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2015 Tour De France
MTN-Qhubeka Team Bus Eritrean Supporters Club
There was some Deep Stoke at the Mountain Chewbacca camp today.

2015 Tour de France: Stage 12

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Distance 195 km Number of Steps 6,704 steps or 3.2 miles Time of Filing 11:35 PM!!!


We are in the Néméa Appart’Hotel Toulouse Constellation and NOT the Nemea Appart’Hotel Toulouse Saint-Martin. Saint-Martin is on Rue Alain Fournier, the Constellation is on Rue Dominique Clos. The Saint-Martin is nicer and has a pool but we didn’t have a reservation there, we had a reservation at the Constellation. We are in a studio with two twin beds. The password to get into the parking lot and onto the elevator is #2640. We have a Beko mini fridge and a PC computer flat screen monitor for a TV. The bathroom is spacious EXCEPT inside the shower, where it’s small and prohibitive in terms of “maintenance.”

Today’s Objectives

Photograph the start. ✓
Photograph one of the two climbs before the finish climb. ✓
Avoid the finish. ✓

WIFI Details The wefeee is back and it’s bad. So bad. Problematically bad. Weather Cloudy, then biblical rains.

Quote of the Day

“Boom Sha-Lock-Lock Boom”
-Emiliano Granado

“There’s a place in France / where the naked ladies dance / there’s a hole in the wall / where the man can see it all / but the men don’t care / cause they chew their underwear.”
-Daniel Wakefield Pasley, remembering an old dirty playground song from elementary school in the late ’70s at Green Street Elementary in Annapolis, Maryland


When I first moved to Portland I started dating a girl who was then in the process of getting a Marketing and Communications degree from the University of Portland. I didn’t go to college unless you count the two semesters at Santa Monica Community College I almost completed and you shouldn’t, and because when we met I was doing marketing stuff for work I was curious what a formal marketing education entailed. So we talked a lot about all kinds of shit but what I remember the most was called a SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. I don’t remember it the most because it was ridiculous, rhetorical and dogmatic like everything else she was learning about, I remember it the most because it was ALSO really helpful and easily applicable to real world decisions/propositions. And I think at the time I was writing a business plan and you’re supposed to include a SWOT; which analysis seemed pertinent to today’s Health & Wellness-related decision-making.

Today’s Playlist



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