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2016 ATOK Most Animal Jersey Winner: Neilson Powless!

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As promised, with the close of the 2106 ATOK, Manual for Speed is proud to award the first ever Most Animal Classification Jersey. Based on a rigorous and exacting process, our team of experts have determined that Neilson Powless is the winner. The best part? We didn’t need a team of rigorous and exacting experts to determine the outcome because it was SO obvious, and if it wasn’t obvious you’re probably not paying attention, which is a shame; this sport’s, our sport’s, very future depends on all of us paying attention to the animal(s) within. Just in case, here are our favorite reasons Neilson is Most Animal:

  1. We couldn’t be happier that the inaugural issuing of the Most Animal Jersey is to someone whose effort so plainly and simply demonstrates what it means to ride like an animal.
  2. Before you go, there are two things you need to know:Most Animal is the tip of a much larger iceberg called Road To Rad. More on that in the weeks to come.A Neilson Powless Fan Club is coming soon.
  3. He’s only 19 years old.
  4. His hyper-condensed trajectory is beautiful, flawless, telling, compelling and animal as fuck: first he raced XTERRA, then norm triathlons, then mountain bikes, and finally, most recently, as in within the last year, he committed to racing road bikes.
  5. This was the first time riding in front of the world, on the world’s stage, in a Pro HC race. And he finished in the top 10 GC in 9th place, and he won the Young Rider Classification.
  6. Neilson may be the youngest rider in the race. But he gets high ratings from us! He rode like a wily old mountain goat, scampering up the mountain with the hooved verve of an unhinged ungulate.”
Neilson's Podium Parents are wearing the Official Most Animal Podium Presenter Sashes.
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