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Cobbles [RTR Exhibit 1A]
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Number of Steps: 9,872 / 5.5 miles Time of Filing: Like… basically four days later. Especially if you count the time difference. Accommodations: Our LAST NIGHT in what we’ve come to think of as OUR Ancient-But-Modern Castle 🏰Row House. Today’s Objectives: See the race five times. Get stuff, make stuff. See La Roche de Ardenne. Not die from physical exhaustion (it was a late night and an early morning). WIFI Details: 📡 Tremendous. 📡 Weather: Based on my experience of this race—last year it snowed 🌨️, blizzarded really—and the weather-related fear this race promotes from inside the peloton, it was remarkably gentle and manageable 🌥️. Some might call it kind. From a photography standpoint the light was mercurial and hard to pin down. That’s my way of saying some of the photographs are going to suck. And some will suck less.

This race is the only Classic that climbs. It climbs a lot. It climbs over and over and over again. It climbs like a professional boxer punches. Like a cobble cobbles. We don’t know what to call that, those kinds of climbs that come one after another, all at once in a group. The best we can do at the moment is call them “dick punches.” If your whole race is a series of Dick Punches your race is better because:


  1. DPs are hills and hills (côtes, cols, murs—it’s hard to keep up with what’s what, someone needs to do a chart11That kiiiiiiinda sounds like something we would do.—ed) are fun to spectate on or near. In particular short but steep hills are great for congregations and crowds.
  2. DPs shatter a race. Shattering is cool to watch.
  3. DPS are intrinsically neat because they’re scenic and topographically enhanced.




"I like chicken and waffles."

Nathan Hass in response to this question: ‘If you were to distill Liège–Bastogne–Liège down to a single idea or concept, like what is L-B-L’s most defining characteristic, what would you say?



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