Celestial Beta: April

We commissioned Astrologer, Torrence Tremayne , to help us write a horoscope tailored specifically to the needs of Subject Athletes going Inside The Outside. If you’re an Endurance Cult Member, Rat, Sky Runner, All Terrain Bicycler, Orienteer, Privateer, Dead Reckoner, Future Naturer, Vortexual, Recreationalist, Merv, Randonerd, road cycler or similar please use and enjoy this horoscope designed to help you push your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limits while maintaining optimal PMA. From PBs and FKTs to (Type 5 Fun) Transcendence, we’re committed to get the timing right.


Enjoy the PHYSICALLY vitalizing Sun in your sign until April 20th. The Sun is exalted in Aries, so naturally, you embody the solar gifts of excellence, confident autonomy and executive authority. With the Sun in your sign, this is a fantastic time to start a new Metaphysical Fitness Program and/or enter a formal competition, challenge or race. GBGH! On April 20th, an Aries New Moon/Solar Eclipse precedes the departure of the Sun to Taurus later that day. April 19th and 20th present a fresh and clear-headed approach to your MENTAL wellbeing and personal development. On March 7th, Saturn, planet of structure, form and discipline entered your 12th House of the subconscious, introspection, solitude and retreat. Your SPIRITUAL life is up for a serious review and tune-up until February 2026. If you do not already incorporate devotional practice or spiritual study in your daily life, challenging circumstances could arise that prompt internal evolution—push your spiritual limits before they push you. Feeling restless, disoriented, or anxious? Your ruler, Mars, planet of action and assertion is now struggling through the indulgently emo waters of Cancer until May 20th. This is a very murky transit for you. Even though you prefer to play it sharp and tough, from now through July, embrace your EMOTIONAL limits and submit to vulnerability. 


Until April 11th, your ruler Venus is present with you, gifting your sign harmony and fruitful productivity. This transit is about creating space to Experience Earth’s Energies, as Venus rouses Taureans to appreciate their terrestrial nature and the PHYSICAL pleasures of life. Indulge your senses with aromatherapy, align with your animal instinct on a Vision Quest, embrace the gradual rejuvenation of bodywork or massage and do all the bathings you can; sunbathe, forestbathe, starbathe, soundbathe, etc. Not just physically rewarding, these uncomplicated and low key indulgent pursuits also offer you feelings of MENTAL well-being. Self-directed SPIRITUAL awakening is the growth edge for you this month. The illuminating Sun spends the majority of April enlightening your secluded, introspective, Aries 12th House of the shadow and subconscious. On April 11th and 12th, the Sun makes a sublime contact with the heroic sage, Jupiter in Aries, offering you an important spark of epiphany in regards to self-destructive habits or ways of being. Bravely face your fears at that time, as on April 20th, an Aries New Moon/Solar Eclipse in your 12th House invites you to sprint toward a new horizon, gallantly overcoming what’s held you back. EMOTIONAL boundaries and authenticity checks are called for in your 11th House networks, as integritous Saturn in Pisces begins to encircle and filter your social sphere through February 2026. Not to say they will be banished overnight, though vibesuckers, emotional vampires and haters best beware, as you will no longer have the Saturnine time to tolerate their presence in your life much longer. 


As irritating Mars left your sign on March 25th, any sudden onset of PHYSICAL malaise faced these past seven months will begin to weaken and fade.  However, with your ruler Mercury retrograde April 21–May 15 in your Taurus 12th House, physical and MENTAL fatigue could be an ongoing concern. The regressive motion of your ruler gets lots of pop culture attention nowadays, often barring a nuanced understanding of astrology. Mercury’s retrogrades particularly impact its own signs, Gemini and Virgo, since it is your ruler, its condition directly portends your wellbeing. Taurus can be a ponderous place for sprightly Mercury, so while in your contemplative 12th House of private SPIRITUAL practice and the subconscious, your mental wellbeing and spiritual life are up for review. Through mid-May, prioritize plenty of rest and set aside time for self-reflection. While this news is maybe less than amazing, Mercury comes home to your sign in June, freeing your spirit and boosting your PMA. The days surrounding April 6th’s Libra Full Moon in your 5th House of artistry, romance, sport and Endurance are perfect for EMOTIONAL release and experiencing awe with friends. Perhaps the most extroverted of the zodiac, you are the ideal candidate to organize a crew and guide them Inside The Outside to Experience Earth’s Energies.


