Celestial Beta: May

Celestial Beta, a horoscope tailored specifically to the needs of Subject Athletes going Inside The Outside. Written every month by Astrologer, Torrence Tremayne. If you’re an Endurance Cult Member, Rat, Sky Runner, All Terrain Bicycler, Orienteer, Privateer, Dead Reckoner, Future Naturer, Vortexual, Recreationalist, Merv, Randonerd, road cycler or similar please use and enjoy this horoscope designed to help you push your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limits while maintaining optimal PMA. From PBs and FKTs to (Type 5 Fun) Transcendence, we’re committed to get the timing right.

Aries & Aries Rising

You’ve been gassed up on Jupiter’s zeal since May 2022 and with the planet of success in your sign, rams have felt like gallant Cardiogoths in gleaming Dyneema armor, brandishing their PHYSICAL prowess and blazing trails of glory! Although, the archetypal power of fortune and greatness leaves your sign on May 16th for the green pastures of Taurus. The first half of May is a time to appreciate the rewards of this transit, such as the spirited boost to your MENTAL outlook, passionate self-belief and confidence, personal mastery and a healthy new glow. One of Jupiter’s last gifts before exiting Aries for another twelve years is to fortify your EMOTIONAL wellbeing, challenging you to channel aggression into protective warriorship on behalf of your Endurance Cult tribe, alongside breaking down any aversion to self-care for your own preservation. May 5th’s Scorpio Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse will highlight the hidden SPIRITUAL or psycho-emotional entanglements that detract from your wellbeing, while simultaneously presenting solutions, or in the very least, opportunities to cut cords and safely release any baggage. When it comes to new values, it’s time to walk the talk!

Taurus & Taurus Rising

This is your month—it’s time to GBOGH. On May 5th, an EMOTIONALLY provocative Scorpio Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse occurs in your 7th House of partnership and agreements. The 7th House arrangements tend to be for the long haul and as Lunar Eclipses signify fated and climactic turns, there could be an emancipatory release from a relationship that has outlived its relevance. Agitator Mars, the ruler of this Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse is in your MENTAL processes, close kin and self-expression zone; passions may be high so speak carefully, empathy and honesty leads to catharsis. Fortunately, Jupiter, planet of prosperity, wisdom, success and joy enters your sign and PHYSICAL 1st House on May 16th, invigorating you, stimulating personal empowerment and SPIRITUAL inspiration. Jupiter in Taurus, a proverbial honeypot, will ensure that any lingering relational issues felt at the Lunar Eclipse are smooth like buffed-out singletrack by the Taurus New Moon on May 20th. A New Moon in your sign means a fresh start in life and with cosmic guru Jupiter present, this points to a year of fortune, accomplishment and growth.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Your SPIRITUAL and work life are the centerpiece of this month. On May 5th, a Scorpio Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse in your 6th House of duties, conflict, wellness routines and labor, prompts relief or finality regarding a stressful work or health-related matter. Invest in your MENTAL peace and lay low, though if curiosity gets the best of you, it’s better to seek how you could be of service to those struggling in your community, rather than seeking the EMOTIONAL melodramas of others. Your usually sprightly ruler, Mercury, is bogged down by retrograde in your Taurus 12th House of rest and solitude, so until Mercury goes direct on May 15th, it’s advised to seek privacy and choose recuperation, over pushing PHYSICAL limits or interpersonal drama. A grounding Taurus New Moon on May 20th, calls you in to reflect on your values and authentic desires. Merely days after your ruler Mercury goes direct, the radiant Sun enters your sign on May 21st, reanimating a greater vision of your potential, along with a capacity to demonstrate your noble purpose in the wider world. 

Cancer & Cancer Rising

SPIRITUAL embodiment is centering the inner child, play and wonder this month. From May 7th until May 20th, the planet of sweetness and beauty, Venus, syncs up with the planet of athleticism and brawn, Mars, in your sign! This is a scintillating mix of energies, PHYSICALLY lively and EMOTIONALLY arousing. You’ll likely feel quite appealing this month or at least, everyone around will notice that virile and vital glow! At the May 5th Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse in your Scorpio 5th House, a fateful climax of celebration or even romance, is indicated, so surrender to the moment. The first half of the month is an ideal time to reconnect with friends, both old and new. As Jupiter transitions from your career and achievement oriented Aries 10th House, to your social network and aspirations oriented Taurus 11th House on May 16th, consider mid-May a sweet spot for victory in competition and a positive MENTAL reset regarding your goals. At the Taurus New Moon on May 20th, sagacious Jupiter sets a bold new agenda homebody crabs: rubbing shoulders, public philanthropy, and group or civic leadership.

