PSME Horoscope: January

We commissioned Astrologer, Torrence Tremayne , to help us write a horoscope tailored specifically to the needs of Subject Athletes going Inside The Outside. If you’re an Endurance Cult Member, Rat, Sky Runner, All Terrain Bicycler, Orienteer, Privateer, Dead Reckoner, Future Naturer, Vortexual, Recreationalist, Merv, Randonerd, road cycler or similar please use and enjoy this horoscope designed to help you push your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limits while maintaining optimal PMA. From PBs and FKTs to (Type 5 Fun) Transcendence, we’re committed to get the timing right. Sign up to receive your PSME horoscope via digital email or text message every month.


Rams regain their footing at the top of the year, as your ruler Mars goes direct in Gemini on January 12. Mars has spent a long retrograde in the curious sign of the twins, your Gemini third house of short travels and local community. Now that the planet of strength is no longer retrograde, it’s time for you to push your PHYSICAL limits Inside The Outside. The Mars retrograde in Gemini may have impacted other third house matters, such as mentation and communication. But with competitive Mars now direct, it’s time to exercise your MENTAL acuity and flex your problem solving skills in the field; geocaching, orienteering, Dead Reckoning, survival shelter construction, etc. The end of this first month of the year brings a revelation of self-love as sweet Venus enters your Pisces twelfth house on January 27. The twelfth is a place of solitude and introspection, so while Venus is the planet of our relationships, this transit is dedicated to the one we maintain within ourselves. This is a great time for a SPIRITUAL adventure such as a Vision Quest or Utiseta. The year begins with an EMOTIONAL bang for Aries, as a Cancer Full Moon forms in your fourth house of core identity and inner depths on January 6. The source of your strong feelings may be family or even health-related, so be gentle with yourself (PMA!) and choose self-care like breathwork and meditation first.


As your ruler Venus enters your Aquarius tenth house of status and achievement on January 3, it’s time to Get PHYSICAL—”Let me hear your body Talk”-Olivia Newton John— and set some records and personal bests. MENTALLY prepare for a perspective-altering insight on January 18, as the Capricorn Sun meets up with Pluto in Capricorn. This conjunction takes place in your ninth house of philosophy and worldview. Pluto exacts powerful metamorphosis and the Sun enlightens us—rather than fear a new vision, lean into it. Jupiter has returned to your secluded Aries twelfth house, sanctifying your SPIRITUAL solitude. Jupiter’s generosity infuses your “alone time” with opportunities for enlightenment, transformation and transcendence. This is a great time for both sound and forest bathing on the way to New Hope. Push your EMOTIONAL limits on January 6, as a caring Cancer Full Moon forms in your expressive third house. Mercury in Capricorn opposes the Full Moon, offering much thoughtfulness.


Mars, planet of action and athleticism, has been retrograde in your sign since late August 2022. On January 12, when Mars goes direct, your PHYSICAL powers will be returned to you. With that said, your ruler Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn until January 18, so chickity-check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self. On January 21, there is a New Moon in your Aquarius ninth house. The ninth house is concerned with beliefs, philosophies and MENTAL quests. A New Moon in this part of the chart signals a new way of seeing the world, and in avant-garde and articulate Aquarius—New Hope is on the horizon. Matters of personal security and finances may be top of mind and heart on January 6. An EMOTIONALLY nourishing Cancer Full Moon, in your second house, encourages you to enjoy your creature comforts (like new socks or a vital-yet-delicious smoothie), seek support (like a coach or a guide), and honor your values. Oh, and there may be a comforting culmination regarding your income. An Aquarius New Moon on January 21 occurs in your ninth house of SPIRITUAL worldviews, religion and belief systems. By the end of the month, you may find yourself at the leading edge of a visionary philosophy or even restructuring your personal matrix. Finding a community or an Endurance Cult that resonates with this Great Awakening is vital.


In addition to ruling your sign, the Moon relates to the body, ecology and wellbeing in astrology. A Cancer Full Moon on January 6 is an empowering day for you. This climactic, lucid moment could clarify a holistic wellness path forward. Retrograde Mercury in Capricorn delivers granular but concise information that could aid you on your PHYSICAL odyssey. The return of Jupiter to Aries, in your tenth house of leadership, trail cred and achievements, places your MENTAL mind squarely on massive wins and elevating your status. Jupiter is the planet of success and growth, so now that it’s in competitive Aries until May, your top priority should be pushing limits and reaching your full potential. The latter part of January finds Cancerians exploring their EMOTIONAL depths, as an Aquarius New Moon occurs in your enigmatic eighth house. The New Moon is a period naturally associated with mystery and new birth, so on January 21 in the eighth house of material and emotional entanglements, something new sparks in your most intimate relationships. Did you find that your meditative practice was more difficult to maintain since August 2022? Disruptive Mars has been retrograde in your contemplative and secluded Gemini twelfth house since that time, though goes direct on January 12. SPIRITUAL distractions or irritations may not cease entirely, though your will to overcome them will return.


