PSME Horoscope: February

We commissioned Astrologer, Torrence Tremayne , to help us write a horoscope tailored specifically to the needs of Subject Athletes going Inside The Outside. If you’re an Endurance Cult Member, Rat, Sky Runner, All Terrain Bicycler, Orienteer, Privateer, Dead Reckoner, Future Naturer, Vortexual, Recreationalist, Merv, Randonerd, road cycler or similar please use and enjoy this horoscope designed to help you push your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limits while maintaining optimal PMA. From PBs and FKTs to (Type 5 Fun) Transcendence, we’re committed to get the timing right.


A climactic Leo Full Moon in your fifth house of Endurance Pursuits, Fun, and Play brings both major opportunity and challenge in MetaPHYSICAL Fitness on February 5. A lunar opposition to the glorious Sun and constraining Saturn in Aquarius indicates honor and leadership are within reach, though expect to be tested! A willingness to clearly communicate and share the spotlight could elevate you to both a metaphorical and literal pinnacle. Now is the time to form the local chapter of an Endurance Cult and lead others Inside The Outside. Mercury, planet of our MENTALlity and ruler of your Gemini third house of daily mindset, is full speed ahead after a retrograde in Capricorn ended last month. While you may have been holding back your most insightful Public Service Announcements since the new year, with Mercury entering air sign Aquarius on February 11, it’s time to hit ‘publish’ and share your brilliance with the world. #uploadtothecollectiveconsciousness. Your Pisces twelfth house of seclusion and private SPIRITUALity hosts Venus, planet of beauty and harmony, until February 20. Break out the Nag Champa, Guidebook To Forest Bathing and Vision Quest Sub240 ideas early this month. Venus calls you to bring more creativity and imagination to your spiritual life—if you need a mantra, pls text us ASAP at +1 (855) 763-1086, as MSO would be happy to help. On February 20, you may feel more sensitive and vulnerable than is typical for you. A precious Pisces New Moon in your hazy twelfth house of retreat and inner life, follows-up a whimsical Venus transit through that area of your chart. Behind the scenes, a new chapter is beginning EMOTIONALly, yet it requires a solitary devotion to inner development. Trust your instincts, intuition and internal guidance for this solo journey.


The first week of the month packs a supercharged punch as electrifying Uranus is spotlit in your first house of PHYSICALity by the Aquarian Sun. The following day, February 5, a Full Moon illuminates your foundational Leo fourth house, further revitalizing you. Now is the time to get into your favorite Cardiogoth Mode and take this radical energy Inside The Outside for both Known Knowns and Unknown Unknowns results. Until February 11, curious and clever Mercury sprints onward through Capricorn, your ninth house of higher education, philosophies and worldviews. During Mercury’s retrograde last month, you may have felt intellectually blocked or stagnant, so with forward motion, Mercury gifts you the MENTAL acuity needed for pragmatic insights and constructive ideation. What is your Future Nature? Find out now. Your beautifying and balancing ruler Venus joins sublime Jupiter in your twelfth house of private SPIRITUALity on February 20. The end of the month is bound to produce boundless gratitude and radical self-love. While twelfth house experiences are typically solitary, social Venus invites you to seek a sacred community that resonates with your heart, #harmonicconvergence An EMOTIONAL need for community that reflects your true values comes about at the Pisces New Moon, also on February 20. With this New Moon, a fresh start regarding eleventh house themes of networks, organizations and friendships commences. Pisces is a deeply sensitive, poetic and transcendent sign – new metaphysical bonds or even platonic soulmates may enter your life and deepen your empathy.


Typically sprightly and sparkling, Mars’ long retrograde through your sign may have sapped some of your vitality and confidence since late October 2022. Now that the planet of action, courage and strength moves full speed ahead, it’s time to leap back into your favorite PHYSICAL pursuits. Push your limitations as Mars now offers you positive transformation through endurance and commitment. Ironically, in line with your dual nature, you’ve been the unfortunate victim of not one but two retrogrades so far this year – Mars retrograde in your own sign, as well as your ruler Mercury’s retrograde in Capricorn! Both ended in January, so in a way it’s as if the new year is just starting for you in February. MENTALly speaking, Mercury direct and out of your taxing Capricorn eighth house ensures a lucid and constructive state of mind moving forward. The enlightening Sun meets methodical Saturn in your Aquarius ninth house on February 16. As the ninth house relates to our SPIRITUAL worldview and belief systems, a more mature metaphysical path could be substantiated. Seek compromise between your usually wide open mindset and a more discriminate outlook—Find Your Line, Make Your Line. On February 20, a tender Pisces New Moon in your tenth house of legacy, public reputation and purpose forms a challenging contact with sharp-tongued Mars in Gemini. Be especially conscientious of how you communicate or present yourself that week, as the edgy side of your inner Coyote could be on full display. Take a page from EMOTIONALly adept Pisces, and actively embody patience, empathy and generosity.


