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2015 USA Pro Challenge: Stage 06

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Distance 102.2 mi Number of Steps 4080 or 2 Miles. Time of Filing 11:04 PM Accommodations Hampton Inn, West Denver

Today’s Objectives
Starbucks in the morning. ✓
Walk around a parking lot. ✓
Photograph the women at the KOM. X
Photograph the men at the KOM. ✓

WIFI Details HAMPTON INN! HAMPTON INN! HAMPTON INN! The WiFi here is so fast that I even managed to update the operating software on my Macintosh laptop. High Tech Gloss! Finally a hotel in the 21st Century.

Quote of the Day

“I have a chocolate lab that does that!” -A woman in Starbucks referencing the interaction between a man and his three year old daughter

“I want to see a race between the penny farthing guy and the grim reaper.” -Anonymous

“If I were to criticize my own music taste, it would be that after about two hours I feel like I’m trapped in a J. Crew.” -DWP

“Why is she standing like her crotch is on fire?” -Anonymous

“Those fire trees are great and that valley is unreal. I hope it’s owned by a Republican.” -DWP

“I think we’re in a yelp shadow right now.” -Anonymous

“Women and children on BMX bikes are stacking up behind us.” -DWP, during the eternal delay

“This crime scene tape is a nice touch.” -Anonymous

“When you use your sound hole you don’t see letters.” -DWP

“This place was 150 bucks, no wonder it’s a palace.” -DWP



Guys, we’re tired. Late nights, early mornings, long days mostly spent driving, buckets after buckets of food. Also there’s the altitude, the over-stuffed hotels pillows, the should-have-been-pulled riders, the commercials on the purple channels, the lack of exercise, the harsh bright mountain light, and the transfers to hotels that aren’t quite close enough to our buds in the peloton but not really far enough away to be truly noteworthy. What I’m trying to say is that we’re run down, tired, a little bit depressed, but we can’t put our finger on exactly why; I guess mostly just big picture stuff.

The thing is, we like sharing with you: you’re not here and there are important images and words that should be shared with you. The problem is today, well today we kinda got SNAFU’d in the mountains. And Colorado, you do mountain passses, you do them SO well, but you don’t do mountain pass alternatives, which makes leap frogging difficult, so MFS is feeling a little like the stars didn’t align for us today, and we really wanted the stars align for us. We wanted to see those women racers crushing the QOM, and we wanted to get to the finish and take photos of all the gasping, elated, and shell-shocked riders as they finished the stage, but it was not to be. This is kinda like a “just so you know”, you know?



  • Cowbell Kid: “You want a cowbell?”
  • KVH: “No.”
  • Cowbell Kid: “You sure?”
  • KVH: “Yeah.”


  • Lady Who Just Had Her Picture Taken: “Where’s that going to be?”
  • DWP: “Internet.”
  • Lady Who Just Had Her Picture Taken: “Bill Puckey it’s not!”
  • DWP: “Don’t worry, there so much stuff on there that people won’t even notice it.”


    High Points
  • Lightning fast internet at the Hampton Inn.
  • Lachlan Morton’s mustache and sunglasses combo.
  • The Russian Bath Party happening at the Hampton Inn.
    Low Points
  • Driving behind a SO FAR OFF THE BACK rider for an eternity.
  • The smell of our rental car.


Facts Courtesy of Wikipedia

  • Country: United States
  • State: Colorado
  • County: Larimer
  • Founded: 1877
  • Incorporated: April 30, 1881
  • Named For: William A.H. Loveland
  • Type: Home Rule Municipality
  • Mayor: Cecil Gutierrez
  • Mayor Pro Tem: Dave Clark
  • City Manager: Bill Cahill
  • Area: 25.5 square mi (66.1 square km)
  • Elevation: 4,982 ft (1,519 m)
  • Population (2010): 66,859
  • Density: 2,059.7/square mi (795.3/square km)
  • Population (2013 Estimate): 71,334
  • Time Zone: MST/MDT (UTC-7/UTC-6)
  • ZIP Codes: 80534, 80537-80539
  • Area Code: 970
  • FIPS Code: 08-46465
  • GNIS Feature ID: 0177720
  • Highways: I-25, US 34, US 287, SH 60, SH 402
"I go to the skatepark and jib around."


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