Your ruler, the brilliant Sun, spends most of January in your Capricorn sixth house of health, routine and hygiene. Until January 20, your focus should be designing and refining your METAPHYSICAL Fitness Program. With the Sun in the sixth house, health concerns could be both illuminated and improved. In roughly the same amount of time the Sun continues in Capricorn, Mercury remains retrograde there. Until January 18, analytical Mercury’s retrograde in Capricorn prompts you to further review or reassess sixth house MENTAL matters. At the December 2022 Winter Solstice, Jupiter re-entered Aries and your ninth house of Vision Quests, worldviews and philosophies. Generous and wise Jupiter’s presence in this inspired part of the chart may stoke you to push your SPIRITUAL limits in the pursuit of New Hope. Congenial and loving Venus spends the month in your Aquarius seventh house of partnership and agreement. January is the perfect month to make both real and deep EMOTIONAL connections.


Quicksilver Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde in the resolute sign of Capricorn until January 18. This retrograde period could find Virgos feeling PHYSICALLY sub-optimal. You are known to be a perfectionist, but with this retrograde you need to chill. Sweat, but don’t sweat it. You are typically keen, but with your deductive ruler Mercury in retrograde this month, your MENTAL game may be a bit off. The eighth house is a challenging part of the chart where we encounter endings and entanglements, especially within intimate or occult relationships. Maybe during this time don’t seek out Type 3 Fun and/or go on a Vertical Vision Quest in Joshua Tree. The good news is that Jupiter’s return to Aries may mitigate some of the malaise and SPIRITUAL gnar. Your Aquarius sixth house is action-packed, with a New Moon there on January 21 alongside tranquil Venus and challenging Saturn. Venus-Saturn in Aquarius indicates a sober and emancipated approach to relationships. In the sixth house, places of labor and service are emphasized, so bond EMOTIONALLY with colleagues over shared difficulties and challenges.


On January 3, Librans’ PHYSICAL and playful Aquarius fifth house is visited by Venus, planet of pleasure. Your fifth house is again emphasized later in the month, as the dazzling Sun enters Aquarius on January 20 and a New Moon occurs there the very next day, January 21. This is a great time to crew-up, go Inside The Outside, and push your PSME limits in the pursuit of transformation and transcendence. And, if you’re lucky, rapture. Mars is freed from a long retrograde period in your Gemini ninth house on January 12. Since late August, you may have been fighting a reassessment of your World Views and Future Nature. While your intellectual MENTAL comfort zone may have won the first round, with Mars direct, it’s time to shake-up and evolve familiar frameworks or perspectives. It’s time for New Hope. Ancestors may influence or even transform your SPIRITUALITY this month from Beyond. The enlightening Sun meets alchemical Pluto in your Capricorn fourth house on January 18. The following day, discerning Mercury in Capricorn’s retrograde ends. The fourth house deals with our roots and heritage, so these transits promise to uncover what’s been hidden. Illuminate the mysteries of your family of origin to better understand your true source. Call a medium, float in a large body of water, visit Mt Shasta and Experience Earth’s Energies. The Cancer Full Moon, in your tenth house of public image, leadership and achievements, is bound to make a serious EMOTIONAL impact on January 6. Cancer Moons overflow with authentic feeling, so in your career house, it’s possible that your usual composure wobbles and you feel safe to share in a very public way. Push limits, be vulnerable.


If you’ve been experiencing PHYSICAL challenges, Jupiter’s return to your Aries sixth house of health and wellness will be welcomed. Joyful and generous Jupiter is self-focused in the most positive way while in Aries: now is the time for Radical Health Care and pioneering fresh practices. Clouded thought, delays and mixed messages may cause inconveniences this month, as MENTAL Mercury is retrograde in your Capricorn third house until January 18. The third house relates to local travel, daily mindset, media and communication skills, so look out for reversals, disturbances and revisions in these areas. Focus on biorhythms, not algorithms. On the day the retrograde ends, the brilliant Sun meets probing Pluto in Capricorn, bringing stunning clarity and powerful insights. A Cancer Full Moon on January 6, in your ninth house of worldviews and beliefs, offers a culmination on your path. Whether you’ve found family in a SPIRITUAL community, or have been helped by psychedelic therapeutics like ayahuasca or guided MDMA tours into the upside down, a comforting cosmic vision tangibly manifests in your life. Home and hearth are highlighted at the Aquarius New Moon on January 21. Compassionate Venus and cool-headed Saturn come together in your Aquarius fourth house of roots and heritage the following day. This latter part of the month entails an EMOTIONAL emphasis on family and your own internal resources. Embody kind boundaries and fairness.