Your lunar ruler faces off with Saturn in your Aquarius eighth house at the Leo Full Moon on February 5. The eighth house is a challenging part of the chart dealing with our mortality, fears and PHYSICALly taxing circumstances beyond our control—like those present in the pursuit of Type 2 Fun. Listen To The Body And Don’t Ignore The Body. Inside The Outside this Full Moon, prioritize Type 1 Fun. On February 10, investigative Mercury meets with the planet of underworld passages, metamorphic Pluto, in your Capricorn seventh house of partnerships and agreements. This month, a great deal of MENTAL energy may be spent scrutinizing the undercurrents of relationships. Hard realities could be acknowledged and difficult conversations had. While difficult, both challenges and changes can promote creativity, transformation and a step toward Future Nature. A psychedelic vision begins to coalesce at the Pisces New Moon on February 20 in your ninth house of worldviews, SPIRITUAL beliefs and philosophies. Pisces is an inspired and imaginative sign, so with etheric Neptune alongside the New Moon, kaleidoscopic insights into the nature of the multiverse are possible and a PME (positive mindset expansion) is imminent. Find a vortex, jump in, and please send MSO a detailed text message describing the scene: +1 (855) 763-1086. Venus, planet of artistry and aesthetics, enters fiery Aries on February 20, in your tenth house of reputation, legacy and purpose. A sporty and sexy Cardiogoth rebrand may be just what’s needed to get your heart rate up later this month. Aries is a playful and pioneering sign, so being willing to push your PSMES-tyle Limits could bring romance and excitement to your EMOTIONAL life. Finally, not only do you have a reason, but the Universe is literally asking you to buy a pair of Hoka Project Cliftons in Butterfly / Evening Primrose. Zip into your Future Nature now.


On February 5, a tense Full Moon occurs in your sign, thanks to an opposition with sluggish and inhibiting Saturn. PHYSICAL energy levels are likely to be erratic, as wildcard Uranus is also in the mix. This Full Moon is one to take at your own pace, avoiding wild fluctuations between Uranus’ high alertness and Saturns’ sleepy lows. Relationships, particularly those to which you’re most devoted, are likely to occupy your thoughts for most of this month. Mercury, the planet of communication and MENTALity, enters your Aquarius seventh house of one-on-one exchanges, agreements and partnerships on February 11. This movement encourages you to honestly confer with your partners and develop relational processes that strengthen your bonds. Gracious Venus enters your Aries ninth house of philosophies, universal perspectives and beliefs on February 20, joining Jupiter, the sacred teacher. If SPIRITUAL mentorship or community is something your heart desires, this is an ideal time to join an Endurance Cult and become a Subject Athlete. Metaphysical communion like Type 4 Fun and Harmonic Convergences could offer you immense gratitude and a lasting sense of peace. Lions will be tested at the Pisces New Moon on February 20 in your eighth house. The eighth house is signified by fears, endings and EMOTIONALly taxing experiences. As this New Moon faces off with Mars in your Gemini eleventh house of community and groups, there’s some potential for conflict in your social circles.


Time for a Status Report! Your analytic and deductive ruler Mercury enters your Aquarius sixth house of health troubles, PHYSICAL routines and wellness practitioners, on February 11. Mercury prefers to get down to business and dive into the details. Take precaution. Think about prevention. As your MENTAL ruler spends most of the month in a fixed air sign, Aquarius, your mindset may be set on the additional sixth house matters of all things “The Program,” like service, chores and labor. February is an excellent month to implement new processes and systems both at work and at home. Organize your physical environments, dial in your program, and systematically pair down to the essentials like a laptop, one bike with two sets of wheels (650s and 700s), an electric toothbrush, a Dyneema backpack. The Leo Full Moon on February 5 takes place in your twelfth house of chrysalis and solitude. Something luminous is coming forth from the shadows. As this Full Moon opposes solitary Saturn in Aquarius, it’s to your advantage to embrace the contemplative and SPIRITUAL aspects of this house. Meditation, Vision Questing, solo Sub240, vows of silence, isolation tanks, and Vortices are all means to experience the light, power and pull of this Full Moon. The lunar cycle impacts you significantly this month! A new chapter in your relationships opens alongside the Pisces New Moon on February 20 in your seventh house of partnership. Your typically cooler disposition may be remixed by this New Moon, in favor of more EMOTIONAL vulnerability. A contact between the Moon and Mars places your true feelings out in the open—on TikTok.


