PSME Horoscope: March

We commissioned Astrologer, Torrence Tremayne , to help us write a horoscope tailored specifically to the needs of Subject Athletes going Inside The Outside. If you’re an Endurance Cult Member, Rat, Sky Runner, All Terrain Bicycler, Orienteer, Privateer, Dead Reckoner, Future Naturer, Vortexual, Recreationalist, Merv, Randonerd, road cycler or similar please use and enjoy this horoscope designed to help you push your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limits while maintaining optimal PMA. From PBs and FKTs to (Type 5 Fun) Transcendence, we’re committed to get the timing right.


March looks to be the biggest month of the year for you yet. On March 12th, prideful Jupiter meets Chiron, a minor planet signifying our core trauma and the METAPHYSICAL expertise we must cultivate to integrate it. This takes place in your 1st house of self concept and the body, so compassionate Jupiter offers a powerful opportunity to heal an insecurity or sense of shame in this area. Chiron specializes in holistic techniques, so veering left of center will yield exciting possibilities. March 19-21st, brilliant insights and newfound clarity refresh your MENTALITY. On March 19, the cerebral planet of cognition Mercury enters your sign, followed by the illuminating Sun the next day, March 20th. This epiphanic moment is crowned by an Aries New Moon on March 21st, all of this at once renewing your sense of self, as well as sparking a novel outlook. A soul-searching Pisces Sun and prescient Pisces Mercury both encounter enchanting Neptune in your sleepy and introspective 12th house on March 17th. Seek out SPIRITUAL solace in solitude—quiet contemplation, Vision Questing, lucid dreaming and subconscious journeying engenders inspiring realizations. The first week of March is marked by exciting opportunities for EMOTIONAL healing and phenomenal vibrations. Venus, the social planet of sweetness and pleasure, meets joyful and optimistic Jupiter in your sign on March 2nd, before connecting with alternative healer Chiron the next day. You’ll be positively incandescent and if so desired, effortlessly manifest rejuvenating new connections. This is a great time to join an Endurance Cult or experience the self-transcend state of awe while on a shared adventure.


Taureans awake from slumber in the second half of March as your sensorial ruler Venus, leaves your sleepy, isolated 12th house for your own sign and PHYSICAL 1st house on March 16th. Venus revitalizes and stimulates your infatuation with the natural world. Go Inside The Outside and push your P*S*M*E* Limits. Warning: Your spirit for adventure may become all-consuming when Venus meets the obsessive North Node on March 21st so be wary of intoxicants and remember to recon before sending all unknown or unfamiliar lines. Pluto, the catalytic planet of death, metamorphosis and rebirth, enters your Aquarius 10th house of career, achievements and legacy on March 23rd. Mark this week in your calendars, as your mind may hereafter be gripped by a desire for power and preeminence for the next twenty years. Yet, this empowerment calls for a very public, Plutonian underworld journey, entailing massive opportunities to upscale alongside the massive challenges inherent to reaching for the top. A supportive MENTAL mindset reset is spurred on March 25th, as Mars enters your Cancer 3rd house of daily mentality, anchoring your growth in self-care and emotional intelligence. The Aries New Moon in your quiet and introspective 12th house on March 21st comes right in time, as Pluto brings gale-force winds of change into your public life merely two days later. In the few days surrounding this New Moon, take plenty of time for rest and SPIRITUAL recuperation.  The return of your ruler Venus to your sign and 1st house of self on March 16th will also benefit your EMOTIONAL life. Venus is sweet, pleasurable and sociable, so be sure to get plenty of IRL sessions in.


Mars, planet of willpower and strength, finally departs your sign for the first time since October 2022 this month. An over three month long Mars retrograde followed by a shadow period in your 1st house of the body, will likely be a major drag on your PHYSICAL PMA until mid-March. The wayward Martian presence in your sign may have even put a damper on your Metaphysical Fitness goals for this new year. Though by March 25th, Gemini’s are freed of Mars’ reign. Now is the time to plant a flag and commit to a program, a race, a competition, an event, an FKT, an ATB, etc. On March 16th and 17th you may find yourself called forth into the spotlight to speak your MENTAL mind, though this event may be uncomfortable and even cause some confusion about how you’re perceived. Be genuine and speak honestly, though make a point to be as clear as possible while avoiding self-righteousness. At best, you could inspire and encourage others with your candor. Transformational Pluto previews its twenty year long transit through your Aquarius 9th house of SPIRITUALITY, worldviews and quests, beginning March 23rd. Additionally, purifying Venus enters her own sign of Taurus in your contemplative 12th house on March 16th. If you’ve craved a new spiritual path or radical shift of perspective, a potent influence could enter and alter your life later this month. The Virgo Full Moon on March 7th occurs in your 4th house of home, family and personal roots. Full Moons overflow with EMOTION, though this one may be laced with some anxiety due to a tense contact with Mars in your sign. Be chill when interacting with family or housemates as you could accidentally create friction otherwise. Channel this edgy energy into your professional calling, striving for excellence, as this is a great time for a competition.


