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2015 USA Pro Challenge: Stage 07

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Distance 68.1 mi Number of Steps n/a Time of Filing n/a Accommodations Home

Today’s Objectives
Shoot the riders as they came up Lookout Mountain. ✓
Shoot riders on the Microboards Scooters. X
Do a fun photoshooting with either Lachlan, Kiel, Axeon, or just about anyone who is awesome. X
Go home. ✓

Quote of the Day
“Onetogoonetogoonetogoonetogoonetogoonetogoonetogoonetogoonetogoonetogoonetogo!” -Dave Towle

“The pro peloton is an interesting beast.” -Dave Towle

“You’ve got to respect the peloton because they can continually put fresh horses on the front.” -Dave Towle

“He writes a good blog.” -Anonymous, on anonymous



We are headed home. And, as far as we can tell, from the email/voice/text correspondence we have been receiving from home, our homes are not broken. This is a great sign.

Tuesday Update: Yep, our homes are not broken. All good.


    High Points
  • The last day of the race.
  • Dan Holloway buying us dinner. #critbucks
  • Running into Brady Kappius on our way to Starbucks.
  • Teo taking the best young rider jersey.
  • Watching five firemen play hackysack.
    Low Points
  • Getting bounced out of the party pen.
  • Looking down at my phone and realizing it was still broken, every time.
  • The TSA PreCheck line being closed at Denver International at 7 PM.
  • The aggressive pantomiming of the TSA officer checking boarding passes at Denver International at 7 PM.


Women’s Race


Men’s Start


Men’s Race



Facts Courtesy of Wikipedia

  1. Country: United States
  2. State: Colorado
  3. City and County: Denver
  4. Founded: November 17, 1858 as Denver City, K.T.
  5. Incorporated: November 7, 1861 as Denver City, C.T.
  6. Consolidated: November 15, 1902 as the City and County of Denver
  7. Named for: James W. Denver
  8. Government Type: Consolidated City and County
  9. Body: Denver City Council
  10. Mayor: Michael Hancock (D)
  11. Consolidated City and County Area: 155 square mi (400 square km)
  12. Metro Area: 8,414 square mi (21,793 square km)
  13. Elevation: 5,130-5,690 ft (1,564-1,731 m)
  14. Consolidated City and County Population (2010): 600,158
  15. Consolidated City and County Population (2014 Estimate): 663,862
  16. Rank: US 21st
  17. Density: 4,044/square mi (1,561/square km)
  18. Urban: 2,374,203 (US 18th)
  19. Metro: 2,754,258 (US 21st)
  20. Demonym: Denverite
  21. Time Zone: MST/MDT (UTC-7/UTC-6)
  22. ZIP Codes: 80201–80212, 80214–80239, 80241, 80243–80244, 80246–80252, 80256–80266, 80271, 80273–80274, 80279–80281, 80290–80291, 80293–80295, 80299, 80012, 80014, 80022, 80033, 80123, 80127
  23. Area Codes: 303 and 720
  24. INCITS Place Code: 0820000
  25. GNIS Feature ID: 0201738
  26. Highways: I-25, I-70, I-76, I-225, I-270, US 285, US 287, SH 2, SH 26, SH 30, SH 35, SH 83, SH 88, SH 95, SH 121, SH 177, SH 265, SH 470, E-470
  27. Capital and most populous city of the State of Colorado
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