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2011–2012 Team Exergy Campaign

2012 Redlands Bicycle Classic: Prologue

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"I went early in the day which is always a bit of a gamble, but the wind then is typically easier. The week before in San Dimas, I was fourth up the hill, that was my first race so I knew I was going be up there in the Redlands TT. I was in the hot seat for nearly an hour till Julian Kyer and Phil Gaimon came through, after which I ended up third on the day. I’d love to have won but it was my first NRC podium so I was very happy about that. It takes some of the pressure off in terms of Exergy performing, and being only 6 or 7 seconds out of the yellow jersey is a good feeling—the team doesn’t have to ride for you yet you’re still within striking distance of the whole race, and people aren’t looking at you like they do if you’re in yellow."

—Morgan Schmitt

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