On March 25th, unsettling Mars entered your sign and 1st House of the PHYSICAL body and self-concept. Agitative and competitive Mars, in your sign until May 20th, stirs up your EMOTIONAL state, yet up-levels vitality, inciting a hurricane strength of will to assert and win during this transit. If contests, challenges or races lie ahead, Cancerians are of an especially sharp mind and possess a thunderous well of passion. Water sports like packrafting and LSD-SUP are naturally indicated, though exercise caution, Mars can cause Type 3 Fun. Maintaining a healthy MENTAL and emotional state are key to your success now, as Mars is unfavorable for either in your sign. The stormy nature of Mars in Cancer disturbs your inclination to foster creativity and nurture development. Emotionally ensnaring dramatics may ensue, with the planet of warfare in your sensitive sign and opposing the 7th House of alliances and adversaries. Prioritize your peace, choose self-care, detox through art-making, and try gentle, anxiety-reducing exercises like moss naps, meditation, contemplation and Telepathy practice to thwart turmoil. Last month, crystallizing Saturn entered your Pisces 9th House of belief systems and SPIRITUAL quests. Saturn was last in Pisces during the mid-1990s, so this is an infrequent, thus important transit. With the planet of order, discipline and maturation here until February 2026, you may find yourself growing serious regarding a philosophy or worldview. While you must be wary of dogmatism with Saturn in Jupiter’s water sign, this should be a pivotal period for your Metaphysical development. What does Future Nature mean to you? Think about it.


Saturn, ruler of your Capricorn 6th House of health habits, is now in your transformative Pisces 8th House. Saturn signifies difficulties, as well as systems and stability. Saturn entering the mutable sign Pisces, in a precarious house such as the 8th, indicates capriciousness concerning your wellness routines, without conscious effort. Saturn is here until 2026, so the challenge is to remain resolute and organized for optimal PHYSICAL wellbeing. Sweat the small stuff, stay on the program, trust the process. Have a big idea you’re just aching to share? This month is your month!  A Libra Full Moon occurs on April 6th in your 3rd House of MENTALity, communication and skill development; an announcement is likely in regards to a project or subject of study. By the Aries New Moon/Solar Eclipse on April 20th in your 9th House of advanced learning, belief systems and SPIRITUAL quests, you may begin a graduated level on this metaphysical or intellectual journey.  With Mars in your Cancer 12th House of introspection and the subconscious this month, suppressed feelings could get the best of you! Whether it’s with your therapist or internally in contemplative practice, EMOTIONAL honesty is the best policy. Pluto’s presence in your Aquarius 7th House points to transformative changes of course in relationships, so bolstering the backend will keep you anchored. 


On April 3rd, your ruler Mercury, enters your Taurus 9th House of mundane and SPIRITUAL philosophies, inviting you to PHYSICALLY slow down, consider your oneness with nature and embrace sensuality, through June 11th. Taurus is an easeful, self-indulgent sign, so analytical, anxious Mercury can relax here, though only to a point! Both electrifying Uranus and the innovative North Node are in Taurus as well, so your worldview is up for intense review and shocking shifts. You may benefit greatly in adopting a naturalist credo and incorporating an entrepreneurial, abundance MENTALity. Mercury will retrograde here from April 21–May 15, so pace yourself and remain open to adjustment. Finicky Virgoans who resist an organic spiritual and intellectual evolution could experience an unnatural regression instead. Saturn, planet of boundaries, adversity and duration, transits your 7th House of partnership and “other people” until February 2026. The challenge of Saturn opposing your Ascendant/1st House is that your relationships could be a prime site of EMOTIONAL divergence and difficulty. Yield more often and avoid weaponizing your criticality, to mature and better your relations. 


Librans experience an optimistic and revitalizing Full Moon in your sign on April 6th, reflecting a major boost in PHYSICAL energy and favorable connections with others! Exuberant Jupiter opposes the Moon in your sign, alongside the dazzling Sun, drawing positive attention to you and amplifying your confidence. Jupiter and the Sun meet in your Aries 7th House of contracts and relationships, so exciting social affairs around this Full Moon could be EMOTIONALLY exciting. Later in the month, a related moment of initiation: an Aries New Moon/Solar Eclipse on April 20th, presents an impassioned new beginning for your partnerships. Whether the handshake that solidifies a business partnership or the civic recognition of a romantic bond, the novel energy of an Aries Solar Eclipse is like double-tapping fast forward and dropping into something big. Lean forward, bend your knees. Your hard-boiled Taurus 8th House of entanglements, trauma and endings, becomes a site of esoteric experimentation this April. Trickster Mercury, the planet of investigation and gray areas, meanders through this transformative house until June, prompting an offbeat, methodical, MENTAL wellness reappraisal. Seek SPIRITUAL restitution within, rather than let the phantoms of your past or feelings fatale dictate the terms of your future.


Your fierce ruler Mars has finally left the static feedback of your Gemini 8th House after roughly seven months there, including a long retrograde. The 8th House is a place of EMOTIONAL entanglements, challenging change and abrupt endings; having one’s ruler travel there sometimes points to periods of unusual PHYSICAL malaise or mysterious obstacles to care. Mars’ entry into the house of your fellow water sign, Cancer, likely aligns with some recuperation of wellbeing or steadying of vitality. And speaking of your Cancer 9th House, Mars’ transit there through May 20th, denotes an emotionally intense crusade regarding your SPIRITUAL philosophy and worldview. Gripping internal battles or confrontational metaphysical mentors may force you to better safeguard and nurture your MENTAL health at this time. The stabilizing Libra Full Moon on April 6th in your 12th House of introspection and the revolutionary Aries New Moon/Solar Eclipse on April 20th in your 6th House of service, point to both impassioned altruism and activism as potential release valves for this month’s existential deluge. Active compassion and habitual creativity will be your sanctuary this April, Scorpio. 


