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2015 Tour of California

2015 Tour of California: Stage 06

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    High Points
  • Watching Mad Max Fury Road in 3D.
  • Shooting a YO! MFS Cribs with Allison and Joanna.
  • Winning an official Amgen Tour of California Sling Bag.
  • Being lead to believe that we would be able to ride roller coasters with professional athletes in Magic Mountain.
    Low Points
  • Spending the day walking around a parking lot.
  • Spending the night in Ontario.
  • Not riding roller coasters with professional athletes in Magic Mountain.


“I’m Dave Towle, of Told by Towle, and this is Manual for Speed’s Stage 6 Action!”

“When the world’s most talented cyclists are literally tearing each other apart in the gladiator pit that is professional cycling, Manual for Speed is there to capture the Speed, Humanity and Spectacle of California’s Greatest Race.”

Stage 06: “With a foot of fresh pow pow blanketing Big Bear the Stage 6 time trial was moved to the parking lot of Magic Mountain to prevent Donner Party 2. Riders wore their tron hats and pedaled their wind knives in a vain attempt to defeat father time as they pushed their bodies to the limits in a parking lot. There is no way to tell who won this race but at the end of the day the King of California was back in the leader’s jersey. Not to be out done Manual for Speed was invited to the Hilton Garden Inn for an exclusive peek into the hotel habits of the Tour’s top two podium ambassadors. The night was capped with a Mad Max: Fury Road – a supercharged theater experience that left their minds blown and their pulse racing like a rabbits on amphetamines.”



Podium Ambassadors (PA) are intimidating, they should be, their job is to flank victors of a bicycle race, your winners and your champions. And champions don’t want meek, unimpressive persons accompanying them to the podium. What would this say to the fans?, “Hey what I just did wasn’t really that great, so maybe you should just stop being a fan of this sport and find something better and more impressive.” Come on, champions don’t want the slovenly and tired kissing them on the cheek. No no no, champions need wingmen, or in this case wing women, when they are up on the stage. Therefore Podium Ambassadors44Formerly ‘podium girls’., can at first be intimidating. One could say that as fans, regs, norms, mervs we put podium girls on a pedestal, a pedestal we dare not address. While MFS can’t speak for all PAs in the world, (Euro PAs are undoubtedly a completely different story), we can say that Allison and Joannaare anything but intimidating.


Allison: “People don’t want to come talk to me just because I have bitchy resting face55Allison readily acknowledged that the technical term is Resting Bitch Face, and then proceeded to demonstrate textbook-perfect RBF..”

Daniel: “Everyone has resting bitch face, that’s what your resting face looks like, like you are fed up with shit, because you are, that’s resting, you rest when you are fed up with shit.”

Allison: “I know right, but people just steer clear of us, they don’t come say hi, so Joanna and I just hang out.”


After spending some choice time with these two wonderful ladies as a part of our series YO! MFS Cribz, MFS can tell you that they are perfectly delightful human beings.


  1. They are good at jokes.
  2. They are good at picturing.
  3. They put up with MFS.
  4. What more do you need?


Now I’m not advocating that you harass these ladies; what I am saying is that you should say what’s up to them some time, see if they need a coffee, shoot the breeze, whatever. Or you can just continue being standoffish and creepy. The choice is yours.”

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