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2015 Tour of California


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Dieter “Dedi” Senft, The Red Devil, has long been European road racing’s costumed darling, a devil wizard in sport sandals who seemingly vibrates his way up the steep cols of the Alps, Pyrenees and Dolomites. He is a known quantity, a character of such high regard that his mere presence at a race can help solidify its stature. This is not right!, Dieter has too much power and sway over the peloton mascot game. Bottom line, Dieter has been hogging the mascot spotlight for far too long. 20 plus years he has been gallivanting around in his little red costume without a valid challenger to his crown.

Well Dieter, your time has come, and the challenger to your throne hails from the US of A. He is known only as the Raging Stag! His uniform is a yellow kicker’s helmet equipped with a set of giant elk horns, a Seattle Seahawks jersey with ‘Farrar’ stitched on the back, a pair of cycling bibs, Rudy Project aero shades, and trainers. The man is a committed special ops mascot, a hype sniper, who flies around the country with a packed-down, ‘butthole tight’ setup. He has a powerful build and no-nonsense attitude, exactly the type of character to inspire riders to, “Take it to the next level, turn themselves inside out, light the fuse.” We caught up with the Raging Stag as he was warming up just below today’s first KOM.


A Brief Reconstruction of Our Conversation:

  • DWP: “Hey you are the dude who wears horns right? We are journalists, would it be possible to take photos of you warming up?”
  • RS: “I am just warming up now.”
  • DWP: “Yeah, would it be possible for me to take photos of what you are doing?”
  • RS: “I am just trying to get my heart going to open up the cylinders, by running a few reps and build up a cadence. I am going to work up to my pace.”
  • DWP: “Cool, can I take your picture while you do that?”
  • RS: “Sure, yeah.”
  • DWP: “Do you do push-ups?”
  • RS: “I used to.”
  • [RS runs reps for a while and DWP runs along, shooting photos]
  • RS: “I have another helmet, it has ram’s horns on it but I forgot that at home. This time I got away with packing just two bags and I was able to avoid paying baggage fees on Southwest. I run a super tight program.”
  • [dead air while DWP continues shooting]
  • RS: Tomorrow I am wearing a Rudy project aero helmet with horns on it, Rudy Project sponsors me. Keep an eye out!”
  • [DWP and RS move down the hill to take more pictures; afterwards, Daniel returns to the car and we keep moving, leaving the Raging Stag to his work]
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