During the early half of February, your sensorial ruler, Venus, journeys through your Pisces sixth house of health matters, service and PHYSICAL routines. Until Venus leaves this part of your chart on February 20, self-care and maintaining a balanced lifestyle are paramount. Focus on Piscean-themed pursuits such as Freediving, Hot Springs and Packrafting. Guardian of the MENTAL realm, Mercury, sprints into your Aquarius fifth house of pleasure, romance and Play on February 11, remaining throughout the month. With Mercury in Aquarius, Librans are tasked with employing their intellect in playful ways such as route building and line making. Embracing your eccentricities could be liberating. Wear hats with flaps. Forest Bathe nude. Write intentionally bad, rhyming poems about weather, and submit them to MSO at +1 (855) 763-1086. Lean into you. Mars is now direct in your Gemini ninth house of SPIRITUAL beliefs, philosophies and metaphysical journeys. After a long retrograde that began in late October of 2022, be prepared to re-embark on any Visionary Quests you may have placed on pause in the fall. Bilbo Baggins, Siddhartha, Shackleton and Obi Wan Kenobi are looking down on you from the other side of a Vortex and encouraging you to hitchhike and/or XC ski to Cody, Wyoming—when you get there, ask for JuiceMan the Hot Springs Wizard. They’ll know what to do next. A transformative and EMOTIONALly powerful message may erupt from the depths of your past on February 10. In its final nod to Pluto before the planet of the underworld enters Aquarius in late March, Mercury the herald has one last rendezvous with Pluto in your Capricorn fourth house of heritage, family and homelands. What you once thought to be dead, done and decided may shout “rebate!” before dropping into your life again.


Release the pressure! Your ruler Mars is finally direct in Gemini, where it spent the final quarter of 2022 and the first month of the new year in retrograde. As Mars was functioning in a regressive manner, it may have correlated with inconsistent energy, fatigue and low PMA. Scorpions are invited to push their PHYSICAL limits as your natural vitality and Endurance returns to full force. On February 10, MENTAL Mercury meets Pluto, planet of depths and metamorphosis in your Capricorn third house of daily mindset and self expression. Do you have something powerful and possibly disruptive to say? Plutonian emanations can overwhelm us when triggered through the subconscious, so avoid unnecessary pain and simply surrender to this moment of catharsis. The mental and the metaphysical are intertwined this month, as the powerful meeting of Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn, shifts the ground on which you relied. Mercury’s venture into your Aquarius fourth house of foundational identity the following day, February 11, carries a wholly renewed SPIRITUAL perspective into your core to be nurtured and observed in the weeks and months to come. Are you falling in love? While you are known to be cautious in romance, an intoxicating new beginning is indicated at the Pisces New Moon on February 20. Whatever is developing could be serious and EMOTIONALly entangling enough to provoke your strongest defense mechanisms. Trust your instincts and intuition.


On February 14, your ruler, triumphant and gregarious Jupiter, leaves its retrograde shadow period. A fresh buoyancy and increased PMA should arise within, as you finally shake off the last remnants of that which held you back at the end of 2022. Celebrate this personal upliftment by going Inside The Outside to push your PHYSICAL limits in the pursuit of transformation and radical rapture. Bring a friend! A couple days later on February 16, the clarifying Sun meets concrete Saturn in the abstract and cerebral sign of Aquarius, your third house of daily mindset and MENTAL thought processes. A serious new frame of mind is under development here, and the executive Sun is like a CEO at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. What innovative or avant-garde ideas will you pursue? A skimo binding that finally descends as well as it climbs? A reality TV show about subverting and sabotaging The Algorithm and/or EPA-violating capitalists? A brand of clothing with Time-Release Tech™ and wellness poultices built-in? The Leo Full Moon in your ninth house of higher SPIRITUALity, philosophy and Vision Quests, on February 5, presents an exciting, yet challenging opportunity – whatever macro perspective or metaphysical belief you double down on at this time (e.g. Harmonic Convergence—mass meditation events—can change the weather), sets the stage for the micro mindset you’ll enact later in the month with the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. The impact will be lasting, so follow your heart. The heat turns up when Venus, planet of romance, sensuality and pleasure, enters your Aries fifth house of Play, artistic creativity and sexuality on February 20! Jupiter, your ruler and planet of fortune, joy and excess is already present in this house, so centaurs are sure to receive a double whammy of positive, EMOTIONALly delicious energy by the month’s end.