This is your time to shine, centaurs! April will engage you in enthralling and high-spirited diversions, perfectly suiting your adventurous temperament. The vitalizing and illuminating Sun spotlights your Aries 5th House of Play, Endurance, Fun and Agon until April 19th. This blaze of joy peaks with a meeting of your gregarious ruler Jupiter and the gallant Aries Sun on April 11-12th, offering an extraordinary opportunity for connection and friendly PHYSICAL competition among friends. Knife Fights!! Wednesday night Worlds! A massive MENTAL refresh is underway as transformation catalyst, power player and chthonic guide, Pluto, invokes an underworld excursion in your Aquarius 3rd House of mindset, foundational education and communication. While Pluto will retrograde back to Capricorn this summer, the cosmic shaman will otherwise be here until 2044. Prepare to clear the recesses of your mind and empower your communication. This transit also has SPIRITUAL implications, as the 3rd House was known to the ancients as the place of ritual; implementing a daily practice will anchor you amidst gale-force winds of change. Melancholic Saturn is now in your Pisces 4th House of roots and core self until February 2026. Maintaining EMOTIONAL buoyancy and a solid PMA  may become a daily task. Stay positive though, as your public life and career become a productive site of growth and upliftment. 


April 2023 is the first full month without deconstructive Pluto in Capricorn since the year 2008. This is a wholly cathartic month for sea-goats, liberating every aspect of your life and self from Pluto’s infernal grasp. Over the last 15 years, PHYSICALLY, SPIRITUAL, MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY, Capricornians have been transformed from the inside-out. Part of your liberation from the underworld is to embrace joy and Endurance Pursuits for the sake of it, as the vitalizing Sun joins social Venus and travels through your Taurus 5th House of Play beginning April 20th. Seriously, go inside The Outside and Experience Earth’s Energies. It may sound dramatic to some, though surviving Pluto’s mortal coil is a feat that should be both honored and celebrated. Still, there are newly serious energies at play, as Saturn, signifier of maturation, encourages mindset and skill development in your Pisces 3rd House until February 2026. This extended period of mental challenge and re-ordering, yields mastery of self expression and stability of mind. On the emotional front, an Aries New Moon/Solar Eclipse in your 4th House of home, family and core self, offers a refreshing new beginning for these topics on April 20th. This is a whole new chapter in your life and it begins with an explosion of energy and optimism.


Aquarians, are you ready to Squirrel Suit or begin an Extreme Ritual practice? Even if your answer is no, Pluto, the catalytic transformer, shaman, and underworld power player, says yes. With you until 2044, Pluto is guiding your metaphorical freefall and entire self-concept toward an alchemical rebirth. This transit pushes you to accept your PHYSICAL mortality and adopt a multidimensional SPIRITUAL perspective. Pluto in Aquarius is like Patrick Swayze’s character Bodhi, from Point Break. Like Pluto, Bodhi is a powerful, untamed and fearless underworld figure. Like an archetypal Aquarius, Bodhi is highly observant, a conceptual MENTAList and effective communicator, critical of centralized authority and dwelling at the fringe of society. In freefall, Pluto will reveal your instinctual and EMOTIONAL triggers, ultimately empowering you through a confrontation with your deepest fears. A fantastic harbinger for this transit, is the supercharged and emotionally supportive, Aries New Moon/Solar Eclipse on April 20th. Alongside this new Plutonian era, a fresh outlook and novel strategy for your life is likely to be born. With Jupiter in Aries present as well, optimism and courage light the way toward genuine wisdom and great success. Obviously, Aquarians win this month. If you’re an Aquarius, please call us immediately and tell us something.


Saturn, planet of maturation, discipline and order, entered your sign last month, ushering in a three year period of self-development, measured PHYSICAL progress and growing pains. If you haven’t already taken your wellness regimen from intermediate to advanced, or from advanced to expert, this era calls for you to level-up. The Sun in Taurus, beginning April 20th, illuminates your 3rd House of personal processes, skill development and daily mindset, while making a fruitful contact with Saturn. This Sun-Saturn aspect requires dedicated effort on your part and peer support to bear its best fruit. That said, it sets the stage for a pragmatic MENTAL shift that will benefit you in the long term. Pluto has officially entered the chat of your Aquarius 12th House of private SPIRITUAL practice, the subconscious and shadow self. The transformation catalyst and powerful chthonic guide is here to uncover that which has been hidden within you until 2044. Your underworld journey to psychological and EMOTIONAL empowerment will reveal suppressed strengths and talents, as well as repressed impulses and wounds. All arises for integration, so keep a dream journal on-hand, don’t miss a meditation and know it never hurts to have therapeutic help and guidance. You’ll be glad to have a safe container devoted to your inner growth. 

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