Leo & Leo Rising

With your life enhancing ruler, the Sun, shining from your Taurus 10th House of legacy, achievement and public identity until the 21st, expect your PHYSICAL energies to be prime! MENTALLY you’ll be extremely focused on visible success this month. Around May 9th, your lionhearted pursuits are electrified by a Sun-Uranus contact, signifying unexpected or even jarring changes in public standing. Though no worries, as this shift denotes beneficial, long overdue reformations of image, leadership style and reputation! If you’re an authority figure, whether at home or in a public capacity, a fresh pivot in direction could begin to take shape this month, though it requires that you flush out stale EMOTIONAL refuse and ghosts of the past. From May 16th onward, potentially life-altering opportunities for elevation, external sovereignty and assumption of destined purpose arise. And by May 20th, courageous Mars enters your sign after alchemizing your internal outlook in the 12th House. Leos are fired up, SPIRITUALLY renewed and ready to take charge by late May. Behave like a Wizard, plan judiciously, invite constructive feedback and watch as your clout and cache wax big time.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Have you felt stuck, or experienced a minor existential dilemma since late April? If so, that would track with the fact your discerning ruler Mercury is once again, retrograde. While this retrograde occurs three to four times a year, it is still of special importance to the MENTALLY skilled, Mercury-ruled signs. This period of reversal, delay, reappraisal and experimentation, is in your Taurus 9th House of SPIRITUALITY, quests and higher knowledge until May 15th. The first half of the month is a great time to prioritize low-impact PHYSICAL exercise, clean eating, gentle bodywork and plenty of time Inside The Outside, all for the sake of a clearer, more productive, mind. Seek EMOTIONAL stillness, quiet your thoughts and know only that you know nothing, especially around May 5th, to receive purposeful insights. Taurus is an earth sign after all, so epitomizes a holistic, mind-body connection. On May 16th, serene and wise Jupiter enters your 9th House for a year, the day after Mercury retrograde ends. During the latter half of the month, a practical path toward embodied enlightenment is found right beneath your feet.

Libra & Libra Rising

A Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse in your Scorpio 2nd House on May 5th ushers in an EMOTIONAL culmination around money and assets. News of an unexpected triumph over a financial challenge may be at hand, though much depends on your patience. Like a disciplined warrior, take ownership of your feelings and keep a cool head under pressure. PHYSICAL vitality may lag until May 7th as your ruler Venus concludes an unusually ponderous Gemini transit. A draining contact with Neptune may further sap your spirit. To bounce back, team up with your most trusted companions and do a multi-day Adventure. Treat competition as a constructive quest for inner understanding and self-love. Via Endurance Pursuits or post-eclipse psychedelic expeditions, bravely seek out horizons unknown. Mercury’s retrograde ends on May 16th, removing MENTAL obstacles and smoothing out lingering tensions over matters illuminated at the Scorpio Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse. And a few days later on May 21st, the Sun enters your SPIRITUAL Gemini 9th house, further clarifying your outlook and highlighting a positive vision for your Future Nature.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

The month kicks off with a cathartic Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse in your sign and self-concept sector on May 5th. Lunar Eclipses are superpowered climaxes of energy, so in regards to your MENTAL and EMOTIONAL development, a dramatic moment of self-awareness is assured. Paradoxically, both passionate embrace and a need for surrender are likely to arise in your intimate or contractual bonds. Release of stagnant emotions or self-defeating beliefs open space for profound healing at this time. This relief then clears the way for Jupiter, the planet of SPIRITUAL growth and wisdom, to enter your interpersonal Taurus 7th House on May 16th, followed by a restorative Taurus New Moon on May 20th. Your hardened self-defenses must come down Scorpions, as generous and emotionally honest partnerships become the crux of your self-development over the next year. That same day, your ruler Mars, enters your radiant Leo 10th House, renewing your PHYSICAL vitality. In this brilliant solar sign and prominent house, athletic and courageous Mars is uplifted, so get ready for the spotlight, as achievement, leadership and high visibility are likely later in the month.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