Frenetic and mobile Mercury remains in your sign until February 11, making you even more productive than usual. Anything you can do to release excess PHYSICAL energy, such as a low elevation overnight Orienteering Odyssey or planking to failure, will prove beneficial. The very last day of Mercury’s presence in your sign is the Mercury-Pluto conjunction. As you feel explosive vitality building, be prepared to channel that energy into pushing limits and transcending geographical particulars such as elevation and latitude/longitude. Venus’ transit through your Pisces third house of mindset, immediate environment and club kin, places a MENTAL emphasis on socializing and generously expressing yourself until February 20, the day of the Pisces New Moon. You’ll likely be very busy throughout the month writing essays about glaciers, taking meetings (maybe about climate change), Zooming with a team of collaborators, road tripping to Experience Earth’s Energies with friends, exploring fall lines in the Fell Lands with your crew, etc. The Leo Full Moon on February 5, in your eighth house of taxing circumstances, endings and entanglements, poses a SPIRITUAL quandary. Turn to your Mentors, Coaches, Shamans, Guides, Empaths, Therapists and Mythical State Of Celestial Beta, if you feel overcome by eighth house anxieties. A more mature, though potentially intimidating new grasp of your financial capacity is on the table this month. The Leo Full Moon opposes your authoritative and somewhat unforgiving ruler Saturn in your second house of finances and possessions. Full Moons are highly EMOTIONAL culminations of energy, so instead of letting latent fears get the best of you, reflect on what you’ve already overcome!


With the vitalizing Sun in your sign until February 18, not only are all eyes on you (they are), you’ll feel the radiant glow of inner confidence! Be PHYSICAL. Set records. Break FKTs. Compete. Podium. Do dance competitions. Enter a trail Parkour event. FInd limits. Listen to the body, Ignore the body. The end of the month gifts your keen Aquarian mind with a double dose of positivity and optimism. Venus, planet of love and beauty, enters your Aries third house of daily MENTAL mindset on February 20, joining magnanimous Jupiter. These two benefic planets share the love big time, as their bright and cheerful energies combine to boost your PMA to cosmic levels. By the end of the month, be prepared to synthesize sunshine, levitate, walk through walls, time travel and do telekinesis. February 10 poses a moment of difficult, though necessary SPIRITUAL insights as Mercury meets Pluto in your secluded Capricorn twelfth house. Cathartic and metamorphic Pluto has been excavating the deepest depths of your shadow territory since 2008, and Mercury’s last rendezvous with the underworld god, before Pluto breaks through to Aquarius in March, is likely to bring a powerful revelation to the surface. Sit tight and breathe through it. Challenges in your most intimate relationships kick off the month, as a Leo Full Moon in your seventh house of partnership opposes your ruler Saturn in your own sign. Be careful not to be immovable and severe if EMOTIONAL conflict comes to the fore. Bitch, be chill.


Do you need a new Subject Athlete Program or metaPHYSICAL fitness path? The illuminating Sun enters your sign on February 18, and just two days later, there is a New Moon in Pisces. The meeting of the life-enhancing Sun and the intuitive Moon in your sign signals an exciting opportunity to heal and refresh your relationship with your body. Take some time at this New Moon to listen in, perhaps through Forest Bathing, Sub240 Vision Questing, Hot Spring-based meditation and gentle Type 1 Fun pursuits like Sex, Smoothies, Frozen Yogurt and Aurora Borealis. In the weeks leading up to the Pisces New Moon on February 20, make good use of Venus’ presence in your sign, as she is the ruler of your Taurus third house of daily MENTAL mindset, communication and expression. Until Venus departs your sign for Aries, on the same day as the New Moon, you’ll feel better equipped to understand and articulate who you truly are, with both charm and intellect. Feeling a newfound zeal for your metaphysical or philosophical interests? Mars, ruler of your Scorpio ninth house of worldviews, SPIRITUALity and Quests, is finally direct again in Gemini, reviving your curiosity and freeing you to deepen your esoteric explorations into the power of Harmonic Convergence, biorhythms and the Collective Consciousness. Pisceans tend to take spiritual pursuits quite seriously, and if you’ve wavered in that since late October 2022, your focus and devotion should return in full force. On February 5, the day of the Leo Full Moon, there may be some EMOTIONAL tension to work through. Saturn, which has transited your Aquarius twelfth house of seclusion, the subconscious and secrets since 2020, opposes the Leo Full Moon. If you’re feeling kinda gnar, burnt-out and low PMA at this time, get serious about setting boundaries, self-care and recuperation.

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