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2011–2012 Team Exergy Campaign

"With heat and a hill like that."

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Heat is always good, it makes it easier to ride hard, easier to get to the point of feeling good. You just have to use cooling strategies.

You take a pantyhose and put ice in it, and you put it, the Ice Sock, down your back. Ideally you’re able to get more during the race. I started with a bunch of ice and that’s probably why I felt so good for the first 30 minutes. That, and I started way in the back. I found a shady spot, I took a shit (in a porta-potty), and eventually I showed up late to the start. In a race with heat and a hill like that, it doesn’t matter where you line up. That sort of hill (Cry Baby Hill) is always good for me and my kind of legs.

At one point we ran out of water, it’s a long race, 90 minutes, and I suffered for a few laps. But it was a good course for Exergy. We were finally able to race together as a team that day, we clicked. The heat slowed things down, the field stayed together and with a couple of laps to go we were able to get to the front and get Ben onto a decent wheel.

Gorillas, water guns, water balloons, wet roads, public nudity, mid-day drinking in Oklahoma in June, live local music. Crowds like that are always good until they do something sketchy.  And then you can’t trust them (the crowd) to get out of the way. After about an hour into the race, it gets sloppy.

“I ‘might’ have sat up and taken a beer hand-up, I can’t remember, I think I did after I dropped Ben and the Gingers off with two laps to go.”

Based on interviews with Team Exergy rider Quinn Keogh.

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