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2011 Ronde van Vlaandern

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The professional cyclists, along with their buses and cars and support staff are, on the morning of the Ronde De Vlaandern, sequestered in a cage several hundred yards from the start. On the outside of the cage, which cage is a massive thousand-year-old brick plaza walled off on all four sides by head-high chain-link fencing, are thousands of cycling fans and spectators. They lean in, press their faces into the fence and stick when they can their many digital point shoot cameras through it to photograph their heroes preparing for the race and resting in the moments before it. Inside the cage media, support, and rider’s friends and family basically do the same thing only with no fence. The distance between the cage and the start line is short but next-level crowded. When it’s time, one by one, riders and teams push through what is effectively an organic ale-faced gauntlet and literally tunnel to the start.




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