PSME Horoscope: December

We commissioned Astrologer, Torrence Tremayne , to help us write a horoscope tailored specifically to the needs of Subject Athletes going Inside The Outside. If you’re an Endurance Cult Member, Rat, Sky Runner, All Terrain Bicycler, Orienteer, Privateer, Dead Reckoner, Future Naturer, Vortexual, Recreationalist, Merv, Randonerd, road cycler or similar please use and enjoy this horoscope designed to help you push your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limits while maintaining optimal PMA. From PBs and FKTs to (Type 5 Fun) Transcendence, we’re committed to get the timing right. Sign up to receive your PSME horoscope via digital email or text message every month.


You may be acclimating to your ruler Mars’, planet of strength and willpower, long retrograde in the sign of Gemini. This continues until January 12. In the meantime, vital PHYSICAL energy may be inconsistent. This final stretch of the retrograde requires an LSD mental mindset, with the agility and dynamism of a short range FKT pursuit. Prioritize vibrant Type 1 Fun over sustained Type 2 Fun. On December 8, a Gemini Full Moon, alongside retrograde Mars in Gemini, may complicate any and all things public-facing. Meanwhile, Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and the Full Moon, will be in your public reputation and career house. Allow for paradox and stay Playful while maintaining MENTAL focus. The Sagittarius Sun enlightens your ninth house of worldviews, higher education, philosophy and religion until December 21. Compromising Venus is here as well until December 10, making this a wonderful month to examine your value set and seek out classical perspectives that harmonize with you SPIRITUALLY. Jupiter, the planet of optimism, improvement and success, returns to your sign on December 20. EMOTIONALLY speaking, this is a great time to see the line, make the line and hold the line. 


Venus, ruler of your sign, will be in your Sagittarius eighth house until December 10. The eighth house concerns taxing or painful experiences, so don’t take chances and Listen To The Body. Avoid pushing PHYSICAL limits in the first half of the month. Intellectual and discerning Mercury enters Capricorn, your ninth house of higher learning and philosophy, on December 6. Mercury immediately makes a tense and challenging contact with Jupiter, planet of knowledge and wisdom. Stay MENTALLY focused and don’t let this trigger an existential dilemma. On December 20, sage Jupiter’s return to your Aries twelfth house of solitude, the subconscious, and contemplation gifts you with a cosmic headlamp with which to wayfind through the SPIRITUAL darkness. Jupiter re-entering Aries renews your inner life, encouraging you to overcome any subconscious patterns that may hold you back. The Gemini Full Moon on December 8 may test your commitment to prudence, as it occurs in your second house of earned income, possessions and values, alongside a disruptive retrograde Mars. The Moon and Mars don’t get along, so material matters may get EMOTIONAL. It’s fine to Hard Covet a custom acid-dyed surf mat from Warp Mats or an MSO 2KOOK4KOMFORT Dyneema poncho, but don’t commit to buying any new unnecessary kit for the time being. 


Mars continues its retrograde in your sign, and on December 8 is joined by a Gemini Full Moon. The Moon is the celestial body that rules bodily processes, so this meeting with aggravating and inflaming Mars may trigger latent PHYSICAL issues, crashing, stacking, slamming, overcooking and/or suboptimal bailing. Listen, we all know that you can send it, but for now maybe don’t. The week of the Gemini Full Moon may also find your head spinning, as your ruler Mercury enters your eighth house of trauma, triggers and transformation on December 6. Mercury rules all things MENTAL, so its journey into this difficult house may find you conjuring up dramas Inside and Outside. This is a great time to meditate on your Future Nature, forest bathe below the Alpine, take a sound bath, and generally focus deeply on maintaining, sustaining and radiating your PMA. The Moon rules our EMOTIONAL life, so its union with discordant Mars at the Gemini Full Moon on December 8 may cause things to get heated. All eyes will be on you, Gemini. So stay chill, and remember, your good jokes and dialed insights are responsible for both your challenges and your successes. Listen to Ice Cube and Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Jupiter’s journey through your Pisces tenth house of public image, success and legacy continues until December 20. In the meantime, people from all walks of life may be seeking you out for SPIRITUAL wisdom, advice and knowledge. This is a great opportunity to share the stoke.