Your lunar ruler ripens to fullness on March 7th, at the Virgo Full Moon. With so much PHYSICAL energy placed in your 3rd house of short distance travel and the local environment, you’re called to venture out to local landscapes to do an epic sub24O. Use discernment and get good beta because this journey is best taken solo. Pushing and challenging your Physical limits could be good for your PMA and P*S*M*E* system. The Full Moon in Virgo is one of the most important times of the month for Cancerians. The full phase of the lunar cycle is associated with fruition including MENTAL and SPIRITUAL elevation. You could experience a newfound maturity both in your daily mindset, as well as in your overarching worldview at this time. The enlightening Sun and mindful Mercury connect with mystical Neptune in your 9th house of metaphysics and philosophy, all opposing the service-oriented Full Moon in Virgo. This combination signifies a prudent, somatically centered spirituality, grounded in ecological stewardship. Go Inside The Outside and be your own Future Nature. Get ready to EMOTIONALLY invest in and commit to a new way of leading and being seen by the wider world. At the Aries New Moon on March 21st, you sow seeds for immense growth in your Aries 10th house of career, achievements, reputation and legacy. Jupiter in Aries fertilizes this occasion, promising that whatever is cultivated at this time and in the following weeks, grows to brilliant heights.


The golden, vitalizing ruler of your sign, the Sun, enters its exaltation sign Aries, on March 20th. A luminary, or planet in its exalted sign, is given the royal treatment and for the regal Sun, nothing less would suffice. When the Sun is in Aries, a new solar year begins and Leo’s may feel renewed from the inside-out. PHYSICAL excellence, honor and glory are your birthright. Now is the time to razzle, and the time to dazzle. With this energized empowerment, challenges and competitors are at your mercy. Do an FKT, cross the Alps, discover a new continent. Your overarching MENTALITY and SPIRITUAL POV is up for rebirth this March. A pioneering Aries New Moon occurs in your 9th house of worldviews, beliefs and quests for knowledge on March 21st, following the entry of both your ruler the Sun and intellectual Mercury into this intrepid sign. Be boldly visionary, utilizing your solar gift of insight to see your ideal reality already actualized and manifested. Embrace your unique magic and creative imagination, and tap into your spiritual power. Relationships become the primary site of catalytic EMOTIONAL transformation in your life, beginning on March 23rd. Pluto, the underworld overlord, enters your Aquarius 7th house of partnerships, contracts and agreements on that day. This spring marks a critical preview, as despite a retrograde dance between Capricorn and Aquarius over the next two years, Pluto will settle into this part of your chart for two decades by 2024. Pluto purges to empower, so prepare to discard poor relational behaviors and be relieved of toxic bonds beginning this month. That they adore or admire you, is no longer enough Leo.


A PHYSICAL focus dominates this month, as a Full Moon blossoms in your sign on March 7th. While a full Moon in the 1st house presents an excellent time to assess your general wellness, with Mars occupying your dialed-in Gemini 10th house of career, achievements and public image, you may find yourself wanting to flex your Metaphysical Fitness in front of a live-stream audience. Build a route, document it, get sponsored. Your big picture perspectives on life are especially symbiotic with a healthy  MENTAL outlook and honest self-image this March. Your approach to the Taurus 9th house topics of SPIRITUALITY—the moral universe and the sacred quest for genius—is likely eccentrically traditional, charmingly unorthodox or purely paganistic. Mental and spiritual liberation is elucidated via the sensual world, think mycelial networks, morphic resonance, the science of Awe, Harmonic Convergence, Collective Consciousness, Rapture, etc. On March 7th, Saturn, cold and dry planet of structure, maturity, contraction and discipline, enters your Pisces 7th house of partnership, intimate relationships, contracts and exchanges. This is Saturn’s first venture outside of its own domicile signs, Capricorn and Aquarius, since 2018. In your Pisces 7th, Saturn could show up as an older or more mature new associate, ready to encourage your growth within a container of commitment and devotion. Alternatively, Saturn signifies endings, blockages and difficulties, so ongoing relationships could be tested. Practice radical empathy and be open EMOTIONALLY flexible. 


