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A quotidian aggregation of the day’s events at the Giro d’Italia, as experienced by an enthusiastic eight-pound miniature dachshund named Manuel. Four years ago Manuel quit his Courtroom Artist job of 35 years—during which tenure he won dozens of prestigious national and international awards for the art he produced while working for the Florida Supreme Court—to finally realize his dream of becoming the first Canine TV Correspondent for ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Last year (2014) Manuel covered the Tour Day France for Manual For Speed. Manuel is also currently working toward an online degree in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University from his home in Miami-Dade county.

Because a warrant for Manual for Speed’s arrest may or may not exist in the country of Italy, and because Manuel’s Tour Day France campaign was an international success, we decided to send him to cover The Big Pink.

I want to be an example for future generations of artistically inclined & media savvy animals of all shapes and sizes, and kinds. In the best most prestigious periodicals and media outlets around the globe. Four small steps at a time.”

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