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Rally Cycling 2016 Tour of Kalifornia Roster

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NAME: Adam de Vos DOB: 08/21/93 HOMETOWN: Victoria, BC STRENGTHS: Climbing
NAME: Emerson Oronto DOB: 01/29/90 HOMETOWN: Cohasset, MA STRENGTHS: Climbing
NAME: Rob Britton DOB: 09/22/84 HOMETOWN: Regina, SK STRENGTHS: Climbing
NAME: Jesse Anthony DOB: 06/12/85 HOMETOWN: Beverly, MA STRENGTHS: All-Arounder
NAME: Pierrick Naud DOB: 01/29/91 HOMETOWN: Amos, QC STRENGTHS: Sprinting
NAME: Evan Huffman DOB: 01/07/90 HOMETOWN: Elk Grove, CA STRENGTHS: Time Trialing
NAME: Will Routley DOB: 05/23/83 HOMETOWN: Whistler, BC STRENGTHS: All-Arounder
NAME: Danny Pate DOB: 03/24/79 HOMETOWN: Colorado Springs, CO STRENGTHS: All-Arounder

Shot in the DoubleTree Resort San Diego Continental Waffle Nook aka Pro Cyclist Display Case

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