Your ruler, Jupiter, is on the up, and back in full-stoke Aries to start this year off. A boon for centaurs, Jupiter in a fellow fire sign until May 16 is vitalizing and PHYSICALLY triumphant. Your Metaphysical Fitness and energy levels are sure to benefit from this, along with Jupiter supporting you in competition, adventure and exploration. Kindness and extroversion abound once Venus enters your Aquarius third house on January 3. The third house deals with our kin, MENTAL mindset, local community and communication style, so once the Sun enters Aquarius on January 20, followed by an Aquarius New Moon January 21, plan on being booked and engaged. The transit of metaphysical Jupiter through your Aries fifth house of childhood, art, Play and entertainment, does not leave much energy for your SPIRITUAL life. Don’t sweat it though, because Fun and Play both are what, ultimately, leads to Rapture. The Cancer Full Moon on January 6 highlights the darker, EMOTIONALLY edgier, more Cardiogoth side of life in your eighth house. While endings are a key eighth house topic, focus on the transformative potential at hand. Maybe it’s time to move from Type 2 to Type 3 fun and/or join an Endurance Cult.


A reversal or review occurs in your first house and sign this month, as Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn until January 18. One of Mercury’s traditional significations is movement, so PHYSICALLY speaking, even though you are a fan of unbridled PMA and the Listen To The Body, Ignore The Body approach to life, for now, maybe chill. Your Metaphysical Fitness Program and body goals are likely to be reevaluated. The mind of the Capricornian is complex, somewhat opaque yet definitely purposeful. As the ruler of your mindset house, Jupiter, is back in exciting Aries and a great deal of your MENTAL energy goes to home, family and heritage until May. Thinking about moving to Vermont so you can backcountry ski the Catamount Trail in the winter and shred “The Kingdom” in the increasingly long summers? Planning a bikepacking trip over the Caringorms to reconnect with your Scottish ancestors? Time to make a plan and dive-in with alacrity. While you find satisfaction in hard work, achievements and the material side of life, there is a deeply poetic dimension to you, surly sea goat. Cathartic and purgative Pluto will soon end its journey in your sign and a meeting with the illuminating Capricorn Sun on January 18 indicates a revelation regarding your self-concept. By shedding light on your own darker corners, your truth is in sight. Or in other words, it’s never been a better time to be a SPIRITUALLY motivated Cardiogoth. Your EMOTIONAL cache is dedicated to financial and material values by the latter part of January. A New Moon in Aquarius, your second house of earnings and possessions, means a new sensibility is developing around money. Cool, sensible, Aquarian detachment, allows you to remain objective and manifest effortlessly. Feel free to covet (or more) a new set of Asnes Nato Combats and a pair of Dynafit Low Tech pants in purple for your impending move to Vermont, or a new pair of Ultradynamics Rose Race in 650 for your Outlander trip.


The stunning Sun enters your sign and first house of self-concept and the body on January 20. The Sun is a vitalizing force, so water-bearers should feel an atmospheric river-sized deluge of energy later in the month. Say goodbye to your low PMA and wax your Anses Combat Natos, or buy a pair of Norda 001 Spikes, because it’s time to surf your local white winter wave in the pursuit of both literal and metaphorical PHYSICAL transformation. Enthusiastic and optimistic Jupiter has returned to your Aries third house of MENTAL mindset, thought processes and expression. While this wonderful transit lasts until May 16, don’t sleep on this opportunity to manifest joy, success and authenticity. Low clouds and brain mist may disrupt your typically determined and structured approach to SPIRITUALITY. A Mercury retrograde in your Capricorn twelfth house of seclusion, aloneness and introspection, could either lead you on an unorthodox spiritual path or distract you from these pursuits altogether. Remain flexible, stay nimble, be open. Romantic, gracious Venus transits your sign from January 3 to January 27, sweetening your EMOTIONAL disposition. A Venus transit in your own sign gives love the marquee for the month, both love for self and love for others. The fabulous Aquarian New Moon on January 21 gives you an opportunity for New Hope and progress towards your Future Nature.


The Mars retrograde in your Gemini fourth house of foundations has been a damper on your usually buoyant energy levels. Passionate Mars finally goes direct on January 12 and you just might get your PHYSICAL vibes back. As the ruler of your Taurus third house of mindset, Venus, spends the majority of the month in your secluded twelfth house, MENTAL quietude and introspection will take precedence. January is the ideal time to forest bathe, meditate in the Integratron, and commune Inside The Outside. The mental and SPIRITUAL realms of life are very intertwined for Pisceans this month. Your contemplative twelfth house is spotlit in the last part of January, as the illuminating Sun enters Aquarius on January 20, immediately followed by an Aquarian New Moon the very next day. A new beginning is indicated in your spiritual practice. This is a great time for Type 4 Fun and pushing those kinds of limits. A Cancer Full Moon on January 6 brings a warm, comforting glow to your fifth house of artistry, romance and celebration. Indulge your senses and commune with your crew; this is an incredible opportunity to simply enjoy yourself, party and sit with the EMOTIONAL connections that nourish you.

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