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2011–2012 Team Exergy Campaign

$15,420.That’s how much Team Exergy took home after victories on a myriad of fronts at Speed Week—the single most financially successful racing campaign in Team Exergy’s history. Exergy Director Sportif Tad Hamilton explains, “All of the prize money we collect from the Team-supported schedule goes into the kitty which is split evenly amongst the riders. Riders are allowed to race for individual prize money away from the Team Schedule, but Team winnings are for the whole Team.”

The results, not the cash payout, however, tell the real story. The Team as a whole finished second in points to Team Mountain Khakis/Smart Shop, a single point separating the two (4756 – 4755). Carlos Alzate finished as the Lap Leader Champion, winning a total of 43 laps over the seven races—17 laps ahead of second place, who happened to be Carlos’ brother, new Team Exergy recruit Andrés Alzate (Tino for short). Kevin Mullervy won the U25 jersey, finishing 11th in the overall standings, while Ben Chaddock sat at number five at week’s end. And after finshes of seventh, ninth, second, first, second, second, and first (chronologically), Carlos wrapped up the overall title with a more than comfortable lead.

“We don’t race for money. We race to win.”

—Tad Hamilton


American Crit Finances


in the words of Dan Chabanov

“Filling out an income tax form at a bike race is an weird experience for me. Technically racing bikes isn’t my job but in the last few months its been my primary source of income. I’ve spent most of the last month on the road. Today’s payday means I can afford rent on my apartment for another month. I’m trying really hard to not succumb to moving in with my mom.

“Some days the races don’t go our way and we’ll all go home splitting two hundred dollars five ways. Usually that means I have to pick up an extra shift at the bike shop or deliver food in the evenings. Odd jobs in between training, traveling, and racing. You really have to have your priorities figured out to be ok with this lifestyle, you can’t half-ass-it at this level.”

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