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2016 TDF: Week One Most Animal Classification

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4 POINTS: Jarlinson Pantano

It’s raining on the final climb, then the hail starts. Lesser riders succumb to the elements, but not Jarlinson Pantano. He chose to trade his gloves for an umbrella with a man on the side of the road, finishing the day in style.

3 POINTS: Adam Yates

The one-kilometer-to-go inflatable went down like a prop for a third-rate Viagra commercial, taking Yates down with him. He got himself some stitches and finished out the week riding with the best climbers in the world.

1 POINT: Oleg Tinkov

He’s a quote-producing machine created by a clandestine Russian government program (we think). While being interviewed by NBC Sports, he said something to the effect of, “Oh, any Americans watching this… please come and fix this sport, because these Europeans don’t know how to do anything”. Sounds like he’s asking Manual for Speed to intervene and make cycling great again!

1 POINT: Chris Froome

When fans in costume get too close for comfort during mountain stages, some pros hesitate to rectify the situation. Not the case with Chris Froome, who landed a powerful slap/elbow combo as a fan’s flag threatened to go into his front wheel.

Week One Standings

Jarlinson Pantano: 4 points

Adam Yates: 3 points

Oleg Tinkov: 1 points

Chris Froome: 1 points

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