The illuminating Sun spends the majority of the month in your 6th house of health, illness and injury, pulling your attention to your Metaphysical Fitness Programs and potential challenges in this area of life. Saturn, planet of difficulties, order and discipline arrives in your 6th house on March 7th and will spend three years here in Pisces, further emphasizing the importance of a well-structured approach to pushing your PHYSICAL limitations in the pursuit of Endurance and Transformation. Librans minds are likely to be entirely pre-occupied by relationships this month. The focalizing Sun enters your Aries 7th house of alliances on March 20th and the following day there is a New Moon there as well. This marks exciting beginnings on the MENTAL and EMOTIONAL planes, leading to even deeper relational wisdom than you already possess. Jupiter in Aries’ generous support brings an elating sense of wonder to newfound bonds, while Mercury in Aries further refines your emotional intelligence. All of this psycho-emotional coursework prepares you quite well for the new Plutonian paradigm. Catalytic Pluto enters your Aquarius 5th house of romance, artistry and Play on March 23rd, ushering in a twenty year process of recreational, erotic and creative transformation. *Please if you’re reading this and it rings true, contact MSO immediately about potential collaborations and projects as you are IN THE ZONE. The Virgo Full Moon on March 7th takes place in your secluded and contemplative 12th house. Take a moment at this time to consider the fullness of silence, as well as the claustrophobia of solitude. There is a hushed anxiety underlying this Full Moon, due to a vexing contact with jittery Mars in Gemini. Seek your SPIRITUAL sanctuary in the natural world and Experience Earth’s Energies. Take a moss nap, become a Hot Springs Wizard, make time for a moonlit Forest ASMR session—connect to Mother Earth.


Saturn enters your Pisces 5th house of athletics, creative Play and hobbies on March 7th to spend three years restructuring these aspects of your life. Saturn is the planet of authority, discipline and hierarchy, yet the 5th house is a highly PHYSICAL place of leisure and Type 1 Fun, so this may feel contradictory. If you participate in team events or various types of Endurance Clubs, it may be time to step up to the mantle of leadership and take on a Guide role. Practicing optimism and patience will soothe you on this journey. Pluto, the catalytic planet of challenging transformation, finally leaves your Capricorn 3rd house of daily mindset on March 23rd, where it has stoked earth shaking MENTAL change since 2008. Now that you’re on the other side of Pluto’s death to rebirth cycle, how will you utilize your hard won wit and mental fortitude for your own development? Raw self expression, especially with language or multimedia, is your primal power! This is a great time to start a media channel dedicated to answering the greatest Endurance question of all time:  Shaman Pluto ventures into the mysterious underworld that is your Aquarius 4th house of ancestry, homeland and foundational self on March 23rd, spending the next two decades there. Pluto is like a miner, excavating the dark unknown to extract precious resources of immense SPIRITUAL value. While the job is dirty, tracing personal shadows into the recesses of family history could prove both revelatory and profoundly healing. The last week of March could consist of extreme, yet oddly beautiful EMOTIONAL states, as your Taurus 7th house of relationship is uniquely highlighted. Venus will encounter the insatiable North Node and eccentric Uranus there, so keep an eye out for wildly persistent parties, personally or professionally. Enjoy yourself, though read between the lines and don’t over commit.


Your ruler, Jupiter, continues its ceremonial parade through your Aries 5th house of artistry, leisure activities and PHYSICAL pursuits this month. Alongside dashing Venus in Aries, Jupiter ensures that centaurs especially benefit from the sweetest, most favorable meeting in astrology. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction is closest on March 2nd, yet this physically energizing transit will be effective through March 16th, glowing you up to angelic radiance from within. On March 7th, melancholic Saturn departs your Aquarius 3rd house of communication, local environs and daily mindset, likely leaving behind a far more structured, pragmatic and austere approach to your communicative skills and MENTAL hygiene. On that same day, a Virgo Full Moon in your 10th house of career, achievements and legacy, offers a potential peak success or even a satisfying closure born from the maturation Saturn prompted over these last three years. The SPIRITUAL and psycho-EMOTIONAL journey Sagittarians experience this month comes to an apogee in the latter portion. The ruler of your 9th house of spirituality and beliefs, the Sun, enters Aries, then meets the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter there, beginning on March 20th. Your Aries 5th house is concerned with raucous pleasure seeking, solo pursuits, punk creativity and the wild child within. The spiritually guiding light that is the Sun in collaboration with the somatic Moon, cogniscient Mercury and sage Jupiter, emphasizes the metaphysical necessity of all four types of Play; Competition, Chance, Role Playing and Vertigo. Your inner child is the enlightened master this month and at the Aries New Moon on March 21st, shed the artifice of adulthood in favor of raw awe.