A quiet SPIRITUAL apogee takes place on May 5th, as a purgative Scorpio Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse occurs in your house of seclusion, hidden developments and introspection. This is a time to release self-defeating behaviors, so be wary of EMOTIONAL outbursts, breathe deeply and act methodically, no matter how acute any crisis or conflict may appear. Impatience and clinging to the past could negatively impact relationships, so let go and flow! Late May places major emphasis on your PHYSICAL health and wellbeing! Your ruler, Jupiter, the archetypal power of possibility, enthusiasm and zeal, enters your sensible Taurus 6th House of work and wellness from May 16th until May 2024. For the next year, your philosophical approach to Metaphysical Fitness, service and health will be upleveled and innovated in surprisingly practical ways! MENTAL horizons shift, opening the door to floral therapeutics, barefoot earthing sessions, somatic gurus, mud baths and more! A Taurus New Moon follows Jupiter on May 20th, sprouting fresh work-life habits and routines that allow you greater simplicity, ease and relaxation. By slowing down and grounding your priorities, you’ll actually get more done! 

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

While you’re known for your focus and intense PHYSICAL fortitude, the May 20th Taurus New Moon in your play and leisure house, encourages a lighter-hearted approach to recreation, competition and Endurance Pursuits. Now that you’ve optimized and reconfigured your entire fitness regiment and health routine during the Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, after May 15th you’re invited to feast your senses! Allow yourself to play for pleasure’s sake and embrace the EMOTIONAL peace necessary to face any fears of imperfection or imposter syndrome. Capricorn’s can be guilty of an “all work, no play” MENTALITY, perceiving even trivial games as weighty measures of character. Magnanimous and carefree Jupiter enters this part of your chart on May 16th, encouraging you to celebrate life sincerely and revel in the sensorial. Just be mindful to not stray too far into hedonistic pandemonium, as a loud and extraordinarily confident Jupiter contact with Pluto in your money house could find you sponsoring post-ride 3rd wave tacos for the whole group ride. Though overall, creating conditions for the propagation of joy, wonder and awe in your life, especially amongst friends, is your golden ticket to SPIRITUALLY ecstatic states through May 2024. Transformation and Transcendence!

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Venus, the archetypal power of pleasure and romance, skips into your Cancer 6th House of health habits on May 7th and until May 20th, joining Mars. This is a potent period for PHYSICAL vitality and rouses an all-consuming passion for personal wellness. If your heart’s not entirely in any current practices, you’re unlikely to continue, so ensure everything from the food you regularly consume, to your current fitness regimen, absolutely delights you! Otherwise, dull elements of your wellness practice will likely be left behind for good by late May. MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY you’re experiencing a peak period for transformative self-development and internal growth. Jupiter, planet of expansion, optimism and wisdom, enters your foundational Taurus 4th House of inner life, home and roots on May 16th. Thanks to an immediate connection to the catalytic soul shaker Pluto, massive SPIRITUAL breakthroughs are at hand, though first, you must be willing to excavate the darkest crevices of personal and family memory. For the next year, hidden treasure is uncovered at the bottom of the ancestral waste heap. 

Pisces & Pisces Rising

A subversive Scorpio Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse on May 5th urges a heavy SPIRITUAL detox. Release toxic beliefs in favor of simplicity and the corporeal wisdom of nature. So hug a tree Pisces, seriously! With committed Saturn in your sign since March, maybe you’ve been so preoccupied with work or self-improvement, you’ve forgotten to appreciate stillness and smell life’s Evergreen Forests! The month of May demands that Pisceans get PHYSICAL in stimulating and sensorial ways! From May 7th until May 20th, the planet of sweetness and pleasure, Venus, teams up with the planet of athleticism and competition, Mars, in your 5th House of Endurance Pursuits and recreation. Pump up your tires and gather your tribe for some Type 1 Fun Inside The Outside. Jupiter, your friendly ruler, enters your daily MENTALITY and local life sector on May 16th, further prompting you outside to enjoy quality conversation with close kin. A growing neighborly mindset is supported by the gentle EMOTIONAL refresh of the Taurus New Moon on May 20th. Optimism, abundance and goodwill blossoms in familiar settings over the next year, though in wildly surprising ways!

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