catholic Church object to the date when the first edition of the race took place in 1896?:Because it was on Easter Sunday, and they felt that riders wouldn’t have time to both attend mass, AND do the race.
  • Cruelest moment in Paris-Roubaix history: According to MFS, it would have to be the time in 1988 that a plastic bag got jammed in Thomas Wegmuller’s derailleur, not allowing him to shift, and thus seeing victory go to Dirk Demol.
  • Longest winning break: Dirk Demol, 1988, 222km (138 miles)
  • Country with the most wins: Belgium, 56
  • Country with the fewest wins (but not zero, obviously, don’t be a smart aleck): Three-way tie: Luxembourg, Moldova and Sweden all have one
  • Riders with the most wins: Roger De Vlaeminck and Tom Boonen, tied at four
  • Prize money given to the winner of Paris-Roubaix: €30,000
  • Prize money given to the winner of the US Masters (Golf) Tournament, which usually ends on the same day as Paris-Roubaix: $1.98 million (in 2017)


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