On March 7th, your ruler and indicator of your bodily wellbeing Saturn, leaves the signs of its own domicile for the first time in six years. Saturn enters your Pisces 3rd house, ruled by Jupiter, on that day. Your PHYSICAL wellness practices and Metaphysical Fitness priorities could take on a whole new dimension with Saturn in your expansive, intuitive 3rd house of communication,  MENTAL patterns and daily rituals. Saturn is concerned with limits, order and discipline. So in overflowing and permeable Pisces, Saturn asks you to create boundaries, set systems in place and seal leakages. What aspects of your daily life and mindset work to your detriment? Capricorns are notorious for their grit and work ethic, so it’s only expected that you’ll address oversights and excel with ease. Have you felt as if you’re getting closer to some great SPIRITUAL or philosophical insight? Something very much grounded in research, study and honest practice? The Full Moon in studious Virgo on March 7th takes place in your 9th house of metaphysics, visionary quests and spiritual awakenings, alongside Saturn’s entry into the opposite Pisces 3rd house of daily mindset, this indicates that something major is being born through your perspective of reality. As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive. An Aries New Moon in your 4th house of family, homeland and the foundational self, takes place alongside the brilliant Sun, inquisitive Mercury and gallant Jupiter in Aries. The house is full and subsequently, EMOTIONS may be blazing like wildfire, though not in a negative sense. This is an optimistic New Moon for you sea-goat, oriented towards renewal within and personal self-development through the context of familial relationships. At this time the best tool is emotional intelligence and the great reward is inherited wisdom, that which is rooted in our bodies. 


In more ways than one, March is without a doubt the biggest month of the year for Aquarius! First, your ruler, stable, challenging, disciplined and systematic Saturn leaves your sign for the first time in three years on March 7th. Saturn in your 1st house of the body and self concept may have brought up serious issues with PHYSICAL malaise, a downgrade in energy levels or simply increased signs of aging; Saturn rules aging and maturation. Now that rigid Saturn is moving on, you should feel the increased PMA and renewed physical energy needed to commit once again to the Program. Saturn’s presence in your 1st house may have impacted your MENTAL health as well, as the 1st house deals with our sense of self and overall well being. Any lingering melancholy, feelings of self-limitation, will hopefully dissipate as Saturn continues into your Pisces 2nd house of personal finances and possessions. Though, the biggest storyline for you water-bearers, is Pluto’s entry into your sign on March 23rd! Metamorphic Pluto will journey through your 1st house until 2044, purging you of toxic and outdated self concepts and mental processes. Pluto tills through degeneration, then sows the conditions for renewal. By the end of this two decade transit, you may be lucky enough to experience the rarest of rare; Type 4 and Type 5 Fun. On March 7th, a Full Moon in your Virgo 8th house of trauma, disruptive experiences and endings, asks for your EMOTIONAL surrender to circumstances that are out of your immediate control. This may relate to a shift in your value set as joy and pleasure are not always your top priority. This Full Moon demands that you be more compassionate with yourself and allow for some playful distraction from time to time. Remember, Aquarius is like a SPIRITUAL scientist and life is a Metaphysical experiment. Note: experiments cannot be perfectly controlled and a margin for error must be allowed.  


With both the vitalizing Sun and sprightly Mercury in your sign until the 19th and 20th, Pisceans feel empowered and luminous. Solar power supercharges your confidence and Mercury in the 1st house encourages movement and flexibility. Embrace PHYSICAL challenges and competitions with confidence, as the Sun elevates us and offers the inner authority necessary to achieve. Saturn enters your sign on March 7, ushering a new regimen of discipline, routine and strenuous training. Unexpectedly, Saturn is a great pairing for the solar presence, reigning in excess and keeping you on the Program. Saturn’s entry into your 1st house also impacts your MENTAL wellness, as this house indicates the health of our whole system. Saturn is somewhat rigid and melancholic, so maintaining a high vibe and PMA coupled with a personal development mindset, will offset the more challenging side of Saturn. With Saturn, perfection may be the ideal but as all Subject Athletes know, perfection does not truly exist in this world, genuine enduring effort will do just fine. Pluto, transformation catalyst and underworld shaman, enters your secluded Aquarius 12th house of the subconscious on March 23rd. Pluto will spend the better part of twenty years in this area of your chart. Pluto promises to purge your subconscious of all toxic elements that no longer serve you, with SPIRITUAL clarity and liberation being the ultimate outcome. Although, much like a plant medicine journey, the purification stage can be deeply uncomfortable. Anchor yourself with meditative techniques to practice the surrender necessary to endure the challenges inherent to this transit. On March 7th, a Virgo Full Moon in your 7th house of partnerships and alliances calls attention to your most intimate bonds from professional to romantic, even familial relations. There may be some EMOTIONAL stress or drama in these relationships at this time, due to misperceptions. Speak from the heart and advocate for yourself to diffuse any unnecessary confusion. 

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