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2016 TDF: Week Two Stinky Moments

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Stage 7 of the Tour de France was marked by one of the more unusual events in recent race history. The official explanation of the event was the following: “A spectator came too close to the structure, and with his belt he caught it on the cable”. The result? The 1km to go inflatable collapsed, crashing into Adam Yates and thus marking the first truly unfortunate belt debacle in sport spectacle since the WWE/WWF designed its first championship belt.


Stage 12 had yet another first for the Tour. Overwhelmed by crowds on Mt. Ventoux, a TV motorcycle was forced to stop, forcing Richie Porte, Bauke Mollema and Chris Froome to crash into it. Froome’s bike was totaled in the crash, and in a panic he began to run up the mountain. Amazingly—even though Froome was finally participating in their favorite activity—the fans who love to run (very) closely alongside him while he’s on his bicycle declined to join him.

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