The week of the Gemini Full Moon, on December 8, could be PHYSICALLY challenging for lunar earthlings. The Moon is your ruler, so a confrontation with aggravating and inflammatory Mars in your self-sabotage twelfth house may pose some difficulties. Avoid exposure (e.g. Portal Trail) and consequences (e.g. Squirrel Suiting), GBGH pursuits, and Type 2 Fun in the days surrounding this Full Moon. Mercury, the planet of commerce and communication, slides into your Capricorn seventh house of relationships on December 6. Mercury immediately makes a tense contact with elevated Jupiter in your Aries tenth house of career and legacy. While the kickoff of this transit may push you in the direction of personal growth, expect your MENTAL energy to focus on biz dev and hustle into the new year. This month is all about relationships. On December 10, planet of love Venus enters Capricorn, and at the Winter Solstice on December 21, the Sun follows. Collaborations! Partnerships! Sponsorships! EMOTIONAL resonance to the East, West, North and South! The visionary and sagacious gifts of Jupiter return to your public-facing Aries tenth house on December 20. In the meantime, Jupiter spends its final few weeks in your philosophical Pisces ninth house, not to return for another twelve years. While Jupiter is here, SPIRITUAL and mind expanding explorations—Ayahuasca, Vision Quests, Walkabouts, LSD, Type 4 Fun—could lead to incredible or even life-changing insights. Rapture! Life-affirming Experiences! Transformation! Transcendence! Inside the Outside! Join an Endurance Cult.


Your ruler, the Sun, continues to blaze through your Sagittarius fifth house of entertainment, play, and athletics this month. You are a Subject Athlete; take advantage of this transit by immersing yourself in PHYSICAL pursuits while the Sun pours golden energy into the Lines & Modes that you enjoy.  Your mind will be focused on work, service and routine in December, as MENTAL Mercury enters your Capricorn sixth house on December 6. Establish smart new systems (#workflow) to aid your health and streamline your work life. These initiatives will prepare you for the Capricorn New Moon on December 23, a grand new beginning for your work and wellness. Majestic planet of vision and wisdom, Jupiter, returns to your Aries ninth house of worldview, philosophy and SPIRITUAL experiences on December 20. A new big-picture perspective of your place and purpose in the world is likely to issue forth. As Aries is a fresh and fiery sign, expect pioneering insights into the workings of the cosmos, reigniting your sense of purpose on Earth. The eighth house is a tricky place for all of us, as it relates to trauma and entanglements. Jupiter, planet of mercy, fortune and joy, remains in your Pisces eighth house until December 20, offering you great existential relief and the potential to heal some of your deepest EMOTIONAL wounds. If you are not already in therapy, the first half of the month invites you to explore it. #cardiogoth


This month starts out on a strong note for you, as your ruler Mercury is in your Sagittarius fourth house of the PHYSICAL constitution until December 6, when Mercury enters Capricorn. Once Mercury enters your fifth house of play, entertainment and pleasurable activities, everything—training, racing, competing, even long slow distance—may feel more thrilling than usual. On December 8, an intense Gemini Full Moon occurs in your tenth house of public image, career and legacy. The Full Moon comes into contact with a retrograde Mars in Gemini, a volatile combination in a very visible part of the chart. Apply MENTAL focus. Be clear. Be chill. And maybe take a break from engaging on  social media for a second. Venus is the ruler of your philosophical ninth house, and upon entering Capricorn on December 10, spends most of the month in your celebratory and playful fifth house. This is a great time to swap anxiety for a sense of SPIRITUAL ease.  Between December 10 and December 20, Venus resides in your Capricorn fifth house of romance, while rewarding Jupiter spends its final days in your Pisces seventh house of partnership, not to return for another twelve years. With your romance and partnership houses highlighted, this is a great time to push your EMOTIONAL limitations and fall in love with an activity partner. Belay on!


