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2015 Tour of California

2015 Tour of California: Stage 02

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    High Points
  • Turning around to see said finger blasting mom resting her just butt blasting hand on her son’s head. Happy Late Mothers Day!
    Low Points
  • Having my butt crack finger blasted by a half in the bag margarita-charged mom while taking an audio field recording.


Hello I’m Dave Towle. Welcome back to Told By Towle for Stage Two of the Tour of California.

“When the world’s most talented cyclists are literally tearing each other apart in the gladiator pit that is professional cycling, Manual for Speed is there to capture the Speed, Humanity and Spectacle of California’s Greatest Race.”

Stage 02: “MFS continues to strike gold in California! It was a full throttle morning supercharged with three rounds of emotional iced mochas. On a bridge above the confluence of the North and Middle Forks of the American River, Manual for Speed’s own Emiliano Granado went mano a mano with California’s Highway Patrol to bring you the TOC’s hottest snaps. On the rivet and rockin to Huarache Lights they burned through Central Cali to capture the merciless Sprint To The Death in downtown Lodi, but first they found some time to grind a set of tacos at the La Bamba strategically located in the Pep Boys Parking lot on South Cherokee

“It smells like a Chicago Nightclub in that bathroom.”

– KVH regarding the bathroom in the Starbucks on South Cherokee.

The Speed Speed Speed boys finished off the night with a photo shoot at the season’s hottest Best Western pool party while pixel blasting the information super highway on a high speed DSL blogging bender.”



  2. GIRL 01
  5. WE FLY


The MFS VIP is an All-Inclusive Five-Star Journalism Immersion Experience. Join MFS as we investigate and catalog the spectacle of professional road racing.

Proposed Package Includes:
  • Back Stage Access
  • Starbucks Visits
  • Car Rides
  • Indulgent Eating
  • Non-Sequitur Conversation
  • Hyperbole
  • Walking

Beta Subject One: Josh “The Josh Man” Rogers: Josh came to us sight unseen with a very minimal amount of internet exposure. With only our gut to guide us, Manual for Speed went to the edge of our comfort zone, and accepted Josh as our first beta subject. After spending the day together all parties agree that MFS VIP will be a huge success, still beta testing must proceed before this exciting new program is available to the general public.


At 1:38 PM on California State Route 99, just south of the Elk Grove Area, on SirusXM Satellite Radio, on Shade 45’s (Eminem’s Uncut Hip-Hop Channel-XL) All Out Show, featuring Rude Jude and Lord Sear, we listened to an interview with Jessica Drake (an American pornographic actress, film director, screenwriter, sex educator, and radio personality) about her latest movie Jessica Drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex: Plus Size.

“I think one of the things is Body Confidence. A lot of the times when I talk to guys they tell me I like big chicks, I like curves, I like a big ass on my woman. But women look at their bodies very differently and they don’t have that confidence. So a lot of what’s in Plus Size emphasizes having Body Confidence of your own because you bring that into the bedroom and you have better sex because of it. Another issue that comes up, is that there are different positions that are better for people of size. Being that I’m not a person of size, I needed to bring in someone that was an expert. Kelly Shibari did a great job with it and showcased many different positions. Liberator is a company that donated a lot of their products to the movie. They basically make sex furniture, they have wedges and stuff you can lay on top of.

“Being a woman, I think everybody goes through it at some time. People can be cruel. Also, deep down, people can be insecure about their shortcomings. I think there is a lot of stuff in the media that we should ignore. And I think women should figure out what they like first, and then with their prospective partner, they should figure out what they like. Because not every guy is going to like the same stuff, and not every chick is going to like the same stuff. I tell guys all the time look, just because your last girlfriend liked it, doesnt mean your current partner is going to get off on it. That’s where the communication comes in, you have to know what your partner is into, so you have to ask them, or tell them, or watch a movie. And say do you like that or do you want to try this, or offer to dress up and say what kinda outfit or costume do you want to see me in.”


Highlights/Notes/Observations/Feelings/Thoughts from the Pros.


“A few girls with ‘Marry Me (rider’s name)!’ signs. And I wondered why nobody asks me to marry them. With a sign. On the roadside. Then I thought, it’s probably a good call on their part.”- MIKE CREED

“I’ve been called Ted King 3 times now.”- BEN KING

“Playing a game where you just silently point to someone’s back wheel and watch them freak out while they wonder what you’re pointing at or what is wrong with their bike.”- JOE LEWIS

“Two grown men getting a bus shower.”- ALEX HOWES

“I saw the quick stop on the corner in Grass Valley that I used to ride my bike to as a kid with my cousins when we would come to visit. But that was probably only interesting to me.”- KIEL REIJNEN

“I did see a DS in the team car texting while driving in the caravan!”- JOE DOMBROWSKI





“I give La Bamba 5 out of 5 Jalapenos." - Emiliano Granado, lamenting La Bamba's recent absence in the Pep Boys parking lot.
“Lets keep our powder dry, there may be more opportunities.” - Joshua Rogers, regarding the fact that La Bamba drove out of the Pep Boy’s parking lot before we finished eating what we thought was our “first round” of tacos. Had they waited until we finished, we definitely would have ordered a second round, and possibly a third. The tacos were that good.

I’ve got taco finger. I love taco finger. It means you’re doing something right. It means you probably just sat on a curb and ate tacos from some place that doesn’t have running water.”

“I give La Bamba 5 out of 5 Jalapenos." - Emiliano Granado, lamenting La Bamba's recent absence in the Pep Boys parking lot.


"Ben King is a fly fisherman, which means he has good wrist action.”



According to Hometown Boy, Ex-Exergy Team Mechanic, and Manual for Speed Alumnus Josh Geiszler.

  1. Joshua Geiszler was born here.
  2. Lodi is known as “The Zinfandel Capital of the World.”
  3. Lodi’s got an asparagus festival.
  4. Lodi has a high rate of train-assisted suicide.
  5. Slacklining is illegal in Lodi
  6. It’s cherry season.


The Best Western Royal Host Inn received 3/5 stars on Yelp from MFS VIP Joshua Rogers.

Custom MFS Photo Moto Helmets by Death Spray Custom.
“I hope a car runs you over!” - an anonymous Volunteer in response to Daniel’s comment regarding the navigation of a post-race fully visible 4-way Stop intersection on the way to the Best Western Royal Host Inn, “Thanks, but I already know how roads work.”
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