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2016 Spring Classics

2016 Paris–Roubaix: Pre-Race

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As far we can tell, the Team Presentation is a warm-up for sign-in. Or maybe, think of it like a wedding rehearsal. An opportunity to practice parking, smiling, writing your name, walking on stage, etc. You don’t have to wear your full suit but you do need to look nice. Yes the whole exercise is pointless and yes it’s as much about ceremony as anything else, but also, it’s a chance to mix and mingle and who doesn’t love that!?

  1. There were professional cyclists.
  2. There was a crowd.
  3. There were kids, pumped out of their minds.
  4. There was a dude in head-to-toe denim.
  5. There were ladies armed with t-shirt cannons.
  6. There was the whole stage thing.
  7. See, sign-in basically.


A Study of Horsepower

  1. An adult horse’s brain weights 22 oz, about half that of a human.
  2. Horses can’t vomit.
  3. The word chivalry comes from cheval the French word for horse.
  4. Horses drink at least 25 gallons of water a day
  5. It takes 9-12 months to re-grow an entire horse hoof.
  6. Horses can lock the muscles in their legs so they can go to sleep standing up and not fall over.
  7. Horses can run 25-30 miles an hour.
  8. The fastest recorded (race) speed was 43.97 miles an hour.
“I was sitting having dinner by myself in the red light district in Amsterdam, reading my twitter feed, and there pops-up a picture of Phil packing rain gear into a suitcase. I just knew I had to drive down and support him. He got called up, so I got called up. No questions asked I had to be there. He needs a fan, I mean look at him, he needs someone to look after him. I got in car and six hours later I’m in Chantilly. I was the loudest fan at Presentation. I just wanted him to know that he was loved.”

Astrid Van Uden

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