Venus, your ruler and planet of balance and symmetry, enters your foundational fourth house on December 10. This strengthens your PHYSICAL constitution and imbues you with good vibes. At the Winter Solstice, the entry of the Sun increases your vital energy and powers you from within. Librans have the advantage of a solar transit through their Sagittarius third house of daily mindset and MENTAL expression until December 21. The Sun in the third house brings brilliant intelligence, inspiration and visionary excellence. Think about Earth. Think about Future Nature. And share those thoughts with your crew, club and community. Retrograde Mars, in your Gemini ninth house of wisdom, journeys and worldviews, continues to compromise your intuition and kill your SPIRITUAL vibe. Thankfully, until December 21, the opposing Sagittarius Sun balances this out with a boost to your PMA. Abundant and optimistic Jupiter returns to your Aries seventh house of partnerships on December 20. Relationships and collaborations that may have been on hold since October will be charged with new life. New partnerships should be bold, innovative and lively! 


With your ruler, wily and discordant Mars, retrograde in Gemini until January 12, you may find yourself less PHYSICALLY adept. This state is exacerbated by the ongoing presence of the energy-sapping South Node in your sign. Please, no epics or FAFO-style adventures around the Gemini Full Moon on December 8, unless you really wanna bonk one last time in 2022. Mercury, clever planet of language, intellect, travel and communication, enters your Capricorn third house on December 6. The third house is a place of daily mindset, learning and MENTAL expression. In Capricorn, Mercury is sharp and structured, aiding you with writing, public speaking and technical skills. Now is the time to take your TikTok channel to the next level—take meetings, lock down sponsorships, and launch your Masterclass about creating and managing a successful cottage business sewing ultra-lightweight Dyneema Explore ponchos. Planet of SPIRITUALITY and wisdom, Jupiter, remains in your Pisces fifth house of Play and Fun until December 20. Jupiter will not return to Pisces for another twelve years, so this is a rare transit and must be maximized. Do all the Funs—Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 5—except for maybe 5. That said, if you do, please report back in the form of a YouTube Channel from wherever you are, provided they have the internet. Learn about the 4 types of Play and do them all. The Gemini Full Moon on December 8 marks a final act in your eighth house of shared resources, traumatic experiences and entanglements. Something related to finances, deep bonds or your own triggers could potentially come to an end this month. Retrograde Mars is present alongside this Full Moon, making matters more EMOTIONALLY intense. This is a good time to meditate and journal about it. 


December holds incredible potential for centaurs in terms of PHYSICAL wellness. For most of the month, the vitalizing Sun travels through your sign, as your ruler Jupiter completes its journey through its other home sign, Pisces. Magnificent Jupiter has been superpowered while in its own sign, empowering Sagittarians to push—FKT, PB, BRVT, AT, RNDO, ULTRA, ACEN—limits. An energetic downshift occurs on December 20, when Jupiter leaves for Aries, and December 21, when the Sun leaves for Capricorn. MENTAL clarity reigns, as intellectual Mercury is in your sign until December 6, and the luminescent Sun remains behind until December 21. The Sun is related to supreme intelligence, insight and inspiration, so allow yourself to be enlightened, transformed and, if you’re ready for it, transcended this month. Creative self-development and a renewal of personal philosophy are available to you as the ruler of your Leo ninth house of SPIRITUAL orders, worldviews and higher learning spends time in your sign. Until the departure of Jupiter from your Pisces fourth house of home, foundations, and core self on December 20, you are blessed with inner confidence, EMOTIONAL resilience and heartfelt enthusiasm. This is the last few weeks of Jupiter residing in its own water sign of Pisces, not to return for another twelve years, so dude, please cherish the vibes and spread the stoke.


The enlivening Sun enters your sign and first house of the body at the Winter Solstice on December 21. With the authoritative Sun in Capricorn, you may be up for greater PHYSICAL challenges Inside The Outside, and inside your basement. The Sun also signifies excellence and success, so whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re doing it, be sure to fire up Strava and record it, because you’re poised to win. Jupiter departs your Pisces third house of daily mindset, MENTAL expression and short journeys on December 20, and won’t return for another 12 years. Point being: luxuriate in the infinite pool of wisdom and inspiration available to you while it’s available to you. Are you feeling SPIRITUALLY challenged, zapped, out-of-sync, off? This is thanks to the Sun in Sagittarius shining its light through your twelfth house of solitude and hidden matters. You may want to book some time in the Integratron and/or commit yourself to high-performance forest bathing in order to navigate the malaise. The Capricorn New Moon on December 23 forms a challenging contact with Jupiter in your Aries fourth house. You may be devoting yourself to EMOTIONAL maturation and a more sophisticated way to communicate your feelings. Any issues of understanding that arise at this time will likely be in relation to your upbringing, childhood, or immediate family. Fortunately, the month ends with a generative Mercury and Venus conjunction in your sign, helping you to harness emotional intelligence and cooperative communication amongst your closest bonds. 


Saturn, your ruler and the planet of lethargy, difficulty and boundaries (limits), remains in your sign until next spring. While Saturn is quite comfortable and less rigid in Aquarius, this is still somewhat challenging to your PHYSICAL PMA. Focus, structure and coaching, as well as holistic approaches to nutrition, lifestyle and fitness, are the keys to your continued health. Jubilant and sage Jupiter returns to your Aries third house of daily mindset on December 20. This transit continues until May 2023 and ushers in an uplifting and MENTALLY optimistic period. Expect bold, diverse, wide-ranging ideas and insights. This is an ideal time to begin a long-term project that centers around words, communication and expression (like a Substack about how Endurance can and will lead to Metaphysical Fitness), as Jupiter’s incandescent spirit stimulates your dedication to Higher Purpose. Your Capricorn twelfth house of solitude, hidden matters, distant locations, and subconscious patterns is getting a workout this month. Mercury enters Capricorn on December 6, Venus on December 10 and the Sun marks the winter solstice by entering Capricorn on December 12. With so much action in a typically quiet and contained house, contemplative or meditative activities will serve you well, as SPIRITUAL revelations, raptures and epiphanies are almost certain. Be prepared for the Gemini Full Moon on December 8, as it will conjoin with the retrograde Mars in Gemini. This Full Moon takes place in your fifth house of artistry, romance and creativity, so get ready to push your EMOTIONAL limits and embrace wildly passionate approaches to art, music and sexuality. Pics or it didn’t happen!


Your PHYSICAL constitution is aided greatly by the presence of your ruler Jupiter in your sign until December 20. Jupiter is a fertile planet of generativity and growth, so you may have felt stronger and more resilient since Jupiter ventured back into Pisces on October 27. Gains, wins, and setting records are well-supported by this transit. As your ruler Jupiter leaves your first house of the self-concept, character, and physical form, your primary motivations and points of MENTAL concern shift. Jupiter moving into your Aries second house of money and material matters prompts a focus on values, finances, and material possessions. Don’t just contemplate prosperity; mind-map, journal, build a deck, contact a coach, and get to work. Jupiter in Aries brings great rewards through action; let an abundance mindset guide you. While imaginative and SPIRITUAL self-development may have come easy to you this past month, after the Winter Solstice, you may want to dive in even deeper with greater clarity, autonomy and sobriety. The fiery and irritating conjunction of the Moon and retrograde Mars, takes place at the Gemini Full Moon in your foundational fourth house on December 8. This meeting is somewhat EMOTIONALLY anxious and may impact your family unit, homeland or place of residence. A Full Moon is a climax of energy and feeling, so avoid being a dick and, instead, seek resonance. Whatever you do, pay attention. 

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